Amazon PPC Audit for ONNIT and Alpha Brain

Amazon PPC 2020

How I Would Improve ONNIT’s Amazon Ads and Listings

Brand Analytics

In this audit we scanned over Onnit’s most searched keywords and decided to use “Alpha Brain”, which is Onnit’s flagship product when they started in 2011. It’s not their top product right now, but among the top and where we have found some opportunities for improvement with PPC and other advertising avenues. 

Initial Test – Search for the brand name | ONNIT

Areas of Opportunity

When searching for the brand name you want the search result to bring up nothing, but the brand search products. This includes every ad that populates. With Onnit we have noticed initially that there is a missed opportunity to include 2 other products in the headline search ad. 

Missed Opportunity

When scrolling down through the search results there is a missed opportunity to include a brand video in the search results. Brand videos are a great way to not only create brand exposure, but also to be able to provide further opportunity to expose customers to the expanded portfolio of products that are available. 

Sponsored Products

Scrolling down through the search results of the brand on the first page all of the sponsored product ads should be of that brand. As seen below, we have found another area where the Onnit brand is not using enough sponsored product ads to display more of their products on the first page of the search of their brand name. 

“Onnit Alpha Brain” Search Query

The initial search for “Onnit Alpha Brain” shows a number of flagrant missed opportunities. 

  • Missing a 3rd product on the headline search ad
  • The different variations of Alpha Brain (30 ct., 90 ct., bundles) should all be included in the headline search ad for the searched keyword
  • Including the keywords used in the search in the actual title of the headline search ad
  • The first sponsored product ad is not a Onnit product
  • After the first line of products on the search page there is another brand’s video ad (video ads take up a entire line of space) 

ONNIT | Alpha Brain | Product Listing

Overall the Alpha Brain product listing is in great shape with the title, photos, video included with photos, and the bullet points. However, we found a couple of more missed opportunities with the sponsored display and sponsored product targeting ads. These ads could be used to advertise other Onnit products that usually sell well with Alpha Brain or to upsell on other opportunities available with Onnit. 

The sponsored products ads that are located just under the listing images and bullet points overall have Onnit products on it, but that #1 spot is taken by another brand. This also creates an opportunity to create offensive ads targeting other brands.

Using that product listed as #1 on the above sponsored product ad, there is an opportunity to focus offensive Onnit sponsored product and sponsored display ads in different areas of the other brand’s listing as seen below. 

The sponsored product targeting ads on the competing product’s listing is another area where Onnit could be having their products displayed.

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)

Onnit sells a large portfolio of products through their website besides supplements on Amazon. Onnit is missing out on exposure to millions of Amazon customers searching for their products like Onnit Kettlebells on Amazon. Due to Onnit already selling these products on their website, on Amazon they would only need to list those same products on Amazon and sell them as Fulfilled by Merchant instead of by Fulfilled by Amazon. We already see thousands of searches for these Onnit products that are not listed on Amazon. These customers are most likely turning to other brands and products to meet their needs. 

“Onnit Protein” Search

Similar to the “Onnit Alpha Brain” search we see a pattern of issues and missed opportunities with headline sponsored brand search ads as well as sponsored products with the “Onnit Protein” keyword search. As seen below there is a missed opportunity to add a third product in the headline sponsored brand search ad as well as the first two sponsored product spots are taken up by another brand. These are crucial missed opportunities where Onnit is missing out on sales and growth possibilities. 

Helium 10 Cerebro | Reverse ASIN search

Using the Helium 10 Reverse ASIN search tool called Cerebro we have the ability to do a search for keywords related to any of the Onnit products listed on Amazon. We can then discover new long term keywords (low search volume) that Onnit is currently for, but not ranked as number one. These are search terms that customers are searching sometimes hundreds of times a day. These are additional sales opportunities that are always there and available just waiting to be discovered.   Click here to trial Helium 10’s Cerebro tool (affiliate link).

Final Thoughts

Onnit has a lot of opportunities for growth on Amazon and currently they’re doing very well with establishing themselves as a well known brand. More and more customers are moving to Amazon to meet their shopping needs due to their quick shipping speeds and ease of use. At we love to work with brand owners and help play the Amazon game and play it the right way. It’s important to defend your brand, your products, and your listings. 

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