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Once your dental practice starts to grow, you may quickly be faced with the problem of not having enough time to meet your business finance commitments. This is one of the main reasons that many dental practices choose to hire a dental bookkeeping service.

If your dental practice has found itself to be in a similar position to what we are describing here, we are going to help you understand what high-quality dental bookkeeping looks like, what services to look for, and finally, some options to consider. If anything, you will leave this page with a heightened understanding of what dental bookkeeping entails and examples of some of the top dental bookkeeping services.

Why People Consider Dental Bookkeeping Services

dental bookkeepingBefore we look at some of our favorite dental bookkeeping services, it’s important that you understand some basic background information about what this type of service can offer to your business. Before we look at the many different valuable services that a high-quality dental bookkeeper can offer your practice, let’s explore some of the top reasons why people should consider getting dental bookkeeping in the first place. Each of these following factors are some of the most popular reasons that dental practices might start searching for a high-quality bookkeeper.

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Saving Time for More Important Tasks

When you are a dentist, you are constantly on the go. You wake up early in the morning and spend your daily routine treating your patients tirelessly and selflessly. Before you know it, 5 PM hits and you are exhausted. In reality, you don’t have the time or energy to start going through your financial records. You simply want to go home and spend time with your family. Unless you have a bookkeeper, though, handling your financial commitments will be necessary. Otherwise, you will find yourself slammed with too much work once tax season arrives and you didn’t have the time or energy to gradually uphold your financial commitments. In this case, you will spend an entire week’s worth of work (or more) just sifting through your records to do taxes properly.

Making Informed Financial Decisions

As your business starts to grow, you will find yourself with plenty of expenses, and ideally, enough income to offset these expenses easily. If you aren’t constantly updating your financial records, monitoring your expenses and income, and so on, it will be a lot more difficult to plan and make informed financial decisions. For example, let’s imagine that you want to expand your practice and construct a new waiting room for your patients to relax in while you are busy helping other patients. With a bookkeeper, you would simply have to call and ask what your budget is for doing this. If you handle your own business finances, it could take you days or weeks of looking through your financial records before you feel confident enough to make a decision.

Keeping Business Finances Organized

This is one of the biggest reasons that any dental practices might choose to hire a dental bookkeeping service. Unless you have an employee whose job is to handle your business finances, you can quickly start to become unorganized with your finances. Many business owners make the mistake of calculating and handling finances in their head, imagining all their income and expenses. The main problem with a habit like this is that human memory can easily become flawed and forgetful. If you have a dedicated dental bookkeeping employee working for you, you will never have problems keeping your business financial records continuously up-to-date and organized.

Specialized Knowledge of Bookkeeping for Dentists

dental bookkeepingThere are many different types of bookkeeping companies. Many of them specialize in a variety of different niches related to accounting and bookkeeping. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are able to handle your specialized needs. To put this in perspective, a dental practice is a lot different than a burger stand. You wouldn’t hire a bookkeeper who has only worked at burger stands to handle the books of your dental practice, would you? This is why dentists who consider hiring a bookkeeper will go out of their way to hire one which specializes in dental bookkeeping. As we will illustrate, there are many different companies which specialize in just this. This is one of the reasons that dental practices may feel confident hiring a bookkeeper.

Dental Bookkeeping Isn’t that Expensive

Finally, when you are considering your options for hiring a bookkeeper remember that the price you pay shouldn’t be that much. After all, a bookkeeper is somebody who is supposed to help your business grow, not somebody who leeches all the funds out of your business to a point where you have problems investing and handling payroll. Since there are countless benefits that come with having your own bookkeeper, the price that you pay should be convenient for you to handle. It shouldn’t  be something which quickly turns into a burden. As we will demonstrate later on with our examples of high-quality dental bookkeeping, the typical price for the service shouldn’t be that expensive at all.

Features Available from High-Quality Dental Bookkeeping Services

dental bookkeepingIf you have decided to pursue dental bookkeeping for your business, you need to know what features to look for and expect. As we will see below in our examples of high-quality dental bookkeeping, there are many different possible features that one might expect when they hire a bookkeeper. This is why it is important to understand all the many features that you can receive from a dental bookkeeping service before you decide who to hire. A little background research will also help you to sift through the many different options with a heightened awareness of what you want, and what to look for.

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Creating Financial Statements

Whether you hire a dental bookkeeping specialist or a bookkeeper who specializes in another niche, financial statements are one of the most basic parts of their job description. Accordingly, the ability to create financial statements which (at the very minimum) include the below information should be one of the very first things to look for when you sift through the many dental bookkeeping options.

    • Income Statements
    • Balance Sheets
    • Cash Flow Statements
    • Statements of Changes in Equity

Let’s quickly describe each of these statements in simple terms. Income statements display each of your income and expense sources over a period of time and list how much profit or loss occurred. Balance sheets list all the different assets, equity, and liability of your business to determine your total net worth. Cash flow statements are used to display how cash flows in and out of your business’ pockets. Finally, statements of changes in equity list the difference of the value of your assets to your liabilities. Each of these statements should be something that your dental bookkeeper is at least willing and qualified to do for you when the need arises.

Quick & Routine Expense Tracking

More than likely, this is one of the most basic service features that you were hoping to find in the first place. Having somebody around who tracks your expenses is one of the most basic parts of the job description in any sort of dental bookkeeping professional. Typically, this means that you will need to grant access (read-only or full, depending on your level of trust) to the bookkeeper so that you won’t have to call them each time you receive income or pay a bill. Since this is something which needs to be continuously updated, your bookkeeper should be working consistently to keep your expenses tracked and recorded so that their financial statements will be turned in on time and free of any errors or miscalculations.  

Assistance with Tax Forms

If you get a bookkeeper, you shouldn’t always expect them to handle your tax forms. After all, this isn’t part of their normal job description. However, there are many high-quality dental bookkeeping services which you can depend on for assistance with your tax forms. Since your bookkeeper might be the one who knows the most about your financial situation when tax season comes around, it isn’t strange for dental bookkeepers to help out with tax forms when tax season arrives. Usually, though, this is a premium service which you will have to pay a slightly extra price for. If you are the type of person who has a difficult time handling their own taxes and perhaps has run into problems in the past, you should try to find a dental bookkeeping professional who can help you out.

Routinely Delegating Funds for Taxes

Even if you don’t hire a bookkeeper who will actually handle your tax forms for you, one common task that a dental bookkeeping service will do for you is to either delegate or routinely calculate funds which you need to save for tax season. If you hire a bookkeeper that only has read-only access to your business accounts, a common thing that you can ask them to do is calculate their best estimate of what you will need to save in a separate account to pay your taxes. In any case, remember that this is not necessarily a standard feature of dental bookkeeping. Although certain companies will handle this as part of their service, others don’t. If you see this as a necessary feature, make sure to call ahead and ask if they can calculate your tax payments and/or delegate the funds for you so that you will be ready for tax season.

Sending Out Payrolls

Running a dental practice can quickly turn into a complicated business venture when you start to hire multiple employees and handle their payroll. As the owner, you want to keep your employees happy. This means making sure that they receive their paychecks routinely, and on time. Of course, it can be really easy to forget things if you don’t keep your finances and records completely organized. Then, you have to send out payments. Unless you have a system which automatically does direct deposits or hands out your checks, this can quickly turn into a time-consuming process. If you get the right bookkeeper, though, you can stop worrying about payroll and simply let them handle it.

Creating and Sending Out Invoices

Whether you are buying new equipment for your practice, doing some remodeling, handing out invoices to your customers, or any other invoicing-related task, this is something that isn’t always easy to handle. Typically, a dental practice might work with an invoice template of some sort, and fill in the blanks digitally and print it out each time they need to hand out an invoice. Of course, this is something which can quickly turn into a really time-consuming task if you aren’t careful. That is why you might instead simply choose to hire a bookkeeper who can handle your invoices for you. This is a task which is commonly offered by many different dental bookkeeping services.

Handling Contractor and Patient Payments

dental bookkeepingFor starters, there are bookkeepers who will actually touch and move your money, and those who will only have read-only access to your accounts. If you want somebody who will handle and move around your payments into the proper accounts, then you will need a bookkeeper who you trust to handle your money. If you want to save a little bit of time each time you collect some money, hiring a dental bookkeeping service that will collect and handle payments will quickly prove to be a luxury. As stated, just make sure that this is a service or person that you would trust.

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Ensuring Budget Requirements are Fulfilled

Once you start to establish a routine with a bookkeeper, you will quickly start to establish budget requirements that you need to uphold to ensure your business stays financially stable. As the bookkeeper, part of their job should be to help you meet your budget requirements. Although this can be done by routine and timely delivery of financial statements, certain bookkeepers go out of their way to uphold your budget, and might even call and discuss any trends or problems which will inhibit you from keeping your dental practice financially secure and stable.

Monitoring for Problems and Areas of Concern

Sadly, it isn’t all that uncommon for businesses to have problems when it comes to their finances. From big breaches of trust like theft from employees to accidental undercharges, you are bound to run into a problem or two during the course of your business’ life. As the owner, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be on top of all financial-related occurrences in your business. After all, your job is to be a good dentist and give your patients the best care possible. A great bookkeeper, on the other hand, should be willing to do anything necessary to help ensure your financial stability. This includes being the first person to let you know when a problem like the ones described previously occurs.

Interactive and Easy-to-Read Reports

When it comes time for your bookkeeper to deliver their reports, the level of professionalism in their work should really start to show. Whether they use colors, charts, organized graphs, or each of these and more, a bookkeeper’s true value will start to show in the level of quality they put into their work. Each time you receive reports and statements from your bookkeeper, you should be able to easily look through and understand the information in a short period of time. Otherwise, there is no sense in having a bookkeeper. Their job is to make your life easier. If they don’t have high-quality reports, find a bookkeeper that does.

Our Favorite Bookkeeping Services for Dentists: 10 Choices to Consider

Now that we have broken down some of the most important details and features to keep in mind while finding the best dental bookkeeping service to meet your practice’s needs, let’s look at some of the absolute best companies to consider. Each of the following was carefully selected among many of the top bookkeeping options in this niche.


dental bookkeepingIntro

Specializing in the niche of online dental bookkeeping, this is a wonderful choice to consider first. This is a service designed for dental practices and stands apart from their competitors since they are affordable and get all their work done remotely. Accordingly, this is a great dental bookkeeping service to consider first.

Summary of Features & Highlights

This is a remote service which offers all the bare essentials of dental bookkeeping such as financial statements, expense analysis and tracking, and assistance with tax forms when you need to file taxes. They can also work directly with an accountant (if you have one) to ensure that everything is handled perfectly. All of the necessary financial statements are completed on a monthly basis and turned in with a superb level of quality and timeliness.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

This is a company which knows how to handle remote bookkeeping services. With the ability to chat live remotely or in-person (if you are locally-based), access to online resources, and just about any of the features you should expect to find in a high-quality dental bookkeeping service, this is a wonderful company for any dental practice to consider first.

  1. Dental Accounting Pros

dental bookkeepingIntro

If you want to hire a dental bookkeeping service that is versatile and knowledgeable enough to handle just about any sort of bookkeeping task and service, this is another great option to consider. In addition to the basic features that you should expect from a high-quality dental bookkeeping service, this company offers many more extra services that many of its competitors simply can’t offer.

Summary of Features & Highlights

At the bare minimum, this company produces financial statements and tracks your expenses. They can also offer some pretty attractive extra services like being able to handle problems with the IRS, processing bills and payroll, and EFT recon. Put together, this company offers a unique set of services which can be handled remotely.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

If you want a high-quality dental bookkeeping company that is versatile, reasonably-priced, and capable of handling just about any task related to bookkeeping, this is one of the best options to consider. This is another one of the great options for dental practices, in particular, since they specialize in this niche and have a track record of success.

  1. Bookkeeping for Dentists

dental bookkeepingIntro

This is another company which specializes in online dental bookkeeping. Using QuickBooks online software, the bookkeepers keep all your expenses tracked and monitored. If you would rather pay somebody else to use QuickBooks than handle things on your own, this is a great option since this service is run by people who are accustomed to working with dentists.

Summary of Features & Highlights

This is the kind of service which almost replaces the need for a CPA, but most people who use this service will choose to hire their own accountant when tax season comes around. This is a great option for anybody who is more focused on having someone around for handling basic bookkeeping tasks. However, you shouldn’t expect this company to be as jam-packed with extra features since they operate by using QuickBooks.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

This is another great dental bookkeeping service to consider since it is based completely online and uses industry-leading software to get their work done. Unless you want to use a platform like QuickBooks on your own, Bookkeeping for Dentists is a wonderful way to get your basic bookkeeping tasks handled with minimal stress and effort.

  1. Fluence

dental bookkeepingIntro

Fluence stands out as a great option since they specialize in dental bookkeeping and have plenty of extra services to go along with the basic necessities that we described above to expect from a top-quality dental bookkeeping service. Like some of the other top bookkeeping options for dentists, this company specializes in QuickBooks.

Summary of Features & Highlights

In addition to handling all of your record-keeping and expense tracking over QuickBooks, Fluence can handle bill payments, 1099 reporting, tax return reporting, health insurance reporting, and so on. If there is a particular service that you want to have, it is best to contact them directly to see if they can accommodate your needs.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

Fluence is another great bookkeeping service for anyone who wants to hire a specialist in dental practices. They also use industry-standard software (QuickBooks) which has long been known to be a really effective bookkeeping platform. Since they offer standard services alongside many premium services which are not always easy to find, this will be the top dental bookkeeping option for many different practices.

  1. Just for Dentists

dental bookkeepingIntro

Just for Dentists is our final great dental bookkeeping option which specializes in this niche. As we will demonstrate, there are many great services which don’t solely cater to dentists. Regardless, this is another great bookkeeping option since they have very clear packages and strict prices which make it very easy for you to know what to expect.

Summary of Features & Highlights

Depending on your needs, you can either have basic bookkeeping tasks handled, or receive the complete works. To illustrate what this looks like, the “Controller Service” package will handle any sort of bookkeeping or accounting tasks that you could possibly need to have finished. With the Controller Service package, you will completely outsource your need for an accountant or bookkeeper and can finally sit back and relax and continue doing what you do best. Treating your patients.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

One reason this company stands out is that they have pre-designed packages that offer services to cater to those with various budget constraints. This means that you can be confident that you receive the same prices as everyone else. Best of all, they specialize in assisting dental practices just like yours.

  1. inDinero

dental bookkeepingIntro

InDinero is one of the more affordable ways to get your dental bookkeeping done. The main catch here is that this is a software service. If you would rather pay somebody else to handle your bookkeeping, you will need to sign up for one of their premium packages. Regardless, due to their track record of success and unique set of services, this will be a great choice for dentists who are okay with using a company that doesn’t directly specialize in dentistry.

Summary of Features & Highlights

In order to use inDinero, you will need to use online software. This will be the platform which you use to remotely talk with your bookkeepers. This will also be the platform where you can handle all your bookkeeping tasks. This company offers you assistance with taxes, connecting all your bank accounts and cards, can help with payroll, accept online payments, and much more. This is why this is a great dental bookkeeping service to look at.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

This company stands out since they offer their own unique online platform which is user-friendly and comes equipped with just about all the features that you need in a high-quality dental bookkeeping service. Although this company doesn’t specialize in dental practices, this is not an arena which is outside their range of immediate expertise.

  1. Bookkeeper360


Bookkeeper360 is a service which is designed to assist businesses of all types. They have received many different awards for their service, and are consistently featured by some of the financial industry’s top influencers. For this reason, they are another great option if you want a remote service to start handling your bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Summary of Features & Highlights

In addition to their bookkeeping services, Bookkeeper360 strives to take on the role of CFO. They can also assist with your taxes. Best of all, all of the jobs are completely done remotely so that you will never have to reserve a desk in your practice for your bookkeeper. Using an online portal where all work is turned in, all that you need to start taking advantage of this service is an internet connection.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

Not too many bookkeeping services are as versatile as this one. If there is a financial-related task that comes to mind, it is very likely that Bookkeeper360 can accommodate you and your needs. Unlike some of the other options we have explored, this company doesn’t directly specialize in dentistry, but will still be able to assist dental practices at a high level of quality.


dental bookkeepingIntro

This is another one of the most popular choices for bookkeeping if you wish to hire an online remote service. Although not a specialist in dental bookkeeping, they provide many of the service features that you need to keep your dental practice on the right track financially. Each of their service packages is priced according to your needs and are completely catered to suit your individual preferences and budget.

Summary of Features & Highlights

In addition to handling some of the most basic bookkeeping tasks, can become your trusted source for handling payroll, tax preparation and planning, and even financial investment and planning. Since this is a platform trusted by businesses around the world and operates globally, you will also receive bookkeeping services which are completely remote and online-based.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

This is a very similar service to some of the other general remote bookkeeping services that we have featured. One feature which really stands out as unique with this service is that they offer really exceptional services when it comes to financial planning. If your practice is looking to make a big investment anytime soon, this is a great service to help you do so without risking your financial security.

  1. Bench

dental bookkeepingIntro

Bench is another one of the top dental bookkeeping options to consider since they offer just about all the services that you need to keep your finances in check so that you can continue helping your patients. This is specifically a great option for those who want to avoid using mainstream software like QuickBooks. As a whole, this company offers an extensive set of features at prices which are very competitive and reasonable.

Summary of Features & Highlights

The financial statements done by Bench are completed on a monthly basis and are as professional-looking as just about any other option that you can find on the market. They are also able to assist with tasks such as payroll, taxes, and keeping all of your financial data completely organized. Although this company doesn’t directly specialize in assisting dental practices, many of the jobs that you need done are exactly what other businesses need to be handled by a bookkeeper as well.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

This is one of the great alternatives to a popular platform like QuickBooks. In reality, many people end up preferring Bench after using QuickBooks. Of course, though, this is something which is completely subjective, and your individual experience may vary. However, this company stands out due to its reasonable prices and diverse set of features.

  1. QuickBooks

dental bookkeepingIntro

QuickBooks is one of the most popular solutions for bookkeeping. What makes this business stand out is that there are tons of different packages. Best of all, you aren’t forced to commit to anything for the long term. Whether you want an all-inclusive bookkeeping service where just about any sort of problem is covered or one where you simply are able to track expenses and hand out your payroll, QuickBooks has consistently been one of the best options for helping you get your bookkeeping done.

Summary of Features & Highlights

QuickBooks is an online bookkeeping portal which can either be run by yourself or handled by their team of professionals. If you take advantage of their Full Service packages, you can even eliminate the potential of you ever having to deal with the IRS (should the need arise) since they have a team that will handle them for you. This is one of the most all-inclusive bookkeeping options and has plenty of different features and packages.

Why You Should Consider This Service for Your Practice

QuickBooks stands out as one of the best dental bookkeeping choices simply because of how effective their platform is. With a track record of success and wide acclaim from industry leaders across the world of finance, just about any type of business can benefit from their bookkeeping services. They are also able to handle just about any sort of financial-related job remotely at a reasonable price.

Our Favorite Bookkeeping Services for Dentists: Top Choices & Summary

Finding the best dental bookkeeping service requires you to figure out what services you need, what your budget range is, and gain some background knowledge on what this sort of service looks like. Typically, the best dental bookkeeping options are and Dental Accounting Pros. However, at the end of the day, it’s important that you do the proper research and compare various options before deciding what the best choice for your practice is.

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