We recently discovered the ability to set up and customize automatic review requests through Seller.Tools. To review the services provided by Seller.Tools Click here to see their services.

If you would like to set this up please use the link below to sign up. 

For the 1st Seller Central account there is no cost and the tool is free

If you would like to use additional features of Seller.Tools that are not provided in the free version or if you want to add additional accounts, the link below will provide 5% off the monthly rate for each tier that they offer. 
After using the link below, just follow the steps below to set up Seller.Tools if you would like to try it out.

Sign Up for Seller.Tools Here

Setting up Seller.Tools

  • 1. After logging in…
    • a. Select Automation
    • b. Select Review Request
    • c. Select +Add Credentials

  • 2. Fill out the requested information in the fields provided and select SAVE

  • 3. After you’re connected using your MWS Auth Token go back to the main dashboard
    • a. Select Automation
    • b. Select Review Request
    • c. Toggle the switch to Enable this tool (It will not be enabled until you click save at the bottom of the page)

  • 4. 4. Using the screenshot below select all of the filter options so that it matches the filters selected under “Filters Applied” section (Important Note: These are only recommendations. If you do NOT have a consumable product then do NOT select anything under the ‘Purchase Count’ drop down menu)

  • 5. Under the ‘Product Matching Rules’ section you can have customized options for individual ASINs. Just remember that any selections made here will override any selection that you had made under ‘Global Matching Rules above.
  • 6. Under the section ‘Schedule Actions’ our recommendation is to set the time for 5 AM PST and the Days to 7, but it’s up to you if you would like to adjust this. This will be the day and time that the customer will receive your ‘Review Request’ after delivery.
  • 7. After those selections have been made select ‘APPLY & SAVE’ on the bottom right of the screen.

And….YOU’RE DONE! You have set up the auto review requests and now you can forget about it unless you want to change any of the settings at a later date.