How To Use Email Marketing to Scale Your Amazon FBA Business with Dean from Worth eCommerce


In today’s eCommerce environment there is a missed out opportunity when it comes to alternative methods like email marketing when trying to scale your Amazon FBA Business. We are going to do a deep dive into this process and Dean from Worth eCommerce is going to provide some tips and tricks to implementing Email Marketing into your own business. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the oldest form of digital advertising and has evolved and been proven over time that it still has its relevance and place within the eCommerce space. It’s a tool that is completely underutilized and has been overlooked for years. 

2 Things That Email Marketing Does for a Brand

  1. Helps you scale faster 
  2. Massively increases your profit margin

With email marketing overtime, as your email list grows, there is a decrease in the need for ad spend. Due to this decrease in the need for ad spend, this saved money can be reinvested in the front end channel of your business to begin to scale quicker. 

Is Email Marketing still effective?

Absolutely. Email marketing has been shown to generate, in many cases, up to 30-40% revenue to eCommerce businesses on Amazon and Shopify. Also, a huge benefit to growing a healthy and effective email marketing list arrives when it comes time to sell a business. A healthy email list will only increase the overall valuation and attractiveness of your business. 

How to do Email Marketing

It takes basic design skills and copyrighting to implement proper email marketing. Also, it can take an understanding of logic and the customer life cycle (prospects, new customers, repeat customers, VIP customers, lapse customers, and lapse prospects). For each stage of the customer life cycle you want to have automations, flows or drips that are being sent to these people. A lot of people make the crucial mistake of trying to over-complicate this process. It’s best to just start at the foundation and focus on the 80/20 perspective. What 20% of the activity is providing 80% of the results? 

It’s all about determining what each type of customer wants at each stage of the customer life cycle and then guiding them to the direction that you want them to go, which could be the sale of your products or providing great content in a blog post.  

Klaviyo | How to Create Customer Engagement Tiers

An amazing resource to use for building out email flows and gaining access to customer insights is Klaviyo. Klaviyo has pre built template flows that are basically plug and play for the different types of customers in your business. This is a great way to test out different flows and seeing which ones work best for you and your business.  

You start out with one email flow and build from there based off of the various types of customers that you have. 

Most impactful flow – produces fastest results

Welcome Flow – collecting the customers and sending them more content

New Customers Flow – long term impact on the business – indocturnate customers into your brand and provide the customer a great experience. This is showcasing a red carpet roll out to the customer. 

How to Build an Email List

Start simple.

It’s best to start out with one email flow and build from there based on the various types of customers that you have and the data feedback received. 

Email is all about the 80/20 Rule (as discussed earlier) and setting up a foundation for success, which comes from the flows that you create. Then start sending out some campaigns every now and then, and then create a system and a strategy around the new campaigns. It doesn’t have to be complex, just start out simple and grow from there. 

Another great tracking software that can be used is Justuno, which can create intelligent visitor profiles that identify, track, and analyze every person who lands on your website. 

If your email flows aren’t generating 30% or more of your total store revenue then you have a lot of room for improvement. The average is around 20%, but you should be able to optimize your emails to generate into the range of 30-35% through just email alone. 

Questions to ask yourself when building out your email flows

  • How much value can you give?
  • How can you increase the customer experience?
  • When are you ready to do a sale to the customer? 

A lot of value can be provided to a customer just from blog posts for customers that enjoy your content.

Build out the top 4 flows – Welcome, New Customer, Cart Abandonment, and Browse Abandonment (customer is searching for your product, but not buying). If you can get to a point of sending customers at least 8 emails a month then you will be on the right path of meeting the goal of around 30-35% revenue generation from email flows. 

If you’re going to do A/B testing it’s best to apply that with email capture. Seeing what offers or language is used is best at capturing the most emails and then implementing from there. Email marketing does not need to be complicated, but you do need to have a plan. With a proper plan, it becomes easy and even a little fun.

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