A Beginner’s Guide To Funnel Hacking | How To Reverse Engineer The Competition


Funnel hacking is something which just about every business does, whether they know it or not. Having great sales funnels is one thing, but funnel hacking and developing ones which are both tested and unique is another. Funnel hacking can be a rather lucrative endeavor if you are a persistent person who will keep at it and develop new sales funnels of your own routinely.

On this page, we will break down nearly everything you need to know behind what a successful funnel hacking campaign will require. Of course, this also requires plenty of background knowledge on what a sales funnel is before we can even illustrate how to funnel hack and eventually reverse engineer your competition. Finally, we will leave you with plenty of tips and resources for success.

What is a Sales Funnel? 6 Basic Components

Before we break down how funnel hacking works and all the strategies involved in, it’s important that we first break down the basic structure of a sales funnel. After all, when you get into funnel hacking it will be much easier for you to comprehend how to construct your own sales funnel from the ideas that you gather and find from your competitors.

The following phases of a sales funnel are what any successful sales funnel should have. After all, there is no point in funnel hacking if you can’t duplicate the process yourself. It’s not like you can copy and paste an idea that you like under a new domain. That is a sure-fire way to guarantee legal issues. However, here are the six steps of a quality sales funnel that you will need to create a unique version of after funnel hacking.

1. Awareness of Your Value

Nobody gives their money over to something which doesn’t have any sort of value. Think about it. More often than not, you chose to buy something because there was some sort of value in the service that you wanted. This should be true for your sales funnel. Whatever way it is that you imagine generating income, make sure that it is from a valuable service that you provided.

For example, not everybody wants to sell a product. They simply want to gather the followers and have revenue from advertisements, affiliate links, and so on. In these cases, the quality of the content and resources you provide on your website are where your true value lies. In any case, know where you generate your value, and capitalize on it. Especially if you aren’t the only one in your niche.

2. Gathering Interest in Your Service

Once you have your website or sales funnel active and ready, it’s time to gather interest in your service. During this phase, the method you choose for gathering interest starts to come into play. You may have chosen to utilize SEO for a website, online videos, e-mail collection, or many other strategies to get to this point. This is where you start to receive interest in your service.

One thing that is very important to remember is that the stage where people gather interest is very crucial. This is one area where it pays to have excellent online content or automated messages of some sort to inform your potential customers as to how they will benefit from your service, how it works, and so on.

3. Customer’s Decision is MadeFunnel Hacking

Many variables have an effect on a potential customer’s decision. Depending on whether or not the customer wants it, whether or not your service is high-quality and valuable, and the professionalism of your website or presentation all have an effect on whether or not the customer chooses you. If you fall short on any of these factors, or other ones depending on your niche, then it is likely you won’t be chosen.

The mark of a wonderful sales funnel is one which doesn’t actually pressure potential clients right away, and instead has a method of retaining customers with quality content or automated messages sales which are free of charge. With continued exposure and considerations, the decision-making process can be extended and the maximum time possible considering your service will be possible.

4. Purchase Time

Although this part of a sales funnel may seem simple, the part of the process where the customer decides to purchase is crucial. This is the time where they should be completely informed of your service’s value and if they want to invest in it. Remember that a customer will usually be willing to spend a lot of money for a service if they perceive it to be very valuable.

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Purchase time is something that isn’t always a one-time event. As a result, there is a need for things like an FAQ section on your website, automated assistance, product delivery, and so on to lessen the time you spend with each customer. There is nothing wrong with wonderful customer service. However, there is a problem with spending too much time on customer service than what is necessary.

5. Customer Experiences Your Service

If you are a business which only needs to have the customer purchase the service once, congratulations. Ideally, though, the portion where the customer experiences you service will leave them satisfied but become slightly dependent on your service. Casting your competitors out and becoming a loyal customer. Of course, reaching this point takes value, quality, and many more things in your service.

Each portion of the customer’s experience with your service leaves an impact. In any case, remember that human contact may always be a necessity. People like to reach out to the human being behind a business that they are interested in. When this occurs, make sure that you or a trusted employee will be around to communicate. This is one of the marks of a wonderful service.

6. Customer Decides to Renew or Cancel Service

In an ideal situation, you establish a sales funnel which becomes a consistent service. This way, you can expect consistent income and customers, as opposed to one which is only used once for a short period of time. Remember that an excellent online sales funnel is one that lures people into a valuable and helpful service that is worth spending money on.

If you pursue a route with renewals in the service, you need to have a service worth renewing. No matter how hard you try, you can’t scam people into handing their money over to you. When it comes time to renew the service, gently remind the customer. This way, you can keep a mutually beneficial relationship active. With transparency and clear value in your service, you should expect a sales funnel with years of success.

Build a Successful Sales Funnel: 5 Steps Before Funnel Hacking

what is funnel hacking

Before you are able to find and start successfully funnel hacking, you need to simply know what a successful sales funnel looks like. This way, you can ideally develop ones which are unique after the funnel hacking phase. Of course, the goal here is to illustrate the basics of funnel hacking, but background knowledge is still necessary.

The previous sections demonstrated the typical features of a successful sales funnel. However, it is also important to know what steps successful sales funnels go through in order to generate income. Here are 5 steps that each successful sales funnel goes through before they will ever reach a considerable amount of income.

1. Know How You Generate Income

No successful business will ever come to be without a vision of what they will do to generate income. In fact, income is the whole point you have online ventures in the first place, so make sure to give this step the proper consideration that it deserves. You may have the best idea in the world, but if there is no clear way how it will make consistent and continual income, then there is little sense in pursuing the idea.

Ideally, the method of generating your income will be a tad more than just advertisement clicks. In fact, having a website with multiple different possible services and a wonderful overall brand idea could be suitable. Whichever way you choose to generate income, start your sales funnel idea with how you will generate income. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

2. Find and Exploit Your Value

As we briefly discussed above, figuring out why your service is valuable is important. Without value, there is no reason that anybody will even consider your service in the first place. Find your value. Once you know why you are valuable, then exploit it. Of course, this needs to be done in a way which is non-intrusive and respectful towards the customer.

For example, let’s imagine that you sell a special type of coffee filter that is 50% more effective than the average one. You also have a website. On this website you publish content demonstrating that your coffee filter is better than your competition. Show proof and keep posting similar content. If you can find where your value use, you will easily be able to figure out how to exploit it.

3. Establish an Excellent Online Presence

Having an online presence is one way which you can guarantee that you will be exposed to a larger audience. Sure, you may have a strong local presence but it will stay that way without an online presence. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Somebody who does personal labor, for example, may choose to keep their presence locally.

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More than likely, anybody in online sales funnels will already be aware of the value of an online presence. It allows you the ability to connect to a worldwide audience as opposed to one which stays inside a certain radius. Most importantly, branch your online presence out. Have social media, e-mail, websites, videos, podcasts, webinars, and a combination of plenty more options. We will discuss many of these in detail below.

4. Double Down on Advertising

Advertising is something which is an art. As a result, do not take this tip seriously without the proper background knowledge of how to advertise in the first place. Learning how to advertise, and then finding a profitable means of doing so will guarantee that your sales funnel won’t belly up within a month or so.

There are many different methods to advertise. Each of these will be discussed below in a detailed manner. However, it’s important to begin considering what your service is, and the platform as to where you will be able to find the most potential customers using advertising. In fact, it may mean not going with a popular advertisement provider and choosing one which goes against the grain.

5. Evolve and Improve Your Service

Having a sales funnel is only the first step in building a business which could ideally turn into a considerable source of passive income. Of course, those with automated content and quick online ways to access and purchase your service will be readily available at any time. However, it’s those who continue to improve and branch out their service who will be the most likely to generate the most income.

Think about it this way. Imagine you have a dog cleaning business. You start by going around town and cleaning your neighbors’ dogs. This may seem wonderful at first, but you will need to branch out and make this service better. As a result, the business-minded dog cleaner will start developing their own products to sell online, and perhaps even a website for meeting up with freelance dog cleaners that you hire around the globe.

Funnel Hacking: What is Funnel Hacking?

To put it simply, funnel hacking is going to other businesses and imitating certain features of their service. For example, a classic funnel hack is taking a certain method of gathering customer e-mails from another website and using it on your own. As you might imagine, this isn’t necessarily a sinister thing to do if you have a service which is both unique and valuable in its own right.

Straight up imitators are going to inevitably run into problems, though. Don’t consider funnel hacking to be a means of copying and pasting each aspect of someone else’s brand and present it as your own. This is stealing. However, going off of common knowledge and presenting your own interpretation or service derived from the public sphere is completely safe to do.

What is Funnel Hacking? 5 Components to Maser

Funnel hacking is not something which everybody can do. In fact, it takes a lot of humility and patience. Remember that you are not the smartest person in the world, and that there is someone who has likely gone down your current path. As a result, there are times when it is necessary to take a speed boost on a skill and study from the masters. This is what we are here to assist with.

When you are funnel hacking, there are five things that you need to master before you can really get effective at it. Here are 5 components that you really need to master before your funnel hacking skills will start to be self-evident. For your reference, let’s go ahead and take a look at each of these components so that you can begin making informed funnel hacking decisions.

1. Study Your Competition

Studying your competition is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. In fact, this is the whole point of successful funnel hacking in the first place. Find competitors that you are confident, without a shadow of a doubt, are successful. These are the people that you need to model. Not your buddy down the road who just set up his own YouTube channel and doesn’t get a monetized income yet.

Find people with content and services which are valuable and worth modeling yourself after. Of course, we will discuss studying competition in much more detail so that you can have an enhanced vision of how studying your competition is effectively done. Especially in regards to what you may use and the different fronts and areas to research and potentially imitate.

2. Reverse-Engineer Proven StrategiesFunnel Hacking Types

When you effectively study your competition, you will be able to find things that you want to reverse engineer. Whether it be a certain method of content that you want to imitate, the type of service, the means of collecting personal information for e-mail content, advertisement strategies, website details, and so much more.

As you can see, there are many potential things that you can potentially reverse engineer. That is why it is important to first be aware of the many things that you can potentially reverse engineer. Below, we will discuss a large handful of these fronts in greater detail. However, be aware that reverse engineering is something which is easily done once you know what it is that you want to imitate, and how it is done.

3. Not Fixing Something Which Isn’t Broken

Once you find something that really works, generally an idea which can be used for different types of sales funnels, there is a point where you draw the line between individuality and sticking with what works. An easy example of this would be noticing how your competition uses a .com domain name. Accordingly, you want to be unique so you choose to use one which isn’t commonly used.

Don’t take things out of control here. There might be a certain amount of risk you feel when you are funnel hacking. However, there is a certain point where you just need to stick with what other people are using. Ideally, this includes something like a .com domain name. This same idea can stick with many other aspects of your sales funnel too.

4. Revising and Becoming Unique

This part of funnel hacking is so crucial. The revising stage is where you separate yourself from where you received your ideas and presenting them in a unique matter. You have to remember that everybody gets ideas from somewhere, and you’re not always supposed to pay someone for them. This is the idea behind ever even funnel hacking in the first place.

Start by noticing where you and the other sales funnel are similar and different. Then, highlight and make both of them clear. It is very important that you have means by which your sales funnel is different, though. If you are struggling with ways to be unique, you may consider choosing a niche which is a little less broad. For example, selling coffee filters instead of paper products.

5. Improving and/or Generating More Funnels

Finally, there is a point where there is little that you can do to build the sales funnel. Once it is established, you need to decide whether you want to continue focusing on this sales funnel or if you would rather generate more funnels and expand your web of influence. Although both of these methods may work, your personal circumstance will demonstrate which avenue is the best.

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The advantage of expanding your reach is that you may find some ideas that you really enjoy, and then capitalize on those ideas in other industries. With increased industries comes the potential for a higher number of potential clients. Of course, the benefit of improving your sales funnel is that you can diversify the services that you offer and put your entire focus on one sales funnel. Of course, both of these have some advantages.

Studying Competition: What is Funnel Hacking?

Studying competition is something which will be a continuous process until you find the ideas that you like the most and wish to incorporate. However, it’s important that you first know what you are looking for. Otherwise,

As we have briefly discussed, studying competition is something which is the entire point of funnel hacking in the first place. As a result, a detailed look into how this is done, the different types of funnel hacking, and the fronts that you will pursue is now relevant.

Everybody Funnel Hacks

When you consider that funnel hacking is essentially just testing other people’s sales and marketing strategies, recognize that everybody has done this to a certain extent. Everything, from their childhood to later experience formed their business plan in the first place. To argue that any business was completely original would be preposterous. We all receive information from each other at some point or another which we may even use to our financial advantage.

As a result, don’t feel bad about funnel hacking. It is essentially doing what you are already conditioned to do. On the contrary, you should treat funnel hacking as something which is a necessary part of your success. Since entrepreneurial minds will typically observe and mimic each other, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging and accepting what it is that you want to do.

Get your Facts Straight About Competitors

Funnel hacking can lead to some serious success if you know how to study your competitors effectively. For starters, do not try to assume things about your competition. In fact, a business which presents themselves as being successful may actually not be successful at all. For this reason, learn how to get your facts straight about your competitors.

The hardest part about learning how to study your competitors is choosing where to start. However, if you can name and describe all of the things you need to be on the lookout for, you can start to make things a lot simpler. Here is a snapshot of the countless things you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to getting your facts straight about your competition.

  • Website quality
  • Construction of the website
  • How customers reach the sales page
  • Quality of website writing
  • The strength of their local presence
  • Check their prices
  • If they have packages, note what they offer
  • PPC ad strategies
  • Social media presence
  • Automated e-mail strategies
  • Regular post mail strategies
  • Whether there are online videos
  • If there are e-books
  • Whether they do podcasts
  • Check to see if any webinars are offered

As we can see, there are many things to account for when it comes time to get your facts straight about your competition. Funnel hacking was never meant to be easy. However, with a balance of each of these factors, plus any others you may have, and you will conduct a very thorough funnel hacking campaign. Just be sure to be open-minded to various other techniques along the way.

Of course, there are many other things which may be relevant depending on the niche you want to develop your sales funnel for. Funnel hacking can be very dependent on your personal circumstances. Since each of the above things are all factors which need to be broken down individually, we will now take an in-depth look at each of these things.

Multiple Fronts to Research & Consider: What is Funnel Hacking?

To be an excellent funnel hacker, you need to be conscious of the various means of getting new sales techniques for you to mimic. Of course, many things are done on the internet these days. This doesn’t mean, though, that sales funnels can’t still be done effectively offline. In either case, remember that a sales funnel can be offline or online.

Funnel hacking takes time to become good at. Previously, we briefly discussed the different fronts of funnel hacking. For your reference, let’s go ahead and take an in-depth look at each of these individually. This will give you a better idea of the many ways you can successfully produce your own sales funnels from funnel hacking.

Look at the Website Quality

Most people have websites these days. If you don’t, you might be in a niche which best thrives without them. If this even exists. Looking at a website is so important for funnel hacking since it demonstrates how much time and effort was put into the construction of the business’ presentation to the world.

  • Indicates the level of professionalism
  • Demonstrates their attention to detail
  • Provides you with ideas for your own

The effect that a professional website has on the customer is more than what meets the eye. When done perfectly, it can also be a sign that the business is successful and has determined various other strategies you could also mimic for your own sales funnel. In either case, always be sure to make the website’s quality one of your primary areas of initial focus.

Construction of Website

How a website is constructed has a great impact on whether or not it will be a good one to imitate. Basic websites usually just feature a few pages. It soon becomes clear on many basic websites that they really don’t generate much traffic at all. There are actually many ways for checking this. The website’s construction is one.

  • The banners and links they use
  • Type of information listed
  • Presence of advertisements

A successful company will have many different pages and backlinks going back several years, whereas the one you might funnel hack will only have a few. The legal information, FAQ, and other sales funnel information they have and how it incorporates into the design of the website are other great things to check out.

How the Sales Page is Reached

They call it a sales funnel for a reason. The reason the website is there in the first place is to funnel potential customers into your service. This is, of course, the most important thing for you to check when it comes to your competitor’s websites. However they create their income, this is something which you simply need to spend time pondering.

  • Ways they convince the customer to purchase
  • The methods they use to collect personal information
  • If there are multiple sales pages or just one

These points are just a snapshot of the many different ways a sales funnel can reach new customers. There are also tactics such as SEO, marketing through other websites, advertising, and so on, to get customers to their sales page. In any case, figure out how your top competitors do this.

Quality of Website Writing

This may not apply to those who are funnel hacking businesses which are either predominately offline or those which simply do not have their own website. However, those that do have websites present you with quite a bit of information with their writing. If you notice a grammar error or that it is formatted in a strange manner, as an example, the website hastily put that part together.

  • Check the phrases they use
  • Make sure it is high-quality
  • See if they have headers and bullet points

Although it may not seem so, websites have some pretty standard unspoken rules that they abide by. One of these rules is that there shouldn’t be run-on sentences and extra long paragraphs. Another rule is that websites should feature headers, bullet point lists, SEO keywords, and much more. Make sure to see if the quality of the writing is superb before funnel hacking too heavily.

The Strength of their Local Presence

Companies which feature their location may have a local buzz which is difficult to compete with it. Think of it this way. If Joe’s Hotdog Stand in Denver has a website with many wonderful sales funnel strategies, remember that the local presence that they already have may indicate that the website’s sales funnel strategies are actually not worth funnel hacking.

  • Local walk-ins are completely different to compete with.
  • Those with a local presence might not be online.
  • You should be careful about mimicking a company with a high local presence.

At best, those with a similar locally-based company business model will be able to effectively funnel hack from a company which is predominately locally-based. Never underestimate the power of people telling their friends about a place, and random luck of receiving walk-ins. These are two variables which make it very hard to mimic the success of companies like this using the internet.

Look at their Prices

The prices of your competitors are what will give you an idea of what you should charge. Of course, you need to be aware of factors of things like whether or not your company is even on their level, whether you offer a better service, and if you are capable of placing yourself in a similar category as theirs in the first place.

  • Find the highest and lowest
  • Search through many competitors
  • See what they charge for each price

Checking the prices of your competitors is going to be the first area where you start to imagine what you will be able to generate from your sales funnel. As a result, take this part seriously. Go to several different websites, look at the top and the bottom of the search results. Make your prices strategically.

Look at their Packages

In addition to packages, one area where sales funnels can be rather lucrative is when they start to use packages to sell their products. At a great funnel hacker, one thing you need to do is mark down what kind of services they offer in their packages. This will give you an idea of what a successful company believes their customer is looking for.

  • See what services are put together
  • Check what bulk packages are offered
  • Decide if there is anything you could emulate

When somebody in your realm of competition has packages, it means that you might be able to mimic something from them. If you find a successful business in your niche, their packages will give you an idea of what services customers in your niche expect to have. The usefulness of this information goes beyond words.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

An experienced funnel hacker knows all the ins and outs of where a company posts their advertisements. This gives them plenty of valuable information. For instance, imagine you want to discover what websites your new sales funnel should advertise on. Then, all of a sudden you see your competitor advertising on a website you wouldn’t have previously guessed. Bingo.

  • The location they place advertisements
  • How they advertise
  • Location advertisement is placed

Many people will choose to advertise on popular options like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and so on. However, you can also advertise by paying to post an article on other blogs with links to your product. As a result, the method and location the advertisement are also two other things to be on the lookout for. These are great indicators as to where their funnel receives traffic from.

Social Media Presence

Whether or not a business has a high presence on social media is telling as to whether or not it will be able to find new clients on a wider scale. Of course, there are limits here. A simple sales funnel that sells 0.5mm lead might not need to worry about social media, for example. That is, until they are mass-producing them.

  • Whether or not they have it
  • Check the interaction on the posts
  • See what types of followers they have

There are some things that need to be kept in mind for those who wish to research what their competition is doing on social media. For starters, do not rush to the number of the followers. Remember that there are various services where people can even buy fake followers. Instead, check the quality of the content, interaction, and types of customers they attract.

Automated E-Mail

Those who use automated e-mail are a dime a dozen. In fact, many sales funnels offer automated e-mail. Those with this sort of system have exclusive and instant access with potential customers. Hopefully, it isn’t even necessary to elaborate the benefits of using automated e-mail.

  • Look at their methods for gathering e-mail addresses.
  • Try their automated e-mail for yourself.
  • Only mimic the technique, not the content.

To start with automated e-mail, you will need to have people voluntarily put their e-mail address onto your list. Once you have this, you are can send automatic e-mail programs which further advance customer knowledge of your product, and whether or not it has any value to their them. Funnel hacking automated methods can be invaluable.

Regular Postal Mail

If people still send letters in the mail to their followers, odds are high that they have discovered a wonderful technique which is great for generating income. In fact, it might be one worth funnel hacking. This is, of course, the information is readily available. If this company has a website, see if you can sign up to receive postal mail from them.

  • Illustrates a company’s prominence
  • Can provide new ideas and tricks for beginners.
  • Great means of trying all local options

Although regular postal mail may seem a tad old-fashioned, there are many who still profit from it. Clearly, this should not be your first option, but seeing how others do it can give you some new ideas. Best of all, those who use this option can instantly label areas and other geographic data where their clients live. Although you may not be concerned about whether or not a company tries postal mail, it is worth investigating.

Online Videos

Seeing whether or not a company makes videos and uses them as content for their website illustrates whether or not this company has further ideas for you to consider. Videos are a great way to publish further content and increase your chances of being discovered. If your competition has videos, you will likely need to make some of your own.

  • Show you where they redirect to sales funnels
  • Demonstrate the quality of competitor’s content
  • Instantly gauge the level of effort you need to compete.

The wonderful thing about online videos is that they are a great way to publish your brand on other platforms where your potential customers are going. When you see your competitors on that platform with a certain degree of success, you can be confident that your potential is much greater. Additionally, you can see what it will take to compete.


One of the great methods to imitate is having e-books available on your website. This is an added money-maker which can really add up if you are the kind of person with plenty of extra valuable knowledge to share. Those who also use automated e-mail programs, as an example, are great candidates for putting e-books on their site.

  • Check the method which they are promoted.
  • See if they list them on multiple websites.
  • What other content do they use besides e-books?

When funnel hacking, one area to check is how your competition promotes their e-books. There are many different ways to furthermore market and sell it. If you can discover this, it is also good to know the level of effort you will need to compete. If there are plenty of websites in your desired niche whose primary stream of income comes from 600-page e-books, for example, you may choose a different niche.


Podcasts are another thing that many sales funnels use. As a result, the quality and pace of the content of a podcast for a sales funnel are two things worth looking at. The best part about looking at your competitor’s podcasts while considering the odds of setting up your own is it gives you instant insight into the level of effort it might require.

  • Provide insight into the level of effort it takes to compete.
  • If used independently, can become powerful
  • Sales funnels can thrive for years of a podcast series

The best part about podcasts is that they can remain online and useful for years. If you have a product which isn’t time-sensitive and can retain its value for several years, creating a podcast series should be seen as an investment. This is especially true if you are the only one in your industry who has a podcast series.


Something that popular sales funnels might do is hold live conferences. This is essentially what a webinar is, except it is done online. A webinar is something where a company which provides information may be most suitable. If you are a group of lawyers offering legal advice to those in school, for example, a webinar might be a lucrative idea for your sales funnel.

  • Shown to live audiences.
  • Great for companies which are established.
  • Illustrate the prominence and authority of a company.

Watching your competitors’ webinar during the funnel hacking process is a wonderful idea. This will give you plenty of insight as to what kind of sources they use for their information, as an example, and tell you what you need to compete. Just remember that companies that are established and have a nice range of followers will be the ones who function the best with webinars.

Personal Conferences

Lastly, personal conferences are something which are old-fashioned, but not out of touch. These are something which can be best done by companies which desire a more local reach. If you are funnel hacking a company which has a large local base, attending one of their local conferences (if available) will provide you with plenty of insight.

  • Work best for local companies
  • Great way of putting a face to a sales funnel
  • Great way to establish authority to local customers

If you have a local company that needs an edge on another local company, personal conferences with a combination of other factors listed above is a great idea to consider. Outside of the obvious benefits of meeting and connect with potential clients, it can be a way to stand out from other local companies and receive loyal customers.

Reverse Engineering the Competition: The Art of Spying

what are funnel hacking techniques

This is something which you will need to become a professional at if you wish to become a wonderful funnel hacker. Reverse engineering in this sense essentially means being able to deconstruct and then construct each aspect of your competition’s website and online content. It is from this process from which you will see if there are any ideas worth saving.

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To successfully reverse engineer your leads, you will first need to consider the various different fronts presented in above. Secondly, it’s important to have a simple process form which you can quickly go through each of your competitors. After all, there would be few things worse than spending too much time stuck on one of your competitors. Here is a simple list of reverse engineering steps that are necessary.

Step 1: Accessing Information not Otherwise Invisible

This is a topic which can include a lot of things. For example, they may have trackers, advertisements, and hidden means of earning income on their site. This is generally a sign that the company is either doing well and capitalizing on their possibilities, or completely struggling. As a result, don’t necessarily take this as a sign of the sales funnels’ success.

Perhaps you have heard about Ad-blockers. They are actually a wonderful tool in assisting us with information about how and if our competition uses advertisements. There are other tools like Ghostery which will tell who is tracking you on their website. These are great indicators that they may have a strategy you need to be aware of.

Step 2: Capture Everything that is Relevant

There are many ways to capture your competitor’s information efficiently. Some may choose to take screenshots of all their pages and then go through multiple websites simultaneously. Others may choose to go through each of their potential competition’s websites and online content individually. If you keep in fact all of the fronts and ideas presented on this page, any of these methods will work.

The main idea for this step is that you discover everything you can about your competition at this stage. This can include their websites, online content, the advertisements they place, their methods of income, and so on. This part of the stage is where you need to deconstruct the business model of your competitors to see if there is anything you can learn, and ideally, create for yourself.

Step 3: Note How they Generate Leads

This is something which deserves its own discussion simply because of how complicated it can be. Learning the methods by which your competition generates and finds leads illustrates the primary function of the sales funnel. For example, many sales funnel websites will have a place where the customer can input their e-mail address front and center on the homepage.

However, sales funnels are increasingly intelligent these days, and it can sometimes be difficult to break down what a company does to generate leads. Be sure to spend plenty of time dissecting through what you have available at your fingertips. Most importantly, if they have any free services which you find then you should sign up for them as part of your reverse engineering research.

Step 4: Look at the Type and Quality of Content

The content that your competition uses is something which will give you a further picture of what you can either beat or try to compete with. There are certainly limits in your mind as to what you won’t imitate. A great example of this would be a niche website harboring around the sale of a 1000-page e-book which will become irrelevant within a year or so.

Sometimes there are sales funnels which dominate the industry for good reason. Don’t expect to jump into the industry and become a figure of authority. On the contrary, it will more than likely take years of persistence and hard-work before you can mimic those who are professionals. Be sure to check the quality of the content to your competitors and use that as a reference as to what will be both unnecessary and necessary for your niche.

Step 5: Pinpoint What You Want to Mimic

This is the part of the process where you take a step back and look through what you like and what parts of another sales funnel which you may want to imitate and try for yourself. There are surely many parts of your competition’s sales funnels which you won’t want to mimic or imitate. However, there are many cases where you will find small things which you wish to try out.

This can be something as simple as the way they collect e-mail addresses, the packages they sell, the prices of their products, their online content, and so on. The most important part of this step is that you put in adequate time and energy into looking through each of your competition’s strengths and then finding out what might accent will with your own sales funnel.

Step 6: Research How to Make Things Online

These days, nearly everything you need to find is available online. As a result, just about anything that you will need to imitate for your business will be available to you at the click of a button. In fact, just about anything you might need to learn is available to be accessed with a search engine. Keep this in mind before you become blinded by doubts at being able to compete with others.

Most of the things that you need to learn when it comes to funnel hacking and reverse engineering will be able to found by using a search engine. Certain buttons, tools, and features of a website which seem like they took hours are, in reality, probably pretty easy to create on your own. The same holds true for just about anything that you need to stand out and generate traffic to your sales funnel.

Step 7: Make Yourself Unique and Stand Out

Without a personal touch to your sales funnel, there is no point in even establishing one in the first place. Think of it this way, you can have the best idea in the world but if you are simply just copying someone else it won’t be a secret. Don’t forget that the most important part of a successful reverse engineering is making it your own.

You simply cannot confuse the difference between stealing and making it your own here. You can’t copy a picture from someone’s website and use it on your own, for example. Additionally, it is important that you recognize that you need to create your own tools using other people’s ideas in mind. This is the main point of being a great funnel hacker.

Step 8: Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

There are certain things you need to keep in mind with funnel hacking. For starters, it is very likely that some of the ideas you wish to emulate from a competitor of yours could have also been funnel hacked. In other words, there are certain strategies that are proven and tested through time which you shouldn’t try to change completely.

One of these tested strategies is having a call-to-action placed front and center of your sales funnel website. This means that first thing anybody who visits your sales funnel thinks is whether or not they want to become more involved in your service. Especially if it means that they don’t need to pay anything. In any case, try to remember that there are certain things which you simply shouldn’t try to change.

Step 9: Create Content Which Will Compete

Many websites offer a library of free resources that people who consider their service will gain value from. Sometimes, this means that you can easily compete. Other times, it may be difficult and unreasonable to even try and compete. Hopefully you already considered this before reaching this point. This is the point where you need to add and finalize the content on your sales funnel.

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Since most people use online websites as part of their sales funnel, it’s important that the content you post is professional, formatted correctly, and easy to read. If you don’t do this, you will lose a large portion of your potential customers right off the bat. If you take the right level of patience and effort, this step will be done effectively and won’t become a hindrance to your later success.

Step 10: Improving Your Sales Funnel

This is especially relevant for those who want their sales funnels to become a continuous source of income for several years to come. Improving your sales funnel is a never-ending process which means that you may even need to repeat all of the steps and instructions on this page repeatedly. Improving your sales funnel means that you need to stay humble and be ready to change at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, it may entail that you need to be ready to cut your prices, or hopefully, raise your prices. Keeping an eye on the market and watching all of the latest trends will prove to be useful during the process to keep your sales funnel modern and up-to-date. Worst case scenario, all you need to do is take the knowledge you gained and try again on another sales funnel.

Advertising Your Sales Funnel: Popular Options

One thing which those who have websites for their sales funnels will ultimately consider is getting a website. Since this is an easy means of advertising with some of the world’s most popular advertisers, online advertisement is normally a great idea. Even those with local businesses can benefit greatly from advertisements.

Those who have finished funnel hacking and have finally developed their own website may not know where to start when advertising your sales funnel. Although in reality, you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken. Unless your funnel hacking reconnaissance proved that you need to go against the grain for advertising, here are some consistent options to consider.


Google remains one of the best ways to advertise. Period. In fact, it has remained this way for a while. Most people who use the internet know about Google. It is the world’s number one search machine. This means that anybody who might potentially search for something similar to your sales funnel might first go to Google.

The best part about Google is that anybody can set up PPC ads with them rather easily. The difficult portion of setting up advertisements on Google, though, is that you need to have knowledge of keywords that your potential customers may search. With a healthy knowledge of keyword research this barrier can be easily broken.


Amazon is the world’s number one marketplace. In fact, it doesn’t show any sign of failing anytime in the future either. If you have a physical product which can be sold online outside of your sales funnel, Amazon is a wonderful place to consider going. Since many of those with physical products likely already have competition on Amazon, this is a great place to advertise.

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Another great feature of Amazon is that they have many different types of advertisements that you can have. Additionally, they provide automated assistance to those who aren’t very savvy with their target customers or the keywords that they may search. However, those who don’t sell physical products will likely not choose to advertise on Amazon unless they sell something like e-books separately onto the Kindle Store.


This is especially relevant for those who have online videos that they wish to use for their sales funnel. Those who want to advertise on YouTube will instantly notice a spike in their views, sales funnel visits, and accordingly, sales. Of course, it isn’t quite this easy and there are still techniques and strategies that you will consider.

YouTube is one of the world’s most-visited search engines. Think about that. This means that a large portion of people looking for a video on something related to your niche might be on YouTube. If you are also on YouTube, putting some advertisements on your videos or redirecting traffic to your website is a great method of generating some income from ads.

Using Your Personal Website: What is Funnel Hacking?

There comes a time when you will consider getting your own website. This is the portion of funnel hacking where you have taken all the ideas and you are ready to apply them and use them for your own. One of the most popular ways of doing so is creating and using your own website. This section will break down this process into a lot more detail.

Choose Your Method of Making the Website

Those who are completely new to making a website shouldn’t be scared of the process altogether. In fact, there are many easy tools that make it simple for even complete beginners to easily make their own website. Here are a couple of options to consider:

Both of the above links are wonderful places to get started if you are completely new to making websites. At the end of the day, there is no excuse for not having your own website if you are the kind of person who wants to make money online.

Display Value and Generate Clients

There is no sense in having a sales funnel if there is no value in the service that you offer. In fact, this is the basic self-knowledge which will be necessary before you are able to turn around and create a profitable sales funnel. The value of your service should be obvious, both to you and all of your potential customers.

Make the purpose of your company easily found and described. Don’t expect to be everything. In fact, sometimes those who narrow things down and focus on a focused niche experience great success. Whatever your value may be, be sure to use it to your benefit.

Design Your Website with Your Sales Funnel’s Purpose at the Core

If you want to sell an e-book, make the e-book one of the first things your website visitors know. Those who want to sell online video courses should feature a preview of their course front and center. Whatever marketing plan you have for your website, be sure to have it placed in a place which is visible and easily available.

Similar to how you shouldn’t start a business without first knowing how it will generate income, you shouldn’t design a business website which isn’t focused on the success of your business. Doing this is best done by making it clear what your sales funnel offers, the inherent value, and a simple means of either accepting or rejecting your deal. This should all be done in a quick manner.

Generate Systems for Renewals

A good sales funnel generates profit once. One that will be fruitful for many years is the one which has a renewal and a need for customers to continue using their service. An example of this would be a subscription to a service which is uniquely offered by yourself. This is one instance where you might consider having a system where your customer needs to renew your service.

If your service is one which is continuous, and there is an unlimited amount of it at your disposal, you are a prime candidate for having a renewal system. Those who wish to sell software, as an example, may choose to have the product renew every year or so. This gives them further incentive to continue improving and developing the product.

Don’t Take Money that Your Service Didn’t Earn

Providing yourself and your business with an inherent value is the first step towards any successful business plan. Then, there are those who wish to simply take from others. Remember that to be an ethical sales funnel you should be transparent about the services you provide. Even if it means you start to make clearer that which you don’t provide.

A great way that many sales funnels avoid issues deriving from issues with customers is to develop a refund or warranty policy. This gives the customer a little more confidence going into the purchase. Although these are just ideas, they are a great way to ensure you always leave your customers satisfied.

SEO and Keyword Research

Those who make websites, this one is especially for you. Did you know that having your website listed on the first page of Google and other popular search engines can make it easy for you to find new customers? Hopefully, this is something you already knew.

One of the best ways to improve your Google search results is to research keywords and optimize your website and all your posts for search engines. Don’t get confused here, though. This isn’t something which is done on a moment’s notice. However, if you wish to have a website with longevity, it will be something which you will need to face.

What is Funnel Hacking? 7 Things that Professionals Do

Those who are professional funnel hackers (i.e. those who have lots of sales funnels) are simply able to do things faster than someone who is new. This doesn’t mean that a beginner can’t quickly learn what they know and be able to duplicate their success, though. Anybody who is dedicated to sales funnels and funnel hacking has the potential to become as good at it as a professional.

There are many things that professionals will do and not disclose to the public. The same holds true for just about any sort of industry. However, there are some very key things that professional funnel hackers will usually all do. Here is a snapshot of some of the things which professional funnel hackers will do.

1. Are Always on the Lookout for New Competition

Those who have established sales funnels are very conscious of the fact that their position is not one which can be taken from them. These people will typically have their eyes wide open on anybody who is a newcomer in their niche. In fact, many people at the top have people working for them to ensure that new competition is noticed and immediately researched.

If you think about it, there will be lots of people who catch on a great idea. These are the same people who will be the first to take your best ideas and create a service which cuts you out of the market. As a result, always be on the lookout for your new competitors and monitor their actions closely.

2. Invest in Further Sales Funnels

If you want to become a successful investor, logic might tell you that you need to diversify your assets. This same idea especially holds true for those who are into sales funnels and funnel hacking. Once you have a good sales funnel established, the work will really start to kick in. After all, you can’t just abandon your previous sales funnels.

There will come a point where you need to diversify your assets and increase the total number of sales funnels you have. At the same time, you need to be conscious of your competition and improving your service. If you are careful and approach business decisions rationally, this should be natural for you. Don’t spend money you can’t risk losing. Only invest when you can.

3. Keep an Eye on Technological Trends

The latest technological trends will give you insight as to where your niche is heading, and the future upgrades that you may soon have to make. Keeping an eye on technological trends will also help you find new ways of improving your service before others do. Since you never know what the future holds, following new developments is in the best interest of your sales funnel and personal success.

There are many different ways to stay informed on the latest trends. The internet and social media are a couple of the best ways. Additionally, there are magazines, books, and public libraries which will help you stay in touch with current events. In any case, don’t become the sales funnel owner who hides under a rock and refuses to adapt with the times.

4. Gain Contacts and Friendships Within their Field

Many people are great people who simply want to connect with and help others. These sorts of people are scattered across just about any sort of niche you can find. These are the sort of people that you need to try to establish relationships with you to become a better funnel hacker.

This could mean that you learn a few new things about your niche, or ideally, just have a great time and earn a friend you can call for advice. Sometimes, it’s best to simply make connections without expecting them to assist you. It’s also great to make friends with people who have similar issues as you.

5. Hire Other People to Create Websites and Tools

Inevitably, there will come a point in your funnel hacking venture where you will simply run out of time to accomplish what it is that you want to do. This is the time where you should get other people on board to assist you with your goals. As long as you treat them well and find the best ones, you can be sure that you will keep your sales funnels up-to-date and developing quickly.

  • Will save you a lot of time when you branch out.
  • Can make your growth process quicker.
  • Very reasonably priced and high-quality.

Each of the above points illustrates why getting other people to assist you will eventually prove to be a great avenue of improving and expanding the sales funnels that you have at your disposal. The obvious benefit of having other people working for you is that you don’t need to do these things on your own. In fact, they may even do them better than you would have in the first place.

6. Have Many Different Funnel Strategies

Similar to how it is a wise decision to have multiple sales funnels and branch out from your initial success, there will inevitably come a point in your funnel hacking career where you simply have too many successful strategies at your disposal. This is also likely the point where you have several different sales funnels at your disposal, and perhaps, other people working for you.

Perhaps you really like the idea of having your website feature a disclosure at the bottom of your website in a certain manner, or the type of content which you use. In any circumstance, use all the best funnel strategies that you find as long as they continue to work. In all likelihood, you will end up considering your best strategies to be weapons in a war chest. Ready to used when necessary.

7. Think of Ways to Advertise Effectively

Finally, advertising is something that even the biggest corporate giants have no shame in doing. You should have no shame in advertising either. Consider advertisements to be a necessary reality for those who would otherwise prefer that business came to them as they intended it. Advertising is an investment which, when used successfully, can boost your sales to where you intend them.

There are many different ways to advertise effectively, some of them were described in greater detail above. If you a person who is new in your niche, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit on advertising. This will help you to ensure that you remain visible. Of course, don’t forget to take the process seriously. Only advertise in a strategic manner which you believe will be successful.

What is Funnel Hacking? Summary

We hope after reading this entire article you still aren’t wondering: “what is funnel hacking?” If this is you, think of it as the process by which you research your competition and discover certain methods or strategies that you wish to imitate. Although it may be confused with stealing, funnel hacking is simply the reverse engineering of your competition with the intent to make your own improved service or product.

Funnel hacking is something which requires careful knowledge of how the internet and internet marketing works. After all, there are many different potential fronts and methods to spread content and find leads for your sales funnel. However, with persistence, dedication, and the willingness to invest time and money into your success, funnel hacking and producing your own sales funnels is a lucrative option for anybody to consider.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels . The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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