7 Comparisons for Kartra vs Clickfunnels [WHICH IS BETTER?]

Kartra vs Clickfunnels

3, 2, 1, let the battle begin!

Are you keen to know which of the two options is better? Kartra vs Clickfunnels?

If this is the case, then fasten your seatbelts as we’ll take you on a journey which will certainly sort out your ambiguities regarding these two options. 

What is Kartra?

Let’s first introduce you to Kartra, so that you can then make the proper Kartra vs Clickfunnels comparison. To put it forward in simple words, Kartra is a magnificent work of art as it is a rich combination of marketing and e-commerce tools. Although it is just a robot, you’d be astounded to know that this work of art will be your dream come true. In the ancient times, the word Kartra was referred to as a way of sorting people by occupation. Now that’s a fun fact as many of us would be oblivious of it.

Once you use Kartra, you’ll get so used to it that you’ll be wondering how you lived without it. Email marketing is a fun tool here as well, as you can create exciting videos and mingle them together to create a rich blend resulting in your prospective clients being attracted.

Kartra’s killer e-commerce tools are marvelous for executing transactions, subscriptions and the most fun part: free trials. Now imagine, who would ever offer you such great incentives in such a decent value. Gearing it up further, your payments, whatever they are being paid within the blink of an eye and Kartra guarantees you uninterrupted services. 

Is Kartra the Holy Grail?

Was it ever your dream to launch an internet marketing campaign? If yes, then Kartra would never disappoint you in any way. What if we say that all this was available to you at the push of a button? 

Awesome, right? There’s even more to it. 

Think about being offered perks, such as the system Kartra offers: 

1) Pre-built

2) Pre-written

3) Pre-designed

4) 100% ready to blast off

What you need to do is very simple… Even easier than a piece of cake:

1) Rock in your product’s name

2) Insert some of the most eye-catching images

3) Choose your desired pricing

There you have it! You’re good to go.

There’s even more to it. How about making good use of Kartra pages? You anticipate that it’s getting heavy on the pocket, but you’d be mistaken. It’s getting even more reasonable because:

1) You get access to a ton of converting templates

2) Helpful countdown timers

3) Some jaw-dropping pre-built components for texts

4) Pre-made sections

5) Pictorials and videos

And the list continues.

Are you intimidated while using technology? If this is the case, then Kartra won’t betray you. Instead, it’ll stand by with you like your shadow. Do you want to have a look at some of its even more exciting features? If yes, then bring some popcorn along as this list will even surge your level of excitement. All set? Here we go:

1) Kartra mail allows you to get access to more clicks and sales. I smell profit by the word more sales! Do you?

2) Kartra video will spice up your content as a video is an astounding way to communicate your message on any online platforms. You name it, social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

3) Kartra membership sites are your lifeguard as it’ll lock content however you like it. 

4) Are you drooling for the provision of a helpdesk which nobody else offers? If yes then Kartra Helpdesk is the solution to your problem.

5) Is it hard for you to keep track of numbers? Well certainly, it isn’t that easy and for this reason, Kartra offers its Analytics which will do the number tracking job for you. 

6) Want to get more traffic but not getting enough? Kartra Affiliate Management to the rescue. Just think about the bulk of traffic on your social media, such as your Facebook groups. Interesting, right? 

7) Thinking to sell both digital and physical products? If yes then Kartra Commerce will be your lifetime buddy.

Kartra Plans

Let’s now jump into the plans that Kartra offers. Just drag and drop and you’re good to go.

1) If you’re willing to pay $89 in a month then the starter plan will be the best fit as it offers up to 2,500 leads.

2) Let the Russell Brunson begin as we launch on to the silver package available in the pocket-friendly price of $149 a month with up to 12,500 leads.

3) It’s about time you load this offer in your shopping cart by paying only $299 a month while getting up to 25,000 leads. Market automation would have never been that easy without the availability of this astounding package.

4) Internet marketing can never ever be better without buying this platinum package of $499 while getting 50,000 leads.

5) If you really want to make your video hosting even better, then the diamond package for $699 won’t betray you as it offers 100,000 unbeatable leads.

Let’s now look into the differences between Kartra vs Clickfunnels.

1) The cost

In the email marketing system, with Kartra it’s almost free of cost as you have the option to get the most out of your account. If it isn’t clear now, wait till we tell you the extras Clickfunnels is charging you. When it comes to Clickfunnels, you have to upgrade your account by paying more in order to get to the level Kartra is already at. Now this is a huge difference as money really matters. Think about being offered email marketing, online business marketing, social media marketing at a higher cost than the other option. Which one will you choose? Obviously, you’ll opt for an option where you would have to pay more and earn equal to what the other platform is offering at a greater price.

So in terms of the initial cost, we can safely say that Kartra is cheaper as compared to Clickfunnels offering almost the same services. Clickfunnels reminds us of sales funnels. How about we look into this aspect as well. Just to put it forward in simple words, sales funnel depicts the entire customer journey from awareness to action. Now this is interesting. Right? If yes then we also have the option to delve more into the content but let’s just scrutinize more on the advantages and disadvantages of both of these technology-driven inventions so we may come to a concrete solution.

2) The offers

While Kartra offers you the incentive of not having to upgrade by paying, the Clickfunnels standard offer comes at an alarming price of $97 as opposed to Kartra which offers you the same package for $3 higher, at $99. 

There are other fun features of Clickfunnels where you have to pay $297 a month and as a result you get rid of all the limitations in the program. This means having access to whatever you feel like viewing because we’ve faced this issue a number of times where we are getting more interested in a website and then surprisingly it takes us to a page where we have to pay in order to view the content. That is the most frustrating part of using software, so it’s a way better option to pay $297 and get all of the features unlocked. 

Kartra also offers a silver and platinum package for $199 and $499 respectively. Comparing these two offers, it is a better choice to opt for Clickfunnels as we are getting the same features at a lower price.

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3) Creation process

Comparing the two giants in the industry, Kartra and Clickfunnels, you would be astounded to know that both of them have a different creation process. It is interesting to share a fun fact where we will shed light on a case in which Kartra was out from the marketing for a good time span and Clickfunnels took great advantage from this opportunity by penetrating the market. Previously, organizations were so much involved in the benefits they were getting from Kartra that they just could not think of a replacement for it. But then Clickfunnels entered into the market and penetrated too deeply by offering clients solutions to problems that it could never think of. Hence, the fame and popularity of Clickfunnels reached astounding heights. 


As we open up Clickfunnels and press the Add New button, there is a screen that pops up which allows you to choose from different funnels. You have a classic Clickfunnels option from where you can drag and drop multiple options which put forward a number of marketing options. On one side there is a customizable option which clients really love as they get the opportunity to design the page however they wish which allows them to put in more creativity in email marketing, Facebook group marketing, internet marketing, and the list continues. 

As opposed to it, if you first go to the Kartra website, you are escorted to their welcome page where they offer you sincere greetings from their end. After this comes to a halt, you are then taken to their private Facebook group which offers you a free training on how to work on and the make the most out of it. A number of organizations rate this feature as the best because they get solutions to any problems they are facing while running the technology-driven robot. There is then an option to create sales funnels, which is an exciting part as it pays the organization once it is done. 

4) Template selection 

If you want to make the journey even more exciting, how about you roll into the process of creating excellent and fantastic looking business templates. You’ll find them very easy to you as these templates are just a click away. Also, you have the option to filter these templates out by using the filter by option, filter by sales, filter by webinar, filter by click pop, filter by membership. Now just look at this ton of options available to you. Wouldn’t you like to give it a go? Do you want even more templates, well the answer is yes, the list is simply unending as you can head over to the funnel Marketplace and have a look at some amazing designs. 

As opposed to it, the story is a little different in Kartra. When you head over to the page that takes you to the template section, the templates are divided into various categories but let’s just bead in mind that the templates available in Clickfunnels are far greater. This is a plus point as templates can create a great impact on prospective customers. In this regard, if you were to take our opinion, we would opt to Clickfunnels as it offers a ton of options which no other site has to offer.

5) Regular option

In Clickfunnels, you have a regular option where there is a starting point with both squeeze page and thank you page. Now, this is quite interesting as you’ve two features present on the same page making your experiences even more desirable. In Kartra you only have the landing page option which again we would say is a drawback because clients get attracted to a page offering two features at the same time.

6) Sales funnel 

In Clickfunnels, you have the option of a sales funnel which includes the main sales page, not to forget there is a product launch step, other than that there is order form page, furthermore, another added feature is the one-click upsell (OTO). Last but not least, there is one click down-sell marketing which leads you to order confirmation. Success! There you have it. It was that easy. Although there were a number of steps it was worth it. 

In Kartra, there is also a sales funnel​s options with all steps ranging from the squeeze, email verification, confirmation and then leading you to the thank you page. 

If you were to ask us our opinion in this context so we would obviously opt for Kartra because it is more user-friendly and one doesn’t have to go through a ton of pages. 

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7) Integration with Services

In Clickfunnels, you have the option to get it integrated with a number of software, for instance, Constant Contact, Convert Kit, Drip, Get Response, HTML form, Hubspot, Kadmimi, Interspire, and the list continues. In a nutshell, there are a number of options available. Elastic Email and Mail Gun are two of the options available from several options for integration services.

Clickfunnels Affiliate

This is it, folks, and we hope you enjoyed and got to learn a plethora of information from this Kartra vs. Clickfunnels comparison.  Both of them have their own pros and cons but we can safely say that Clickfunnels won the battle as it has more astounding features than the others. Not to forget, one must also consider the factor of Kartra which disappeared from the market and then made an appearance after a very long time.

Truthfully, there’s no winner or loser in the race. It’s just that the one who can penetrate into the market well and work for you ends up being called the hero. Every gadget, technology, and website has its own peak and trough times so one must not forget that.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels . The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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