Helium 10


Included in the below link is our affiliate link to Helium 10 which provides a 10% discount on monthly bills. If you do use our affiliate link, thank you for trusting us. 🙂

Sign Up For Helium 10 DIAMOND and invite travis@eyelovellc.com

Get 10% off your monthly bill by using our affiliate account here and using the code SALESFUNNEL10

Why We Use Helium 10

We use Helium 10 to send follow-ups for reviews and track keywords. 

This also allows you to follow sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with their great reporting software called profits.  

We will be sending you a spreadsheet to see what we track, but Helium 10 makes it look pretty. 

We like Helium 10 because it is pretty much the only software you need outside of our advertising software.

If you already have a system for this, then don’t worry about using Helium 10 and use what you have. 

If you want us to set up automated review requests follow the below instructions.

  • 1. Click the H10 Icon in the top right corner and click ACCESS MANAGEMENT

  • 2. Click ADD NEW USER all the way to the right, and Ad Profitable Pineapple Ads and the email travis@eyelovellc.com

  • 3. Give us access to the following by clicking MANAGE PERMISSIONS

That’s it for Amazon and Helium10 Permissions!! Let us know that you gave us access to your Helium 10 account.