9 Step System for Amazon PPC Keyword Optimization [VERY EASY]

Amazon Keyword Optimization

What do you bid on your Amazon PPC keywords to optimize them for the sales you are getting? Do you bid higher or lower, and how high or low to go?  What should your maximum cost per click bid be? I am asked these three questions all the time from Amazon sellers, and it is a lot easier and faster than you think.  You do it by using bulk downloads from campaign manager. But before we go too much further, let’s review. 

If you have been following along in our 8-week journey to scaling your Amazon PPC and doubling your Amazon PPC, you have learned how to track and measure your results, research your competitors, simplify your Amazon keyword research, make sure your Amazon listing is optimized, how to structure and set up your Amazon PPC campaign, and finally how to SCALE your campaigns

In this article we are moving on to step seven, which is using your bulk download file inside campaign manager to determine your maximum cost-per-click (Max CPC) and then set these bids at a keyword level.  I would highly recommend going back and reading/watching the previous examples if this is your first time joining us, as they will all play a role in scaling, or you can check out my FREE 8-week Amazon PPC Masterclass by clicking here. 

If you have been running your Amazon campaigns for a while now, this step will also be beneficial for you as you can take your current data that you have from current Amazon PPC campaigns and optimize your keyword bids to set a cap on the bid to optimize for profitability.  

Going back to the previous article and Pareto’s Principle…  According to Better Explained, Pareto’s Principle states that most things in life are not distributed evenly, which means:

  • 20% of the input creates 80% of the results

Again, find the 20% of keywords that are producing 80% of the results and increase their max CPC and BE COMFORTABLE in doing so as you have figured out exactly what to bid on these.  

9 Easy Steps to Figure Out Keyword Level Bids with Bulk Downloads 

1. Download the Bulk Downloads Spreadsheet

After logging in to Amazon Seller Central, hover over Advertising and click Campaign Manager.

Select Bulk Operations.  

Use a 60 days Date range, and Exclude Terminated Campaigns and Campaign items with zero impressions.  Then click Create spreadsheet for download.  

Once the spreadsheet is ready to download, click download.

2. Upload to Google Sheets

Open a new Google Sheet.  Head to File and Import.

Click Upload and then Select the excel spreadsheet that you downloaded from Amazon Seller Central.

Insert a new sheet(s) and hit Import Data

3. Organize and Consolidate Your Bulk Downloads Report

Next, we are going to delete all the columns and rows that we will not be using.  Remember the goal of a bulk download report is to figure out your keyword bids and Max CPC.  First we are going to delete all columns that are not needed. 

Delete the following columns

  • Record ID
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Daily Budget
  • Portfolio ID
  • Campaign Start Date
  • Campaign End Date
  • Targeting Type
  • SKU
  • Product Targeting ID
  • Total Units
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Placement Type
  • Increase bids by placement

Next, we are going to separate each product into its own sheet. To do this, highlight the entire sheet, and then click Data → Sort range

Then select Data has a header row, Sort by Campaign A→ Z, and finally Sort

Then simply copy and paste each product into its own sheet. 

After that we want to eliminate all rows that are not keywords.  This can be done by sorting by Record Type (column A) and deleting everything that is not a keyword.  

Delete all the non-keyword rows. 

Finally, sort by Match Type and delete all the negative keywords

Delete all the campaign negative phrase and campaign negative exact keywords

Now we have our final list of keywords that we want to figure out the maximum cost-per-click for.  

4. Add Three New Columns And Calculate Max Cost-Per-Click

Add three new columns to the right to help calculate your Maximum Cost-Per-Click (Max CPC).  

Label these three columns Clicks/Orders, Max CPA, Max CPC.  

For Clicks/Orders simply make a formula to take clicks divided by orders.  Highlight the cell that you want the formula to be in and then click the ∑ button.  Then click the cell under Clicks, the / sign, and the Orders button. 

Maximum Cost Per Acquisition (Max CPA) is the breakeven cost of the product that you are advertising for.  For the example that we have been using, our Max CPA is $7.09

Calculate this by going to your listing with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension (it’s free) and put in your cost of the product you sell and use that number.  

Maximum Cost Per Click is simply the Max CPA / Clicks/Orders.  Use the same formula button that you did above and take the Max CPA divided by Click/Order

Use the little box to drag the two formulas you just created down all your search terms. WAIT to put Max CPA in at this point. 

5. Sort Your Bulk Downloads Into 3 Sections

We are going to again highlight all and sort range again.  We want to see which Ad Groups are still enabled or turned on, then what keywords are turned on, and finally the higher ACoS will be sorted to the top.  To do this you will need to sort range by Ad Group Statues A → Z, then by Status A → Z, then by ACoS Z → A, which will look like this. 

6. Create a Pause and Move Section for Keywords Above Target ACoS With More Than 5 Orders

For keywords that are above our target ACoS, but still make a lot of sales, they need to have a maximum bid (Max CPC) put on them in order to make sales but to turn them into profitable sales. We are going to divide these keywords out and title them Pause/Move because we will be pausing them in their current Ad group (and in the next step moving them into our BUY Ad group with a keyword cap bid (the calculated Max CPC)). 

So we will highlight all the keywords that are above target ACoS and sort the range by Orders Z→ A, which in my example is Column M

7. Copy the PAUSE AND MOVE to BUY Ad Group Section and Create an Add to BUY Ad Group Section for the SAME Keywords that are Above Target ACoS With More Than 5 Orders

We will copy the EXACT same keywords that we calculated in the previous step and title this section Add, which means that we will be adding them to the BUY Ad Group.  These keywords, like stated before, will have a bid cap to continue to make sales, but we are trying to make them profitable sales.  

8. Create a Pause Section for Keywords Above Target ACoS With Less Than 5 Orders

We will move all keywords that have less than 5 orders into a Pause section because they are not contributing to sales velocity, they are unprofitable, and they are NOT helping you in any way.  Remember, focus on the 20% of keywords that are driving 80% of your results and STOP wasting ad dollars on other keywords that are not in that 80/20.  

9. Watch Sales, Rankings, and Profits Soar, All While Costs Decrease!

Here are the results of our eyelid wipes, which we just released in May of 2019.  As of October 8th, 2019 we have 38 reviews.  The competition that we are going after are big name brands that invest a TON on Amazon, so we are trying to out maneuver them with this strategy.  As you can see, sales are increasing (September is always a slower month). 

But as you continue to mine keywords and bid intelligently, your sales will continue to escalate past the competition.  

If you want to see the spreadsheet example that I used in this blog, click here.

If you want to see the accompanying video training where I do another product example, click here to head over to YouTube or click the video at the top of this blog. 

What’s Next With Your Amazon PPC?

This was step 7 in your new Amazon PPC Strategy.  Click here to get all the Amazon PPC lessons emailed right to your inbox once per week.    This is an actionable lesson every week to take your Amazon PPC to the next level.  

1 – Track and Measure Your Results

2 – Research Your Competitors

3 – Simplify Your Amazon Keyword Research

4 – Amazon Listing Optimization

5 – Set Up Your Amazon PPC Campaign

6 – SCALE your campaigns

7 – This Post, Optimizing Keyword Bids for Increased Profitability

If you want support in this Amazon PPC journey, this is where I can help. 

How I Can Help Double Your Amazon Sales from Amazon PPC

I’ve set aside time in the next 48 hours to speak to you personally about how you can apply these ideas to your Amazon business starting TODAY.

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Who This Is For

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Why I’m Doing This

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This is what I love helping people do. This is why I was put here on this Earth… to help people like you grow their Amazon business.

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Your future is waiting for you.

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