Amazon PPC | Mastering The Art Of Operating At A PROFIT With Pay Per Click


The rise of Amazon as a marketplace has led to an influx of interest in those who wish to use it to sell their own products and build businesses of their own. Whether you want to sell toothbrushes, electronics, or even groceries, Amazon offers a great platform. The key is to understand Amazon PPC and all the other tools they offer.

The best thing about Amazon is that it simply gives you another place to list and sell your products. Best of all, you can still keep your own personal website, store, and so on. Since Amazon is such a popular marketplace, getting organic hits through casual searches can turn around a lot of profit. However, without the exposure you will have a difficult time selling anything. This is where Amazon PPC advertising comes in handy. Those who are just starting their first Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns have likely already learned that things won’t come easily. Don’t worry though, we are here to assist you.

What Is Amazon PPC?

To start, a moderate level of background knowledge about Amazon pay per click ads will be necessary before you will be ready to start racking up your sales. You wouldn’t fly a helicopter if you didn’t first learn how to do it, right? The same idea should hold true for Amazon PPC ads. If you don’t understand the details of how they are designed, there is no point in even trying.

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We all have to learn things from time to time. As a result, cast away the part of yourself that may think they don’t need help, and read on. To put it plainly, Amazon PPC (pay per click) is an advertising method where you only pay after a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. This is different in PPM (pay per mil) where you pay for 1000 impressions in advance. The difference is that with PPC you are guaranteed clicks.

How Does Amazon PPC Work?

As briefly stated, Amazon PPC advertisements are designed so that you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. Think about that for a second. This means that your brand could potentially be exposed to over 1000 people before you even pay a dime.

Hopefully, though, only one person will see your ad before you start to pay. After all, you need people to click on your advertisement and then buy the product for you to make a profit. This is the whole basis of how the system incentivizes you to pay for an advertisement in the first place. Here are the basics of how to Amazon PPC ads work.  

Bid on the Keyword

If you haven’t learned this yet, it’s time to get started. Keywords are what will be your bread and butter during any Amazon pay per click campaign. Later on, we will describe the process of selecting keywords in greater detail. However, keep in mind that this will be a prime factor in the PPC ads Amazon accepts and publishes.

If you are testing the grounds on a new keyword, you will likely need to experiment with the bid. However, depending on the competition of the keyword(s) you are bidding on, the price that is necessary can vary. Once you have an established range, you can choose to either bid on the low or high end. Of course, bidding low means you also get placed low. Bidding the top price will turn you into a top listing.

Set Your Budget

Thankfully, the bid you give won’t necessarily require you to whip out your savings. The Amazon PPC system is designed to give you complete control over how much you spend on advertising. This means you can spend as much (or as little) as you wish. This is done by simply setting how much you want to spend each day.

Once you have your bid established, you need to get an idea of how many clicks you can afford in a day. The worst thing that could happen is that you use all your clicks within the first couple hours of the morning and then your ad goes away. Of course, with a large daily budget you will be able to generate more clicks, and in turn, more sales.

Pay When you Reach Your Threshold

Your credit card isn’t going to be charged each time that you receive a click. Thankfully so, or your statements at the end of the month would turn into an ocean of charges. The same holds true if you have connected your checking account to the Amazon payment module.

The funds for your daily budget will start to add up. Once you reach the point where your credit is maxed out, then you will be charged. Since there are credit tiers and you have to jump through some hoops and make payments on time, you will need to be punctual and responsible before you can space out your payments to the highest degree possible.

Amazon PPC:  5 Things to Consider First

amazon ppc

Before you whip out your credit card and follow onscreen instructions which guide any sort of Average Joe in setting up Amazon pay per click ads, it’s important to be strategic. Don’t think of the internet as this endless money vacuum where mindless people around the world will see your product and immediately empty out their wallets.

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On the contrary, you need to treat your internet business seriously. Remember that the average internet shopper is not a mindless zombie waiting for a chance to empty out their wallet. If you thought money would come easily selling on Amazon, perhaps you have some things to learn. Here are 5 things you need to consider before you even start listing products with Amazon pay per click ads.

1. Competitive Keywords Mean Higher Prices

Before you get started with Amazon pay per click advertisements, one thing you should be aware of is the fact that certain keywords require higher bids than others. As a result, remember that those who want to sell products which are in high demand may pay higher bid prices than those which aren’t as competitive.

This means that those who use keywords which are popular and in high demand will have a more difficult time getting a great deal with bids. Since each click adds up and you have to pay for them in the end, it’s important to be strategic when choosing keywords to bid on.

2. Is Your Product Valuable and in Demand?

Having a high-quality product is one thing. Being able to sell it is another. Since it can be difficult to first pinpoint what product you want to sell, discover how valuable it is, price it, then sell it, a considerable amount of market research is necessary before trying anything in the first place.

A good idea is to look at other merchants and get an estimate as to how much they sell each month. This will then give you an idea of how much sales you can generate, how you should price your product, and what you might expect to earn at the end of the month after Amazon pay per click costs.

3. Did you put in Enough Time Researching Keywords?

Yes, we briefly mentioned keywords but we will need to cover this topic thoroughly. Keywords are the heart and soul of just about any sort of successful internet business. Top search engines like Google, for example, look through a website’s keywords as one of their algorithm’s factors for ranking.

Success with Amazon pay per clicks also depends on the use of effective keywords. You simply will not be able to have a successful Amazon pay per click campaign without a healthy knowledge of how keywords work, finding them, and so on. Of course, this is a topic we will cover in much further detail below.  

4. Is your Product Page Professional?

Having a product page which looks presentable and seems that it derives from a professional merchant is crucial. Think of things this way. If you were a customer looking for a product would you buy from a page that is hastily put together? Probably not. Do yourself a favor and take your product listings seriously before thinking about

Get professional stock photos. Use a white background and a high-quality camera. Set up your title and descriptions in a manner to include popular keywords. Most importantly, show some pride and respect in your product. You will have a difficult time generating sales if you value the number of listings over the quality of them. Seriously.

5. Consider Placing Multiple Advertisements

Let’s be transparent here. Nobody is going to provide you with all the keys to succeeding with Amazon pay per click ads. On the contrary, it will take dedication. If you manage to become an overnight success on Amazon, you might have a product which is innovative, unique, and was previously in demand. However, odds are high that you have a product which doesn’t fit this description.

An excellent way to test the waters before going all in with Amazon pay per click is to start small and ensure you know what you are doing before going all in with it. This means that you should test your keywords and strategy before really dishing out the big bucks for advertisement. If you are not careful, you will end up without any funds and several wasted Amazon pay per click campaigns.

How Amazon PPC Sponsored Ads Work

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PPC ads Amazon displays are solely the work of people like you who put in a bid and want a little extra attention. They will also give preference to those who pay the most for each click. However, there are also different types of ads that you need to consider. Two main types of Amazon pay per click ads that you can do are Amazon Sponsored Products and Headline Search Advertisements.

The type of Amazon PPC ad you choose can have implications on how successful it is. For example, some ads only showcase one product, others can lead potential clients to a custom page where they see a collection of your brand’s products. For your reference, let’s go ahead and briefly break down how the PPC ads Amazon accepts will work.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

In a previous article, we discussed the anatomy of a successful Amazon Sponsored Products advertisement campaign. This page detailed the recipe for creating successful Amazon PPC advertisements. To put it plainly, Amazon Sponsored Products are the advertisements for certain products that show up in search results.

    • Show up in normal search results
    • Similar keywords cause them to appear
    • The higher the bid, the higher the placement
    • Only one featured product
  • Help boost organic rankings

As we can see from the above points, there are some inherent perks to using Amazon Sponsored Products Ads. Since they allow you to almost disguise the fact that it’s an advertisement in the first place, many people will click your product and even buy it without even realizing it was a paid advertisement. Best of all, your organic rankings will naturally go up as people click on your product and buy it.

Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads are a tad different than Amazon Sponsored Ads in various ways. For starters, they don’t show up as a normal search result. Instead, they will be placed in a banner which is designed by you. They can feature multiple products, and they will take customers to a personalized brand page when they click on the banner.

    • Features multiple products
    • Show up from similar keywords
    • Don’t directly appear in search results
    • A customized banner with your logo
  • Takes you to a customized page

Although customers can choose to click on individual products on a Headline Search Advertisement, it also will take people who click on your logo or other portions of the ad to a customized page designed by you. This means that you have the option to leave a lasting impression on potential customers which, in turn, may become return customers if they like your brand.

The Different Amazon Pay Per Click Campaigns

If you want to have a profitable Amazon PPC campaign, one thing you will need to consider is the type of campaign you wish to have. This type of campaign you choose doesn’t necessarily have an effect on your level of success unless you are not experienced with Amazon PPC advertisements.

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Those who are just beginning to consider placing Amazon pay per click ads need to carefully read here. The type of campaign may not be relevant. It is, however, if you don’t know how to run successful Amazon PPC campaigns.

Automatic Targeting

Automatic targeting campaigns take much of the difficult parts of advertising away and allow you to sit back and relax a little more than a manual targeting campaign would permit. Automatic targeting campaigns let the Amazon system figure out who will see your ads and when.

    • Keyword research is done for you
    • Amazon automatically targets customers
  • Great for beginners

This means that automatic targeting is great for those who are new to Amazon PPC campaigns. Of course, as you continue to learn how the system works and the keywords you need to be successful, you can graduate up to using manual targeting.

Manual Targeting

Manual targeting should be the top option for those who already have a war chest full of keywords which have a proven track record of success. If this is not you, do not worry. Manual targeting is also a great way to experiment with new strategies.

    • Complete user control
    • All keywords are chosen
  • Pinpoint advertisement placement

Since there is a heightened level of control with manual targeting, it is highly recommended that you do your first few Amazon PPC advertisements with automatic targeting. In either circumstance, you will always be able to pull reports on your sales and see how your customers are being reached.

Choosing Keywords for Your Amazon PPC Campaign

Keywords are likely the most important facet of running a successful Amazon PPC campaign. This is one area where you need to spend a lot of time researching. Do not take keyword research lightly. In fact, it is so important that it needs to be a continual process. You will likely never stop finding new keywords if you do things correctly.

As a result, we will now break down how you can find the best keywords. For starters, remember that each industry can be a tad different. This means that there are factors which need to be accounted for on a case by case basis. Regardless, here is everything you need to know about choosing your Amazon PPC keywords.

Three Types of Keywords

As far as Amazon is concerned, there are three types of keywords that will be successful for Amazon PPC campaigns. Remember, whether you choose automatic or manual targeting campaigns you will still have to input keywords. Thankfully, you won’t need to have the exact keywords but it will still be important to be close.

Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords are ones that don’t necessarily use the same words as what is searched by a customer but is still recognized as being essentially the same. The beauty of broad match keywords is that they allow people on both types of campaigns a chance at success. Even if they don’t have the same level of keyword research as their competitors.

    • The exact keyword isn’t necessary
    • Shows your product if a customer searches something similar
  • Each sale deriving from broad match keywords shows in reports

Words that are synonyms are wonderful examples of broad match keywords. As are words that are misspelled, singular and plural forms, words that stem from others (like play and playing), and so on. Since there are many different derivatives of just about any sort of search phrase, thankfully the Amazon system will be able to pick up yours without you needing to type them all in yourself.

Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase match keywords are a tad more precise than broad match keywords. However, they are still not the exact phrase a customer types in the search bar. Like broad match keywords, phrase match keywords will still be picked up by the Amazon system. Even when the customer types in the words out of order.

    • Using the same words, but out of order
    • Will match similar terms
  • Illustrate that keyword research is starting to pay off

With a little bit of keyword research, finding phrase match keywords is inevitable. Although you will need to have the same phrases (thus the term phrase match), phrase match keywords showing up on your sales reports illustrate that you finally started to find what your customers are searching for before they find you. Of course, though, getting the exact phrase right is ideal.

Exact Match Keywords

If you start to sell products which show up on your sales reports as exact match keywords, then pat yourself on the back. These are not easy to find. In fact, they typically come from countless hours looking through the many different research tools at your disposal for finding keywords.

    • The exact phrase searched by customers
    • Means you know what customers search for
  • Take time and patience to find

Those who have a war chest of exact match keywords with a proven track record of success are the ones who will be able to start generating consistent income from manual targeting campaigns. Of course, this is great news because you can rely less on what you think automatic Amazon PPC campaigns will do for you and take control of the success of your advertisements.

Places to Find Your Keywords

We have discussed a lot about the importance of keywords. However, we haven’t really illustrated where or how you should go about finding your keywords. After all, how are you supposed to find exact match keywords if you don’t even know where to access search information?

The truth is that you won’t be able to find a database of all the search information that Amazon likely has stored up in a vault somewhere. Although Amazon PPC campaigns used to allow clients to access search information in the past, this no longer occurs. As a result, you will have to get your hands dirty to find your keywords.  


Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular tools available which is completely free to use. However, the inherent problem with this tool is that it actually isn’t designed for Amazon. Although remember that Google is the world’s largest search engine. Accordingly, it has the largest database of search information.

Using Google Keyword Planner will help you get a glimpse at how popular some of your keywords are, how competitive they may be on Amazon, and whether or not they are viable to spend your Amazon PPC funds on. Just remember that you shouldn’t rely on Google as your tool for Amazon. These are two very different sites.


amazon pay per click

Have you ever tried typing in something on Amazon before being presented with various things which you have never actually searched? Well, where do you think this comes from? If you guessed that they were popular searches previously, you are completely right.

Perhaps one of the bests ways to find keywords without paying a single dime is to go straight to the Amazon search bar. Input some terms which you think may be relevant for your product, and let the magic happen. Don’t think that these are going to be the best keywords, though. However, they are a great place to experiment and start off with.

Your Competitors

First things first, respect your competition. Studying your competition is the best way to realize what has made them successful, mimic their strong areas, as well as discover where you can outcompete them. If you consider them competitors, they likely have many industry tricks that will be able to help you.

To study your competitors, there are various premium websites which can conduct an entire SEO audit of their website. Of course, you can also simply go to their product page and find terms that they use which you would search for on Amazon if you were trying to find a similar product.

Free Keyword Search Websites

There are websites which study and collect search engine information. Google Keyword Planner is one example of these tools. However, there are many other websites which you might consider using. Here are some of the best free keyword research websites. Just keep in mind that circumstances and quality can change overnight. Here are a few free keyword search websites.

The nice thing about Bing’s keywords tool is that it is collected from organic searches on the website’s platform. Of course, Bing is one of the most popular search engines. This isn’t to say that it is completely relevant for Amazon PPC campaigns, but it can’t hurt to spend some time here. After all, it will provide you with the information you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The next best thing to a premium service is right here. In fact, Uber suggest does have premium packages but it can be used completely free of charge within reasonable limits. It lets you filter your results by the country, the location of the searches, and also provides you with priceless data that you might not otherwise find such as trends and data behind each keyword.

This one isn’t free for life, but it does have a free trial. Best of all, it is designed to boost sales on Amazon. As a result, those who are just starting their Amazon empire will need a tool like this to get a large library of keywords. Once you get a list of keywords, experiment with them until you find the ones you like the best. You might not even choose to come back and get the paid version.

Premium Keyword Search Websites

As many people know, there is a certain degree of buyer’s utility and relief which comes with paying for premium services. The same holds true when you decide to use premium keyword research tools. To assist anybody looking for premium keyword research websites for Amazon pay per click, here are some of the best options to consider.

Keyword Tool Dominator has a tool designed specifically for Amazon. It is also free to try. However, you won’t have complete access until you spend the money. It is useful for many different platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, and so on. This makes it a wonderful all-around tool for the person with a business that also has a presence outside of Amazon pay per click advertisements.

One of the most powerful keywords research tools comes at a price that many may not want to pay for. Merchant Words helps you to create keywords for your Amazon pay per click ads which are country specific. This means you are one step closer to establishing keywords which are relevant around the world. However, it comes at the price of a monthly fee.

Not only will AmaSuite help you to find keywords that will be profitable for Amazon pay per click ads but will also help you to select the products you should consider selling. This product comes at a one-time fee which will be good for your entire lifetime. Plus, there are no monthly fees. For this reason, many will choose this one as their preferred software for years to come.

Remember to Account for Competition and Volume of Keywords

Using one or several of the tools above will provide you with more keywords than you know how to handle. However, there is also a certain degree of strategy which needs to come into play before you know which ones to focus on. Here are three factors that you need to keep in mind before shortening your list.

Keyword Competition

The competition that is already present on your keyword will have an effect on how much sales you will be able to generate. It will also give you an idea of how easy (or difficult) it will be for your product to rank after a period of success. After all, the more people there are trying to rank with a certain keyword, the harder it will be for a newcomer to establish influence with it.

Keyword Volume

You simply cannot afford to waste your Amazon pay per click money on a keyword which doesn’t receive any searches. You can have the best idea for a product, but if there isn’t anybody searching it then you simply won’t be found. Try to find keywords with a healthy search volume.

Keyword Popularity

If you can get a keyword which is popular, has a high search volume, and doesn’t have much competition, you have found the “just right” zone when it comes to keywords. The more popular a keyword is, though, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a strategy which will work for your Amazon pay per click campaign.

Amazon PPC: Why Use Amazon Pay Per Click Advertisements

ppc ads on amazon

Now that we have provided an in-depth analysis on how you can find and implement the right keywords for your Amazon pay per click campaign, you may be a little concerned about whether or not Amazon is the right platform for your business. After all, what is the benefit of it over simply establishing your own website equipped with search engine optimization for Google?

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Amazon is the Largest Online Shopping Platform

Google itself isn’t a shopping platform. In fact, Amazon has risen through the ranks drastically in recent to become the hottest online shopping center in most parts of the worlds. Although certain websites may be more popular in certain countries, Amazon is a giant which has a ginormous amount of influence in the world marketplace.

Amazon is so popular that there are various product review websites which show up on the first page of Google searches which actually redirect you to Amazon products. The success of Amazon and its affiliate program is completely undeniable. In fact, many large businesses will not only have their own websites but also market their products on Amazon due to its popularity.

Sell a Variety of Different Products

Let’s say that you want to sell coffee filters. Perhaps you have the best coffee filters on the market. However, without the right platform to give you the exposure you will likely not be able to sell a single one. With a platform like Amazon, though, you can sell just about anything that people search for.

This includes products like coffee filters, light switches, or just about any sort of product which may seem obscure. Best of all, with an Amazon pay per click campaign, you can take yourself out from the depths of obscurity and be visible. This will help you to also boost your business outside of Amazon pay per click advertisements in the meantime.

Name Your Advertising Price

Don’t get confused here. Although you can bid your desired price on keywords, there is a certain dilemma you need to be aware of. For starters, the competition of the keyword you wish to advertise on may require you to bid higher than others. This means that although there is a certain degree of freedom to choose your own keywords, you might need to spend a little more than you wish to.

However, keywords which are not too competitive can come at extremely low prices. For a business that wants to come from nothing and turn into something, this can be a recipe for success. If you are careful to find keywords which have a balance between the minimum bid, popularity, and competition, you are sure to find a niche which will be profitable for years to come.

Gain Brand Exposure

Every successful brand has to start somewhere. This is especially true if you are a new brand which doesn’t have any sort of exposure to the outside world. You have options for building your brand. However, how many of them come with the ability to use a platform which is already well-developed and capable of boosting you from nothing to something?

Sure, you could build a website, practice the best SEO strategies, and hope to have a consistent group of customers visiting your website. Although most people with a business mindset understand that establishing visibility from different avenues and marketing are just as important as focusing on building your own platform for sales. In other words, there is no reason not to use Amazon to help build your brand.

Increase Organic Product Rankings

The goal of using Amazon pay per click ads in the first place is to boost your exposure. Whether it be to sell a product, a group of products, boost awareness of your brand, or whatever your exact goal. However, did you know that Amazon actually ranks their products and makes it easier for organic customers to find products which are already selling well?

This may seem a little unfair. After all, how are the newcomers supposed to boost their rankings if they have to start from nothing? Well, Amazon pay per click advertisements is one sure-fire way to do so. Contrary to what some people may think, selling products from an advertisement will boost your ranking. Think of it as an easy way to become more visible and increase your ranking.

How to Successfully Run an Amazon PPC Campaign

Running a successful Amazon pay per click campaign isn’t something that comes naturally to many people. In fact, it can be difficult to learn. Especially when you are completely new to doing this in the first place. Although with a little bit of practice you can change yourself from being a complete newcomer into one which actually knows what you are doing.

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There are various things you need to learn in order to run a successful Amazon pay per click advertisement. Just keep in mind that a proper learning curve is necessary. You should keep in mind each of the following things in order to optimize your success with an Amazon pay per click campaign.

Select the Type of Advertisement

Selecting your type of advertisement may seem simple, but there are many differences you need to consider. We described the different types of PPC ads Amazon accepts above. To put things simply, there are Headline Search Ads and Amazon Sponsored Products. Both of these advertisements have some similarities but are also entirely different.

Amazon Sponsored Ads are the advertisements that you find in normal search results. Headline Search Ads are outside of the search results and can feature multiple products. The strict differences in these two types of advertisement are the placement and functionality. However, both of these campaigns are PPC ads Amazon publishes routinely.

Carefully Consider Your Products

This especially applies to merchants with a roundup of products that they could potentially advertise. Choosing the right products, the best products, is the key to success here. Now, what qualifies as your best products? Here are some variables which describe products that are consistently good.

    • High Demand
    • No Restrictions for Posting
    • Reasonably High-Priced (you need to make a profit)
    • Low Keyword Competition
  • Plenty of Keyword Searches

You simply need to have a product which is in demand. Additionally, remember that there are certain products which you simply cannot post. It is important that your product is something which will be able to turnaround with a profit after you account advertising costs. Finally, a product which has a popular keyword and isn’t too competitive will be ideal.

Professionally Design Your Advertisement

This might be something where you need to keep your ego in check and ask for help. After all, you shouldn’t expect yourself to do everything on your own. Although, there is a possibility that you already have professional design experience. If this is you, then you are in luck. Especially if you want to have a Headline Search Ad. This will require a complete banner and custom page design.

Keep in mind that your stock photo images and the product page itself are all important things. Spend some time looking over all the possibilities before you think about publishing your advertisement. Make sure that your entire advertisement is ready to go. This includes everything. From pictures and design to product descriptions, slogans, logos, and so on.

Bid High for New Keywords

If you are using a new keyword, you are best off starting at the top of your competition. This isn’t to say that you should whip out the highest bid possible, but that you should probably test the waters before really putting forth your entire effort. The idea here is that you can get a mental image of how well your advertisement will work before you set your budget too high.

Remember that you get to set your daily budget. In other words, you will get a random sample of what percentage of clicks will turn into sales. It will also help you to get placed at the top of the page and immediately experience results. In any case, remember that bidding low and having a low daily budget will typically make your advertisement much lower down the line.

Go Against the Grain

Don’t run an advertisement that is a recycled version of something that you previously saw. You should not expect to turn your product into a success if you are afraid to be different and show some personality. Remember, those who have successful brands established themselves as unique and capable of fulfilling a continual demand.

Find what makes your product both unique and desirable. Once you have established this, cement it into your advertisement and product listing. Let’s imagine that you sell dog food. Instead of stating that it is just normal dog food, illustrate the ingredient differences which would be relevant to certain dog owners. Odds are high that whatever your product is that you have something which makes you unique and desirable.

Be Ready for Failure

Okay, now that we have the pep talk about making your product special out of the way, don’t expect everything to go as smoothly as you wish. Especially as you become more and more used to the system. People who are new to Amazon PPC ads should realize that they are entering the ocean. The ocean has a thriving population of sharks who already know how to survive and put their competition to rest.

However, this isn’t to say that you can’t compete with the sharks. On the contrary, you have the same level of intelligence as they do. In fact, the only difference between an experienced Amazon PPC poster and one who is just starting is their knowledge on the topic. With access to the same platform, resources, and practice, you will be able to match their level of success. Especially with good products.

Research New Keywords

We have discussed keywords a lot on this page, so this section will stay brief. Regardless, if you haven’t yet gathered this point keywords are important. You simply cannot succeed on Amazon if you are lazy with your keyword research. There are many tools for finding the best keywords and they can be easily attained by anybody with the drive to find them.

Remember that there are different types of keywords. It is also important to remember that you don’t need to know the exact phrase with the keywords you choose. Amazon picks up many of the variants for you. In any case, do not forget to also check your sales reports and see how well your keywords do at the end of the campaign.  

Try Different Campaign Strategies

ppc ads with amazon

There are actually a wide variety of potential Amazon PPC campaigns that you can try. For starters, the type of advertisement that you choose has an effect. This will help determine what happens when a customer clicks your ad, where your ad is, and so on. Additionally, there are two specific types of targeting that you can choose from.

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Having a manual targeting campaign will typically require a person with a little more knowledge than average. For example, you will need to know your keywords, who your audience is, and prefer not having any sort of assistance. For this reason, choosing an automatic targeting is recommended for beginners who are not confident in their knowledge of these factors. You will always have the ability to learn as you go with automatic targeting.

Bid Effectively, Strategically, and Intelligently

The bid is something which needs to be done in a manner which will generate sales. Of course, the idea here is not that you will be able to set up a perfect campaign. In reality, a perfect campaign would come with an unlimited budget that you can splurge on. However, this is probably not relevant to anybody who is new to Amazon PPC ads and has limited funds.

Don’t get yourself wrong, though. The money will come. Well, if you have a wonderful product which is in demand it will help too. In any case, Amazon PPC ads will definitely play a large role in helping you to get the exposure you want. In the meantime, make sure you place bids which are smart, consistent, and strategic. Don’t be too crazy, but don’t be too conservative. Just don’t give up until you are completely confident that you are wasting your time and money.

Tips for Making a Successful Amazon PPC Advertisement

If you haven’t yet discovered this, making a successful Amazon PPC advertisement isn’t entirely easy. It will take time to learn the system. You might even have to experience failure a few times before you finally find the system that works the best with your product. After all, there was never a guarantee in the first place that your product would sell.

Remember the factors we described for a successful Amazon PPC product. It needs to be in demand, has a specific niche where you can have some keyword dominance, and should be priced high enough that selling your product will turn into a profit. Here are some further tips for perfecting your Amazon PPC advertisement.

Remember What You Want to Sell

Keep in mind that it is that you want to sell. This is a point that has been lightly made previously. However, it is an important one. You need to keep in mind what you want to sell, and how much the advertisement will cost. Be strategic and set yourself up for success. Not failure.

Don’t bid $1 per click to try and sell a $20 bag of coffee grounds, for example. Odds are high that you will break even or fall under the profit line. Sure, with a $1 bid in this niche you may find yourself at the top of search results. However, you need to account for the fact that many people will see your ad and click away. Make it hard for yourself not to make a profit.

Experiment with Each Type of Campaign

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Sometimes it will be necessary for you to try a handful of things before you find what really works the best for you. This isn’t to say that you should start with a manual targeting campaign with little-to-no knowledge of your keywords. However, there will come a time where you become too comfortable with your knowledge of your campaign.

When you hit a point where you are receiving some sales, have a strategy that is decent, but need an extra kick, try a different campaign. Switch from a Sponsored Product to using a Headline Search Ad. In any case, don’t get too comfortable with what you are doing. Keep trying new things until you are satisfied with your results.

Learn from Your Failures

You will definitely have a failure during your Amazon PPC career. In fact, this is something which is probably a given. The mark of someone who is intelligent, though, is what you learn and take from it. Don’t repeat a campaign strategy that didn’t work the first time. Don’t recycle bad ideas and hold a delusional belief that the result will change.

It is also important that you don’t give up after experiencing your first failure. Change your keywords, try a new campaign, and so on. In any case, keep track of your strategies. When failure happens, figure out why. Usually, this means that you need to spend some extra time looking at what you did, and attempting to figure out why.

Download and Study Sales Reports

Don’t forget to download your sales reports at the end of the week. This is called Bulk Operations. This is something which will be extremely important to the success of your product. It will also provide you with valuable information that you can use to become better and improve your strategies.

Sales reports will tell you what type of keyword a customer used and show you the volume of the sales. This will instantly tell you if you were able to turn a profit. Best of all, it is available on an Excel sheet which you can distribute among any business partners or employees. This is something which you should do regularly.

Stay Persistent

Persistence is one of the keys to success on Amazon. In fact, Amazon itself was built in persistence. If Jeff Bezos had quit developing Amazon back in the 90s, you probably would have never come to this page in the first place. Let that sink in your brain for a second. The fact that you are here illustrates that you may be persistent enough to not quit. This is important for success on Amazon.

If you wish to be successful on Amazon, make it something you obsess over. Make it something which you are willing to go to any lengths to accomplish. Most importantly, don’t give up when you experience your first taste of failure. No Amazon PPC giant was built overnight. Be ready to spend the time and money necessary to create high-quality Amazon PPC advertisements.

Money-Making Amazon PPC Strategies: 5 Things to Try

At this point, you should be feeling a lot more confident about constructing an Amazon PPC campaign. We have covered just about all of the necessary information which will be useful while you learn how to construct an Amazon PPC campaign which will work best for your products. If you need some extra motivation, here are 5 further strategies that you should try to boost your results.

1. Try Multiple Amazon Pay Per Click Campaigns Simultaneously

We have discussed the dilemma that many people will inevitably run into. Sooner or later, you will have a campaign which will cost you more than you benefit from it. One of the best ways to stop this from ever occurring in the first place is to have many different Amazon PPC campaigns at the same time so that you can optimize your chance for success.

However, this isn’t to say that you should post two of the same Amazon pay per click ads with the same keywords and then expect things to work out differently. In fact, a bad advertisement is just that. A bad advertisement. What we mean here is to switch up your techniques, try multiple types of campaigns, different strategies, bids, and so on. For best results, try them all simultaneously so that you can quickly find the strategy that works best for you.

2. Know All of Your Competition

Sometimes what it takes to succeed is the will be better than your competition. Don’t get confused here, though. You need to be different than your competition. However, knowing your competition and how they succeed will be useful in helping your own business be better. This means researching everything that you possibly can.

Look at your competitors’ product pages. Check out their websites. Conduct an SEO competitive analysis and find out which keywords they focus on. You might even go as far as reaching out to them and picking their brain on. In any case, studying and learning from your competition (especially successful ones) will help you to become successful yourself.

3. Hire Employees to Research and Post for you

Those who are the sole owner of their business will inevitably run into a big problem. Time. Remember that you only have so many hours in a day. This means that you will inevitably run out of time. Those who want to have a business which has a worldwide impact and countless customers simply won’t be able to handle everything on their own.

Imagine responding to over 50 e-mails a day, placing Amazon pay per click ads, looking at sales reports, checking on your accounts, dealing with refunds and returns, making sure you make a profit, and so on. Odds are very high that you will need help once things start picking up. If you are serious about making money with Amazon pay per click advertisements, then you will need help at some point.

4. Build a Brand with A Cult Following

Think about how some of the most successful brands have made it big. The truth is that successful brands cement themselves as a necessity in the industry. If you haven’t yet figured this out, accomplishing this is not easy to do. The truth is that there is a secret missing from the equation. The art of building your customer base.

Your brand needs to be untouchable. Your customers need to be loyal to you. To do this, you need to firstly have a high-quality service with plenty of demand and value. Then, excellent customer service and years of a stainless track record will be the key to building a cult following. Don’t expect this one to happen overnight, though.

5. Use a Premium Keyword Researching Tool

Look, there is a certain degree of advantage that comes with using tools that the normal person doesn’t have access to. One example of this is premium keyword search tools. This example, in particular, will save you hours of time finding things on your own. In fact, a premium keyword researching tool might also save you money.

Imagine it this way. Each advertisement you place will cost you money. Hopefully this went without saying. However, think of how much you will spend with failed advertisements. Since one of the most common problems with a bad advertisement are the keywords that you use, purchasing a keyword researching tool will be an investment which may actually save you money.

As we illustrated above, some of the top keyword researching tools are actually free. In fact, those that are premium may even come with a free trial. In other words, using a premium keyword research tool may not necessarily mean you need to pay for it. You might even find the best keywords right off the bat and use them for a while.

Amazon Pay Per Click Success Story: How it Happened

To illustrate some of the things we have discussed on this page, let’s now take a quick look at a case study of success with Amazon pay per click advertisements. If you carefully study this story you will start to get an idea of where the major points of this page came from. After all, we wouldn’t give you information if we didn’t think it would work for your personal business.

The following story is an example of somebody who took our advice and practiced it themselves. They started out as an e-book salesman on Amazon before finally reaching the success that 99% of those who try Amazon PPC advertisements never experience. Many people who are new to Amazon PPC advertisements may relate to their struggle. Here is their story.

We Started Small

Back when we chose to start selling our Kindle books, we started off self-publishing various self-help, how to, guides, and other things we thought would be practical. However, there was something missing. Adequate sales. This lack of sales is what drove us to consider using Amazon pay per click advertisements.

We did sell some of our e-books, but it was initially not nearly enough to pay the bills. As a result, the business started off rather small. However, one thing we noticed is that most customers never actually left reviews on our products. This meant that the quality of the books was less of a concern, but rather the visibility of our products.

Don’t get confused here. The quality of e-books (or whatever your product is) is completely important too. What this taught us, though, was that keywords and how the e-books were found were just (if not more) important than the quality of the product.

Years of Keyword Research

After realizing the importance of keywords, countless hours went into finding the right keywords. Of course, we found much more than what we needed to before learning the various tips we described above. There was a point where we had a list of over 10,000 possible keywords to use in our e-books. However, since Amazon only allows you to put in a certain number of keywords, we had to prioritize the ones which were most important.

One thing which really showed how effective our keywords was bidding high on an Amazon pay per click campaign for various keywords and then comparing the results. This not only gave us a better idea of how to find the right keywords, but also a means of testing them. In the end, keyword research became a never-ending process. Especially as we continued to add to our bookshelf.

Several Failed Advertisements

Remember how we mentioned the possibility of failure? Well, it happened to us too. At first, most of the advertisements we placed were not making a profit. However, as we stated, we learned from our failed advertisements. They helped us to craft out the right strategy. Today, we will spend over $100 a day advertising our tested strategies.

Remember that you will fail with advertisements too. That is, of course, unless you are a very lucky person. Just remember that this is completely normal. In our case, we kept adjusting our strategy, creating new books, and combining multiple advertising campaigns. Each of our failures became motivation and learning tools which we used for success later on.

Then We Found the System Which Worked

On this page, we have provided the keys to a successful system. In our case, all it took was over a year of struggling and dedication. We never gave up on our dream of becoming successful e-book writers. We began hiring ghostwriters and produced more content than we could ever have imagined possible. In the end, it was almost as if we started pressing in magic buttons for success.

Then, it became necessary to hire people to take care of all the aspects of the business. The idea here was that we could sit back and enjoy the passive income while hiring professionals to do work that we couldn’t do ourselves. With consistent new products, advertising campaigns, and persistence, we eventually found our way to have a comfortable $200/day income. Not bad considering this comes from e-books.

Gradually Invested More

As more money came in, we didn’t just put it away in the savings. After all, we knew that the money would start coming in at some point. Once it did, we took most of the profits and invested it back into the business. As we stated, this included hiring writers, graphic designers, assistants, and SEO specialists. Once we had a comfortable level of sales, we did our best to continue investing as much as we could.

Don’t get things confused here, though. We are still building our e-book business. In fact, it could still be much better than it is. The investments that we make are expected to continue to grow. We would never have the number of sales that we have reached if we didn’t continue to invest in advertising and employees. Thankfully, we were able to gradually invest more until we had consistent income and advertisement costs.

Organic Rankings and Sales Increased

The best part about continuous Amazon pay per click campaigns is that the sales will come. When they come, the rankings of your products will go up. In our case, several of the books became (and still are) #1 in their categories. This level of exposure is so valuable. In fact, it even made it almost worthless to continue investing in PPC campaigns for these products.

Once the rankings of certain products increased, we were able to start promoting our new e-books. Of course, not every e-book sells a lot. Even today, some of the e-books which we publish from our ghostwriters don’t make us any money. The ones that do, though, are the reason we became successful with Amazon pay per click campaigns.

Why This Story is Relevant

So, somebody was successful, why does it matter? Well, not every person who experiences success wants to leave the rest of the world in the dust. In fact, many of us want to assist others and help them to reach the same level of success. Amazon PPC advertisements can be difficult to become successful with. We hope that this story will inspire you to try and mimic our results.

Mastering the Art of Operating a Profit: The Major Points

Now that we have provided a complete snapshot of what it takes to have a successful Amazon pay per click campaign, it’s important to briefly revisit each of our main points. This will help those who are serious about becoming successful in their industries to see the main points here. Remember that each of the following points are just summaries. They are described in greater detail above.

Who Should Use Amazon Pay Per Click?

Amazon pay per click campaigns are not for everybody. Remember that diving into this industry now will require a special person. Of course, anybody can do this. Just remember that it will take somebody with the desire, persistence, and dedication. Anybody who tries something and immediately gives up will likely do the same for Amazon pay per click ads. Here are the qualities of somebody who will be successful with Amazon pay per click ads:

    • Those with a product which is in demand
    • Those who have a high work ethic
    • Anybody who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
    • A person who is okay asking for help and hiring others
  • Somebody with money to invest in advertisements

Although you may not necessarily have each of the above characteristics, you should always leave yourself with room for growth. The person who is willing to leave their ego at the door and ask questions is the person who will likely figure things out quickly. Of course, having some extra money to invest will also be a great way to boost your success right away.

Make Your Product Pages and Ads Professional

This is something which simply cannot be bypassed. There is no point in putting up an Amazon pay per click advertisement if you aren’t ready to compete with your competition. In order to this, you absolutely need to have product pages which are both professional and unique from your competition. Do not just copy and paste the same idea. This will ruin your chances of success.

    • High-quality stock photos
    • Expertly-crafted product description
    • A title which adequately describes your product
    • Plenty of competitive keywords
  • Plenty of extra pictures and descriptive captions

Each of the above things is part of a successful product page which will do well with an Amazon PPC campaign. In fact, if you are lazy and hastily put together your product pages and Amazon PPC advertisement, you will probably experience a brutal failure. In order to better your chances of success, make sure that you take all precautions necessary to make your page professional before you start your first Amazon PPC advertisement.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Keywords are something which we have covered in great detail, so this portion will be brief. Since keywords are so important towards the success of an Amazon PPC campaign, it’s important that you master them. Here are the major points which you simply need to master regarding keywords and the strategies for finding them.

    • There are broad, phrase match, & exact match keywords available.
    • Free and premium services are available for researching keywords.
    • Keep researching and perfecting your keywords.
    • Balance competition, bid price, search volume, & popularity to find ideal keywords.
  • Find additional keywords on competitors’ pages.

Remember that there are different types of keywords and that you won’t need to match them precisely. There are services which you can use to research them. Since you need to make keyword research a part of your normal routine, you need to find a way to do this efficiently. Your keywords need to be high-quality. A wonderful thing to consider is searching your competitions’ pages and websites for the ones that they use.

Experiment with Campaigns Until You Figure Things Out

Odds are very high that your first Amazon PPC advertisement won’t go as well as you want it to. You will need to go through the learning curve before you will be able to set up PPC ads Amazon will showcase, and accordingly, produce the results you want. Here is a look back at the main points that we have showcased and found to be successful.

    • Start with automatic targeting
    • Use manual targeting when you’re confident
    • Use all different types of advertisements
    • Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Make yourself stand out from the competition

If you have a Sponsored Products Ad, try using a Headline Search Ad at the same time. This might even make your advertisement visible twice on the same page. Try using automatic targeting campaigns at first since they help people who are new to the system. However, once you are comfortable with Amazon pay per click advertisements you will be able to naturally stand out with manual targeting advertisements.

Be Persistent, But Also Ready to Fail

Many examples of people who are successful with Amazon pay per click campaigns are stories of those who are persistent. More than likely, you will experience failure at some point during your Amazon pay per click career. The big difference between those who dream of success and those that have it, though, is persistence.

Be ready to fail at least once. However, the true mark of your character will be how you handle it. If you curl into a ball and cry after your first ad doesn’t lead to any sales, you likely will quit and remove any chance you ever had of success. Be persistent, don’t give up, and most importantly, be ready for failures to come every now and then.  

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