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    I was talking to a friend about Amazon sales.

    We went through the usual conversation.

    How’s business going…

    What revenue are you hitting per month…

    And then the conversation shifted to how frustrated he has been with rising Amazon PPC costs that are cutting off his profits.

    I started telling him about a new Amazon PPC system we implemented in our business in July and how amazing the results have been.

    Amazon PPC can be one of the biggest frustration points in your business.

    Believe me.

    It was for me for almost two years.

    Until I decided to take control of my Amazon PPC myself and learn it inside out.

    He asked me to share it with him.

    So we started working together for him to implement this new Amazon PPC system.

    And WOW, it worked for him like it did for me.  

    So I decided that I wanted to help more people with this new system.  We onboarded about 5 clients between the two of us and tried it in all their accounts as well. 

    We then discussed selling this information, but decided it was the right thing to just give it away for free!

    Now why would I give something so valuable away for free?

    I’m giving this away for free because I love helping others attain the financial abundance that we have achieved with our business.

    Plus, I know that you might want help transforming your business (it’s tough going it alone!).

    If you do need help, I am here to help you in two ways.

    1. Coaching around this Amazon PPC system

    2. We have a small Amazon PPC agency where we take on a handful of clients and you might want us to do it for you (we don’t pick everyone though and discuss it over a Zoom call if we are fit to work together).

    If you don’t use us or decide coaching isn’t for you, no big deal. Accept this course and I hope it helps you achieve the financial abundance that you desire!

    I’ve set aside time in the next 48 hours to speak to you personally about these two options.

    Whatever your biggest challenge with Amazon PPC, I’ve seen it and know how to overcome it.

    We will get on the Zoom call for about 30 minutes and we will work with you to craft a step-by-step game plan to hit your business goals, whether that’s doubling your Amazon sales, increasing keyword rankings, lowering ACoS, or simply just having more love for what you do every single day.

    The cost of the Zoom call? Absolutely FREE.

    But this is not for everybody…

    Who This Is For

    1. You MUST have an incredible brand that you are looking to scale. 
    2. You MUST operate your business with integrity and great values.
    3. You MUST be willing to take action to transform your Amazon PPC.
    4. You MUST take accountability for your failures, avoiding excuses for why something can’t be done.
    5. You MUST be coachable.

    If you’re willing to:

    1. Take Action

    2. Be Vulnerable

    3. Be Coachable

    Then I would love to chat with you…  

    This is what I love helping people do. 

    This is why I was put here on this Earth… to help people like you grow their Amazon business.

    I can show you, step-by-step, how to create efficient, scalable Amazon ads and free yourself from working hours on your ads and second guessing yourself.

    All you need to do is fill out an application by clicking here.

    Every day that goes by is more time wasted. 

    Every moment you hesitate is you settling for being less than you were born to be. 

    Let me help you turn your dreams into a reality.

    Your future is waiting for you.

    Talk soon,

    Dr. Travis Zigler

    SeeEO of Eye Love

    PS. People always ask me what books and software I recommend for people to start with on their business journey. Here is my resources list that I update frequently.

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