Profitable Pineapple: Onboarding Process

🍍 Get ready to scale with the Pineapple… 🍍

Welcome aboard! Now that you’re officially part of The Pineapple there is an onboarding process that we must go through to set proper expectations, get to know your brand(s) better, and connect your account(s) to all of our systems. 

Profitable Pineapple Amazon Ads

Below are the step by step instructions to walk you through how to provide us with everything we need to get started working with your accounts. I know it looks like a lot, but it should only take you about 30 minutes to complete everything.

Lets Begin! Follow the links for each step below.

Step 1. PPC Prophet Developer Permissions(Automated Weekly Reporting)

Step 2. Quartile – Developer Permissions

Step 3. QuartileAmazon Seller Central Access

Step 4. Profitable Pineapple – Amazon Seller Central Access

Next: Wait until your received email confirmation that the users for Steps 3 & 4 above have accepted user access. Proceed to grant user permissions below.

Step 5. Profitable Pineapple – Setting – Amazon Seller Central Permissions

Step 6. Quartile – Setting – Amazon Seller Central Permissions

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