FREE Product Research Tool for Amazon FBA Sellers to Check a Products Demand on Alibaba


Sourcing from the number one sourcing website in the world can be tricky.  Is there enough demand in the market?  How many sell on Amazon for that product? 

Today, I am going to show you how to determine the demand of a product on while on using the new Demand Analyzer tool inside the Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Steps to analyze the demand on Amazon while on Alibaba: 

1. Download the free Helium 10 Chrome Extension

2. Search on 

3. Click the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and Click Launch Alibaba Demand Analyzer

The Launch Alibaba Demand Analyzer Tool from Helium 10 will show you multiple data points from 

Search volume – this lets you know how many people are searching for this PER MONTH on  To make sure that this search volume isn’t just a trend or a season item you can click the graph to see the seasonality.  

Total Revenue – this takes the top products on and determines their total gross sales 

Average Revenue –  this averages the sales of the top products that are on the first page to see how much they are making per month each. 

Average Price – this is the average price on page one for the product on Amazon

Top Matching Keywords – this will show you the top keywords that are related to your search.  You can dig into this even more by clicking see full keyword list, which will open up the Helium 10 Magnet Tool

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Product Images – click on the pictures to be taken directly to their listing to analyze it. Or you can click see all top products to open up Blackbox by Helium 10. This is a little more in depth for analyzing your competitors and includes: 

  • Price history of a product
  • Best seller rating
  • Monthly revenue
  • Monthly sales
  • Price
  • How many sellers
  • Reviews and more

Word Frequency – this is the number of times that word appears in the title either alone or in a phrase.  Great for more keyword research and to know which words to use in titles, bullets, photos, and more. 

You can also check out a suppliers main page and analyze their products for demand on Amazon. 

1. Download the free Helium 10 Chrome Extension

2. Find a suppliers homepage.  Click through to some of their products.  

3. Click the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and Click Launch Alibaba Demand Analyzer

As most of you know, Helium 10 is our main tool that we use for Amazon.  I am an affiliate for Helium 10 because I love and use the tool.  I actually make most of these articles and videos as a how to guide for my team.  You can get 50% off your first month trying Helium 10 or 10% off for life using this link

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