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Quick Funnels are the answer to converting sales faster and with less effort. When we talk about “Quick Funnels,” in other words, we are referring to the process of creating a click funnel. To clarify, what is that?  It is a method for converting sales using a landing page, coupled with a solid marketing strategy. Most importantly, you can create a sales funnel using a program like ClickFunnels. In other words, Quick Funnels create a roadmap to selling your product or service to your customers. Moreover, they create a way to keep on selling to those customers over time.

A Click Funnel is a Sales Funnel

Quick Funnels are sales funnels. This means that a click funnel targets and draws in customers. In addition, they convert customers through specific, strategic offers. Think of a click funnel, therefore, as a way to sum up your sales strategy. If you can attract potential customers, then you can narrow that base to buyers. Moreover, if you can create a list of buyers, then you can identify repeat buyers. The end goal of Quick Funnels, is to gain a list of repeat buyers. It is this pool of customers willing to buy and buy again, in the final analysis, who will help your business thrive.

Click Funnels are What Follows Lead Generationclick funnel 

Chances are that you’ve seen it hundreds of times. A company will make an offer, such as a free PDF download or a free product sold for shipping.  In this click funnel, the customer volunteers to become a lead by giving his or her email in exchange for the free offer. By the time that offer is processed, that new lead is now on your mailing list. The lead can become part of your click funnel. Quick Funnels make it possible to take that pool of potential buyers and narrow it down to one-time and even repeat buyers.

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Quick Funnels are the quick and easy way to construct sales funnels. Using a program like ClickFunnels to build landing pages is much faster and much easier than trying to do everything manually. Additionally, a well thought out click funnel helps you determine how best to market to your customers over time. In other words, a good sales funnel facilitates agile, flexible marketing as your business and your customer base evolve. If you want to identify reliable buyers and keep meeting your needs, then setting up a click funnel just makes good sense.

Creating a Click Funnel the Hard Way is… Hard

If Quick Funnels are the quick and easy alternative to creating a landing page to support a sales funnel, then what is the hard way? Using a program like ClickFunnels, you can create a landing page in no time that supports your sales funnel. Have you considered, by comparison, the amount of time and energy required to do all this manually? Firstly, you would have to figure out what you want your landing page to look like. At the same time, you would have to do all the work to support sales conversions manually. In other words, there would be a host of things you would need to look after, none of which are automated. Most importantly, all the time you spend dealing with manual sales support is time you can’t spend growing your business.

Secondly, consider what you’ll go through to support the web development. In other words, building a landing page and the rest of the infrastructure you’ll need, metaphorically, is not easy. It requires effort. While Quick Funnels automate the process, manually creating landing pages requires expertise. Most importantly, what will you do if you lack those skills? In the final analysis, you can’t know how to do everything. Not only do Quick Funnels make the process fast and simple, but they also support your ongoing efforts. Manually creating landing pages, by comparison, does neither of these things.

Thirdly, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and effort if you try to do things the hard way. Firstly, you’ll need to hire designers. At the same time, you’ll have to look after all the parts of the hiring process. Most importantly, even if you hire contractors and not full-time or part-time employees, you’re spending money. In other words, do you have the budget to support creating a click funnel manually? If you can use a simple and intuitive interface, then you can create Quick Funnels using a program like ClickFunnels. Supporting your click funnel couldn’t be easier. If you try to do it manually, on the other hand, it will definitely be more difficult.

Fourthly, you’ll have to hire and manage web developers. Not only will you have to find the right people, but also, you’ll have to manage them throughout the project. In other words, you’ll need to expend ongoing effort to make sure they stay on track. To that end, you’ll be spending time, effort, and resources that you could be spending on growing your business. Moreover, that effort will be largely wasted where growing your business is concerned. In other words, it’s far more trouble to manually create a click funnel than it’s worth.

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Finally, you’ll need to make changes constantly to make sure the manual landing page actually converts. In other words, you must engage in a constant monitoring process. At the same time, you’ll need to be prepared to spend even more money on the people who helped you before. Further, if you hired contractors to help you build your landing page and support your click funnel, you’ll need to rehire them. For the same reason, you’ll have to keep paying them every time you decide to make a change to support your sales funnel. Both Quick Funnels and programs like ClickFunnels can help you set up and support your landing page and sales funnel. The process is quick and easy. Why, then, would you ever choose to do things the hard way?

Quick Funnels: Make Your Sales Funnel Work Smarter, Not Harder

Quick Funnels

If you understand business, then you understand how important it is to market what you’re selling. Even the best product in the world will fail if it does not have appropriate sales and marketing support. Developing a sales funnel, and a landing page to support it, is a big part of the process. In fact, these things are essential. At the same time, they are not the only elements that matter. As a matter of fact, establishing and running your business requires almost endless amounts of time and energy. Why, then, would you waste precious time and energy on creating landing pages manually?

If you look at your click funnel in graphic form, then you can quickly see why it is named that. At the top of the funnel, in other words, is the widest possible number of people. That is to say, this is the pool of all your potential customers. These are the people you reach out to when you do lead generation. If you understand lead generation, then you understand that you must reach out to potential customers. In  doing so, you offer them something of value for something in return. In other words, you are enticing them to join your list (or whatever other part of your sales funnel). You offer them something that they can keep, like a free download or a free product, and they become leads.

Moreover, these leads might never become actual sales. To clarify, while you have invested time, effort, and money to generate those leads, they have not yet converted. To draw a potential buyer through your sales funnel and convert them to a buyer (or a repeat buyer) is what Quick Funnels are all about. This is the whole reason that sales funnels exist. The click funnel is a mechanism, in other words, for pulling people through that buying process. At the same time, non-buyers are weeded out. If your click funnel is managed and supported properly, then the result will be a pool of reliable buyers and repeat buyers. In this way, Quick Funnels support your ongoing sales efforts. In the final analysis, this is what grows your business.

Building Quick Funnels, Step One: What Are Your Sales Goals?

If you’re going to build a click funnel, then you need to consider some things. Firstly, what are your sales goals? In other words, what exactly do you want your click funnel to do? At the same time, you’ll want to have some lead generation offers, which means that you’ll want to establish how you’ll be drawing potential customers into the click funnel. That’s the name of the game, after all. As a matter of fact, it’s a good idea to map out visually exactly what lead generators, product offers, and supplemental offers you have available. If you understand this information, then you can map out multiple quick funnels. The goal, as always, is to support the ongoing development of your business.

By the same token, every part of your Quick Funnels should be selling forward to the next step in the funnel. This is called “pre-selling.” Make sure, in other words, that you are generating more interest in your products or services as the potential customer moves through the funnel. This is how you establish a pool of dedicated and reliable buyers. Moreover, this is how you create brand loyalty.

Building Quick Funnels, Step Two: Create a Landing Page to Support Your Sales GoalQuick Funnel

You’ll also need to create a landing page. In other words, this is where Quick Funnels makes things so much faster and easier. Programs like ClickFunnels automate the landing page process. You can establish a landing page to support your sales funnel with a minimum of time and effort. Furthermore, that landing page will be responsive to changes. In other words, you won’t have to monitor your page manually to see if it converts. Moreover, you won’t have to hire and rehire the same consultants, designers, and web developers to make the necessary changes. This is the beauty of an automated click funnel (which is why we call them Quick Funnels).

When you have established your landing page with Quick Funnels, coupled with your sales funnel strategy, you will be ahead of the game. If you tried to do this manually, then you would need to hire web developers and designers to make sure the landing page looked just right. Quick Funnels, by contrast, keep this process simple and automated. A click funnel frees you, in other words, from the need for ongoing manual effort and observation. By the same token, tedious and expensive monitoring for conversion rates becomes a thing of the past.

Building Quick Funnels, Step Three: Have an Offer

You should remember that a sales funnel is nothing without something to sell. In other words, your click funnel should have a front-end offer. You’ve generated the lead; now it’s time to pitch the sale. Your landing page exists for this reason. If you have a coherent sales funnel strategy, then creating your click funnel is fast and easy. Simply put, what are you selling? In other words, what is the primary product or service you want them to buy? At the same time, remember that you can have multiple front-end offers supported by multiple Quick Funnels. That’s the whole point, as a matter of fact.

Building Quick Funnels, Step Four: Always Go for More

Remember that the front-end offer is not the only thing you’re trying to sell. In other words, identify any relevant upsells. An upsell, that is to say, is a way of increasing the sale by adding on to the offer. If you’re selling a physical product, for example, then the upsells might be optional accessories for it. On the other hand, the upsells for a digital download might be additional files that support or supplement the front-end offer. By the same token, you could be using your upsells to draw the customer into a different click funnel entirely. In other words, you might choose to establish several Quick Funnels to target different audiences. What’s more, a good click funnel strategy could market multiple products to the same customer.

Building Quick Funnels, Step Five: Be Willing to Accept Less

Finally, remember to be willing to except less. In other words, you could choose to pitch a downsized offer instead of an upsell. That is to say, you could market to a customer who is leaving your landing page without singing up or buying. You would do this by offering a less expensive or less comprehensive solution. The downsized offer, for instance, could be a discounted product, or a less advanced product. It might even be an entirely different product, on the other hand, that appeals to the audience you have identified.

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In the final analysis, different people buy differently. In other words, what sells to one potential customer in the click funnel won’t sell to another. You can respond to these needs by setting up Quick Funnels to support your sales quickly and with little effort. Another key point is that downsizing a sales offer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. No product or price point can be the same thing to all people. As a matter of fact, because customer behavior differs from person to person, having multiple offers just makes sense. There is something to be said, further, for persistence.

In other words, nobody makes a sale who forgets to ask for one. Given that, asking for the sale just makes sense. In other words, put in the work, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Building Quick Funnels, Step Six: Feed the Machine

In addition, remember to feed the machine. In other words, your click funnel is also a mechanism for reaching out to your leads and to your customer base. At the same time, supporting these sales helps you to develop future sales. That is to say that if you use the data gathered and the lists compiled through your sales funnels, you can establish ongoing revenue. One example of this ongoing revenue is a continuity program or membership site. Quick Funnels can be set up to support these. Moreover, Click Funnels can be created in a way that makes them largely self-sustaining. In other words, Quick Funnels are a great strategy for creating ongoing revenue streams without adding still more effort.

Building Quick Funnels is Fast and Easy 

A program like ClickFunnels, coupled with a solid marketing strategy, makes converting sales fast and easy. Additionally, it makes your business more responsive to necessary changes. You don’t have to torture yourself trying to make sure your landing page converts. With a good click funnel in place, some of the effort is automated. Your business will in turn become more adaptable to the needs of your customer base. At the same time, you will draw a steady stream of potential buyers into your sales funnel. This is how a business succeeds.

FAQs about Quick Funnels

What is quick funnel?

Likely, you’re asking about Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is simply an online sales funnel builder that helps many types of businesses market, promote, sell, and deliver their products online.

Are ClickFunnels legit?

Absolutely! Clickfunnels is a program that allows businesses to create sales funnels that help them market, sell, and deliver their products to customers. Many businesses, both large and small, use Clickfunnels for their funnel building expertise and training.

How much is ClickFunnels cost?

There are a few plans which you can choose from. Clickfunnels has a basic $97/month plan and also a $297 plan. The cost difference occurs because the more expensive of the two gives you many more features, such as a greater number of lading pages and sales funnels.

What are website funnels?

A website funnel, also known as a marketing or sales funnel, creates a process through which you take your customers from learning about your company and your products all the way to the purchase of your products. Often, sales funnels are incorporated into your website, or they can be separate altogether.

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