How To Add an Authorized User to Amazon FBA Seller Central [W/ VIDEO]

This is just a basic how-to video and blog post on how to add an authorized user to your Amazon Seller Central.  You might do this for someone that you are hiring or an agency that you are hiring.

This is a part of our Amazon FBA for Beginners Series.  Check out the whole series on our resources page by clicking here:

Let’s jump right into the content. 

1. User Permissions

Under settings, click on User Permissions. 

2. Send Invitation

Scroll down to the Add a New Seller Central User and enter their name and email address.  After this, click Send Invitation.  

3. WAIT…

NOW WE WAIT… After sending the invitation, we then have to wait for the user to accept this invitation.  This will come in the form of an email that contains a link. Once they click that link and log in to their account, then we can move forward. 

4. Manage Permissions

After the user has accepted the invitation, then you have to go back into User Permissions (step 1).  Find the user and click Manage Permissions.  

5. Add or Edit Permissions 

You need to select what permissions you would like to give this user, so that they may have access to areas of your account that they may need (but not have access to everything).  This will depend on their role in the business, so go through the list one-by-one and figure that out for your particular situation. 

The example I give here is for an Amazon PPC agency to be able to look at the entire account as a whole and determine the best course of action based on what we are seeing with orders, reports, KPIs, customer service, etc…

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That’s it.  It’s a pretty simple process.  This is a part of our Amazon FBA for Beginners Series.  Check out the whole series on our resources page by clicking here:

This is a great page to bookmark as it is constantly updated with new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for our Amazon FBA business as well as Amazon PPC and our website. ENJOY

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