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It seems that more and more companies are turning towards Amazon Sponsored Products management services these days. Perhaps it is because of how successful you can get with the right company, or simply because it is much easier than doing everything on your own. In any circumstance, there are various things you need to know before signing up for any sort of service.

Those who want Amazon Sponsored Products management should be well aware of the various different benefits, setbacks, types, and factors which need to be considered. Before you sign up for any sort of Amazon Sponsored Products management service, make sure that you are informed of the many different variables before you make a spur-of-the-moment decision you later regret.

What is Amazon Sponsored Products Management?

Not everyone who wants to place PPC ads on Amazon knows what they are doing. In fact, it is very common to get confused between Amazon PPC management and services which simply give you the tools to have your own successful campaigns.

However, there are also software and other online tools which you can use if you would prefer to have more control. In any case, just make sure that you if you do choose to work with an Amazon Sponsored Products management company, you need to have experts with proven track records by your side.

amazon sponsored products management

The Company Takes Control of Your Account & Campaigns

When you sign up for an Amazon Sponsored Products management company, you should expect to hand over the keys to your account. In return, there is a certain manner of expectation that they will turn your advertisement campaign into a success. After all, why would you pay for somebody to post an advertisement when you know that it will be a flop?

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However as you should already know, there is a certain expectation of quality and professionalism that the top Amazon Sponsored Products management companies have. This is what drives people and even successful corporations to use them in the first place. If you want to hire an Amazon Sponsored Products management service, you should expect to kick your feet up and relax a bit more.

Created by Experts with Great Track Records

Let’s be clear here. The best sort of Amazon Sponsored Products management is one in which you are working with people who really know what they are doing. Hopefully you have also already considered that you need to question and verify their credentials. If you don’t, you might as well hire the first person that presents themselves to you. For all you know, it could be a complete beginner like you.

Anybody can say they are an Amazon PPC management expert, but this doesn’t mean that the service that they offer is top-quality. Always make sure to first question who they are and then verify what they say to be true. A simple way to do this is to just ask for a work sample or two and question whether or not you think they could give you give results. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Amazon Sponsored Products Management: 3 Distinctions

If you decide to pursue an Amazon Sponsored Products management service, it’s important that you first understand the difference between a management service and software. Although software may be backed with some sort of human contact, there is no comparison to simply using human management.

When we discuss Amazon Sponsored Products management services, we are discussing a service which will actually log into your account, set up advertisements for you, and carefully ensure that your advertisement is set up perfectly. Of course, there are even services which can take complete control over your products and brand pages.

Software or Online Tool Assistance

This is not the service which is going to grant you any sort of complete freedom from the process of setting up your Amazon PPC ads for you. However, software is a wonderful option since it can be used to construct keywords, help set up your advertisements, and so on. This is a great way to receive assistance, but not complete assistance, with your Amazon PPC ads.

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Software is great for the person who already knows what they are doing when they create advertisements on Amazon. These people simply need the extra edge that comes with well-researched and coded software which provides some sort of advantage. Just remember that you still need to put in the hard work to research the best keywords and create successful advertisements.

We have tried numerous softwares over the past year, and have settled in with AdBadgerClick here to check out AdBadger.

Expert Human Management

If it isn’t yet clear, Amazon Sponsored Products management companies are the ones who actually log in and create your advertisements for you.  Expert human management is usually the service people desire the most.

After all, the software can provide all the tools you may need, but it is the expert work you pay for with Amazon Sponsored Products management services.

Anybody who wants to sit back and relax a tad more is the top candidate for choosing a company which provides expert human management. Of course, there is a big difference between hiring somebody who is an aspiring manager and a company which has a large list of contacts in their field for providing the absolute best service possible.

Hybrid (Software & Human) Assistance

amazon ppc management

There are certain services which can come with both software and human assistance. To be clear though, the human assistance offers written or verbal conferences where a professional can simply offer instructions for their software and how to best use it. If this is something that you want the most then you should probably consider getting a hybrid service like this.

If you’re capable of doing so, you might choose to subscribe to a service where further instructions are given online which are catered to your individual needs. Since this may not necessarily be a possibility depending on your budget or needs, make sure to choose the Amazon Sponsored Products management service or software which works best with your personal needs.

Why Use Amazon Sponsored Products Management?

Anybody interested in Amazon Sponsored Products management services may or may not be aware of the many benefits that come along with a wonderful Amazon PPC management company. From being able to sit back and relax, to having more time to do other things, there are many benefits that can happen should you choose to hire the best Amazon PPC management service.

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However, it requires plenty of research to find the company that works with your needs the best. Your company may very well be different than another. However, if you are not yet aware of the many benefits that come from a wonderful Amazon PPC management service, here is a snapshot of the many things you should expect.

1. Simplifies the Advertising Process

Anybody who is new to placing an Amazon PPC advertisement is simply at a huge disadvantage to somebody who has been placing advertisements on Amazon for years. Like just about anything else in life, there is a certain amount of skill that you acquire once you are confident and comfortable with the process of how something is done.

As far as Amazon PPC management companies are concerned, the best ones are filled with staff members who are experts at what they do, people who are well aware of all the different Amazon algorithms. These people will also have quick access to all the tools that they need to find the latest keywords and resources at the last minute.

2. Retain Product Royalties and Rights

With the ideal Amazon Sponsored Products management service, you will be able to retain the rights to your product’s royalties and rights without worrying that you are sacrificing a large chunk of your income by delegating somebody else to put up your PPC ads for you. Of course, you may need to delegate a portion of your sales though.

Needless to say, it’s sometimes nice to have some sales which only come from advertisements than to have nothing at all.

With the right people driving the vehicle, you are much more likely to experience quick results than you would should you try to do things on your own. Although trial-by-fire may be a successful strategy for some people, Amazon PPC ads are likely not the best place to gamble.

3. Can Save You A lot of Timeppc management on amazon

Finally, an important thing to remember is that time is your biggest asset. If you throw away your time, you are wasting an opportunity that you could have invested somewhere else.

Think of it like this. Imagine that you have a job where the more time you spend there the more money you will make. However, if you waste your time doing things which others can do quickly, then things become troubling.

In the most ideal situation, you are able to hire an Amazon PPC management service when you can easily afford to pay them what they need, plus a little more. When you factor in how much time you can spend at working compared to the benefit that you receive from their service, you should aim for a situation where the service you pay for is a mutually great deal.

Reasons to Not Use a Management Service

Just as there are many reasons why you using an Amazon PPC management service is a wonderful idea, there will still be occurrences where it may not be in your best interest. In any case, becoming an informed customer is something which should be your top priority. To do this, you need to be able to see the good and the bad so that you can make an informed decision.

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Refusing to see both the potential benefits and the potential setbacks in a situation can cause you to become blind towards the complete list of possibilities. Of course, success and lots of sales are the goals here, but it will sometimes require that you fail a few times or encounter various different barriers in your path towards reaching success.

1. Fees and Service Charges

help with amazon sponsored products management

Of course, with a quality service comes a price that you need to pay. In this case, there will be certain fees and/or service charges that will apply, especially if you book one of the best Amazon Sponsored Products management companies.

Don’t worry though, even some of the most popular Amazon PPC management companies have some pretty reasonable prices.

One of the first things that you need to check before you pay for any sort of Amazon PPC management service is the fees and different service charges that are required. This way, you can compare them to the benefits that their service provides. If you are a careful researcher and willing to spend some time comparing prices, you will soon find the best service for your needs.

2. Less Control of your Products and Product Pages

One thing which is very inconvenient is the ability to have control over your product pages and in some cases, even the control of the products can be lost too. This all depends on the type of Amazon PPC management service that you hire and the type of service which you use. After all, many services simply post advertisements for you without necessarily changing the products.

However, if you have a trustworthy and successful service, this same thing could potentially turn around to be positive. After all, someone who doesn’t know what they are doing is much better off handing over the control to somebody who is. However, if you are somebody who is business-minded and entrepreneurial you may prefer to have control over your product pages.

3. You can Use Software Instead

People who want to optimize the level of control they have over their products and advertisements simply just become better informed of the process so that they can do things on their own much more efficiently. These are the kind of people who would benefit the most from having software which will assist them with the many aspects of the process.

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The amount that you bid for each keyword, for example, is something which may be difficult for some people. Then, you have to consider the type of campaign and then put in time researching the right keywords that you can use to best reach your target customers. In short, there are many benefits that software can provide which people may simply want some assistance with.

Best Amazon Sponsored Products Management Options: 5 Options for Handing Over the Keys

Now that we have looked at some of the background information behind finding the best Amazon PPC management service, let’s take a step back and look at what some of the best Amazon PPC management services can offer you today. Since finding the best management service may require that you cut back on some of your expectations, be sure to keep an open mind while considering the various options.

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Each of the following Amazon Sponsored Products management companies has their own perks and their own setbacks. Since excellent companies find a way to both satisfy a demand and then stand out in a unique and professional manner, make sure to consider your expectations and desires before reaching out to any company. This way, you can know exactly what you are looking for.

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1. Blitz Networksamazon sponsored products

One company those who want a quality Amazon Sponsored Products management company should consider is Blitz Networks. With the ability to completely handle all aspects of your Amazon sales account, this service is best for the person who wants to sit back and let an expert handle your Amazon business.

  • Complete advertising management services.
  • SEO, content creation, PPC optimization.
  • Continuous keyword research.
  • Product page update
  • Data delivered to your inbox.

This company works by taking a single digit percentage of the sales and then using that money to pay for the service. In other words, this company incentivizes themselves to construct high quality advertisement campaigns. Accordingly, this is a company which will only take big checks from you when you bring in high paychecks for yourself.

2. 99Robotsppc management

Many people with aspirations for success with Amazon Sponsored products advertisements need to account for multiple things. Of course, you may even have a website and other social media profiles outside of this aspiration.

  • Amazon PPC management services.
  • Can also manage social media and websites.
  • Optimizes your PPC ads and SEO
  • Content marketing and improvement.
  • Complete all-in-one management service.

Anybody who wants to have a complete package when it comes to their Amazon PPC management company will love the many different services that are offered by 99Robots. Everything from your Amazon advertisements to your social media profiles can be managed by this expert team.

3. Single Grainamazon ppc management strategy

Not all companies have a business model which focuses on ensuring that you will at the very least, receive a return on the investment that you make for your advertisement campaigns. With Single Grain, you can feel confident knowing that a team of professionals will do their absolute best to turn a profit.

  • Focuses on returning your investment.
  • Excellent track record and history of success.
  • Complete Amazon PPC advertisement packages.
  • Specialized assistance based on your needs.
  • Quotes are given individually.

Like other similar Amazon PPC management services, Single Grain offers other services outside of simply posting and planning advertisements for you. Accordingly, this is a great company for the person who wants a company which is capable of meeting a diverse range of needs.

4. Amazowlamazon ppc management strategies

Amazowl is a complete Amazon PPC management service which will assist you with every single step of the marketing and advertisement process. You can target a worldwide audience while receiving assistance ensuring that your channel and product content are all prime for success.

  • Complete Amazon seller assistance.
  • SEO, PPC ads, content, brand gating.
  • Complete channel optimization.
  • Worldwide reach and targeting.
  • One-stop shop for Amazon marketing.

This company also intends to release a software in the future to go along with their management services. As a result, this service may end up becoming one of the most popular Amazon services if the developers continue to develop the management service alongside the software.

5. ROI Revolutionbest amazon ppc management

ROI Revolution is another top quality Amazon Sponsored Products management company which you should consider if you simply want an expert company which you can be confident is capable of returning your investment.

  • Expert company with a track record of success.
  • Widely recognized around the industry.
  • Service comes with a technology suite.
  • Step-by-step management for all needs.
  • Continuously monitors and reports your results.

This company has a wonderful track record, is widely recognized as a valuable service by relevant actors in the industry, and comes with various tools that you would find useful. From a complete technology suite to personalized human assistance, this company is heavily worth checking out.

Guide to Finding the Best Amazon Sponsored Products Management

Now that we have looked at some of the best Amazon PPC management services, let’s look at some of the major factors that you need to be aware of before you will be able to sign up for the best Amazon PPC management company which suits your needs.

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For starters, make sure to note services they offer, the kind of results that they guarantee, whether they have a record of success, where their information and resources come from, and what they charge. Without all of these factors fulfilled, you would be making a blind decision.

What Services Do They Offer?

Start by figuring out services that a company charges and then compare them with each company that they compete with. When you have an idea of what services all companies have, you can then find the unique portions of a service that make them stand out from their competitors.

You should be conscious of all the tools you want for your advertising campaign and then search for these things with each prospective management company. In the best possible case, you will find a company which satisfies your basic needs and also provides additional services.

What Kind of Results Will They Guarantee?amazon sponsored products management strategy

As you likely know, there is never any sort of guarantee that comes with an advertisement campaign.

However, when you have a great product which needs a little bit of exposure, the right advertisement campaign can be very beneficial.

Although it could be a little misleading for a company to guarantee any sort of results, those with track records of success are much more common to display confidence in their work. If anything, you should at least expect a return on your investment with any sort of Amazon PPC management service.

Does this Company Have a Track Record of Success?

Without a track record of success, there is little guarantee that any sort of service that a management company provides to you will even be helpful. As we have established, this should be one of the primary areas that you should check first.

Start by first getting a glimpse of the services that a company offers, and then check to ensure that they have a history of providing those services wonderfully. There is nothing wrong with calling in and asking a company to send some samples of their work and proof that they know what they’re doing.

How do they Receive their Information?

Note that this step may be a tad difficult. However, knowing the resources which your desired Amazon PPC management service uses will help you to make an educated decision to which Amazon PPC management company you should select.

If the company lists their resources, try to confirm them. However, in many cases you may notice that the prime resource an Amazon PPC management provides is simply human knowledge and experience. Of course, there is nothing wrong with relying on expert experience.

What Do they Charge?

Figuring out what your competitor charges should be one of your top concerns. As we have established before, it’s important to know well in advance how and why you will be billed. Whether it be a flat monthly rate, commission rate, or whatever, know the rate and what benefits come from it.

Knowing how much an Amazon PPC management service charges in addition to where the fees come from, helps you to start planning your budget and accounting for all expenses so that you can move towards your sales projections and other more positive things. After all, the last thing you want is to spend your work hours constantly pondering how much you need to pay others.

Amazon Sponsored Products Management: Summary

Although each of the above Amazon Sponsored Products management companies discussed above would be wonderful for certain businesses and individuals, you may find that your needs don’t match what a certain service provides.

For best results, inquire with each company that you can and compare the services they have. Remember to take things slowly and not to rush into any sort of decision.

Most importantly, check the price of their services and verify that they can carry out a successful Amazon PPC campaign. There are many wonderful Amazon PPC management companies to choose from, but the best one for your needs can depend on various factors. As a result, start by determining what you need and how much you are willing to pay. Then, find the management company which works the best for your needs.

If you are ready to hire someone for your Amazon Sponsored Products PPC Management, we would like to throw our hat in the ring.  We use the same Amazon PPC system on our clients as we do with our $4 million company, Eye Love.

Please reach out to me for a free quote and consultation call.  The best way to do that is through Facebook Messenger.

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