The BEST Reverse ASIN Lookup + How To Use Guide [HELIUM 10 CEREBRO]


What is Helium 10 Cerebro?

The Helium 10 Cerebro tool gives the user the power to discover which keywords your competitors or your own products are ranking for organically, which can be used to optimize your own listing and propel your sales and up your conversion rate. Up to 10 ASINs can be entered into the search to collect all the keywords the ASIN(s) entered rank for organically. 

How to Use Helium 10 Cerebro

  • Step 1: Locate 1-10 ASINs (Can be your own product ASINs or competitors) and enter them into the search bar where it says “Product ASINs”
  • Step 2: Select [🔍Get Keywords ] to pull a list of keywords that the ASIN(s) entered are ranking for organically or select [🔍Get Competitor’s] to pull up a list to select up to 10 competitor ASINs that share a high number of organically ranking keywords associated with the ASIN(s) originally entered
  • Step 3: Narrow down the keyword search by using one of the Basic filters or select Advanced Filters to be more specific with the keywords result

Key items retrieved from a reverse ASIN lookup

  • The total keywords that have been found in the top 306 positions on Amazon
  • All of the keywords showing up in the sponsored product ad results in the top 96 positions
  • All of the keywords that Amazon recommends for that top keywords
  • In the top 306 positions, the top organic keywords that 1 to 10 ASINs are ranking for on Amazon
  • The word frequency of the list of keywords pulled from an ASIN search, which can be used to create a negative keyword list or find commonly used keywords to target
  • Search volume of each of the keywords
  • View a list of items that are frequently bought together with the ASIN(s) that were entered in the search criteria

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