5 Best Amazon PPC Bid Strategies for Black Friday & Q4


Is your Amazon PPC ready for Q4?  Black Friday… Cyber Monday… Christmas… It is the most wonderful time of the year, if you are ready.  Do you have a strategy around your Amazon PPC for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If not, BIG MISTAKE… In this video I will be showing you 5 strategies that we are using on our own Amazon PPC account and across our Amazon accounts to help maximize sales and blow away our competition.

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5 Best Amazon PPC Bid Strategies for Black Friday & Q4  

1. Cut Out the Junk in Your Amazon PPC Account 

When we take over accounts for the first time, one of the first things we do is clean out the junk in Amazon PPC.  What I see most of the time is thousands upon thousands of keywords that someone is trying to bid on. The problem with this is Amazon doesn’t find you relevant for probably 99% of these keywords so they are just weighing down your Amazon account and your mental space. 

This is a very easy fix.  We want to pause all keywords that are getting ten impressions or less.  

I hear some of you saying that you will miss out on sales if you do this, but you won’t.  The reason is that Amazon does not find you relevant for these keywords, and therefore they’re not showing your product for them.  

Just pause them and move on to more keywords.  

To do this, go into your keywords section inside each ad group in your targeting section.  Adjust the date range to the last 60 days. Apply the filter of Impressions Less Than 10.  

After this, highlight all the words and click pause. 

2. Get Rid of Low Sales Keywords in Your Amazon PPC Account 

This goes back to the number one.  We are cleaning out the keywords that are not producing significant sales for your product, so we need to let them go to focus budget and strategy around the keywords that are making the biggest impact on your sales.  

Filter again by sales that are less than or equal to two ORDERS.  

Highlight all these keywords and pause them. 

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3. Turn on Sponsored Display Ads 

Sponsored Display ads help re-engage shoppers off Amazon who viewed your products or similar products, and drive them to your detail page once again.  This is also known as a retargeting ad, which Amazon used to run for you, but has passed it to the seller now.  

This allows you to follow your potential customer all around the web in hopes that they will purchase your product after seeing you multiple times.  You have probably seen these before when you are browsing around on blogs and reading articles.  

Here is an example on Yahoo.com 

Some best practices for Sponsored Display ads in Amazon PPC is to keep bids and budgets low and do a separate Sponsored Display ad for each individual ASIN in your account.  

I usually start out with a $25 daily budget and a $0.25 cost per click (CPC).  

4. Turn Up Top-Of-Search Placement for Campaigns 

Top of search (first page) bid placement is most likely your most profitable ad placement and it is most likely making most of your sales.  Therefore we want to make sure that we dominate the top of search during this time of higher traffic and increased sales.  

Therefore we need to first calculate how to determine what your baseline top of search should be.  To do this we need to take the best conversion rate divided by the worst conversion rate and subtract one, which will give you the bid adjustment on your specific ad campaign.  

To find our conversion rate we want to takes orders/clicks.

For top of search placement that is 779 orders/1926 clicks = 40% conversion rate

For product pages this is 59 orders/395 clicks = 15%

In our case this is 40% / 15% – 1 = 1.67 = 167% bid adjustment for the best conversion rate placement, which in this case is top of search (and most likely will be for all yours as well).  Thank you AdBadger for this formula and explanation

Therefore we need to set our top of search to 167%. However, it’s the holidays and this is our best seller, so I am going to increase the top of search even more, to 20-50% higher than that.

You will set your top of search to between 187-217%, and I’ve chosen 217%. 

I also made a Free calculator for calculating this in a spreadsheet. Click here to get it.

After opening, go to FILE > Make a Copy to copy it over to your Google Drive to use.

5. Increase the Bid of Your Best Keywords 

Twenty percent of your keywords are producing 80% of your sales.  You can see that by this picture of one of my ad groups. You need to make sure you dominate the keywords that are creating these results for you by increasing your bid significantly to make sure no one beats you out for those keywords on the highest trafficked days of the year.  

As you can see, we have increased the bid to $10 for these three keywords that are producing most of the sales at a profitable ACOS.  

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