9 Best Clickfunnels Templates & Successful Examples [OTHERS TO AVOID]


ClickFunnels templates are one of the top online lead generation builders currently on the market. Regularly ranked in the top five or three in their category, ClickFunnels is usually regarded as one of the leading services in this industry.

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The accolades ClickFunnels gets is reflected in its price: $1,164 a year for their basic plan and $3,564 for their recommended Suite package. At that price point, which customers are accepting, ClickFunnels has clearly established itself as a serious lead generation and sales conversion builder. The most popular reason people come to ClickFunnels is their templates.

ClickFunnels Templates

While ClickFunnels does offer many different services to their customers, from lead generation to supplying a creative domain, most people know ClickFunnels because of their catchy and successful design funnel templates. ClickFunnels usually gets most of their customers because people want to use one of their templates.

There are both free and paid templates, both which requires a membership with the website (which is currently offering a 14-day free trial). There are plenty of free options as well as paid ones, both experiencing different levels of success.

These templates should be seen as landing pages (or a store front) with a checkout process. Clickfunnels templates are going to be the ones you want to use if you want to get a slightly higher conversion rate on your website. This is not the template you want to use if you want to spice up your “Contact Us” or “About Us” pages. These templates are all about conversion, conversion, conversion.

Funnel Templates

When looking at the wide variety of funnel templates that ClickFunnels offers, there are a few key things to consider when picking one: quality, cost, source, and purpose of the template.

QualityClickfunnels Templates

ClickFunnels is known for their quality funnel templates, so it might be silly to think that we should have to worry that much about picking one, right? Just pick a random one and my sales will jump through the roof. In reality, there is a difference in quality among the different types of funnel templates. Even in the same price range, like the free templates, there are some amazing ones and ones that are not quite so amazing.

For example, among the free options, are blank templates like the “Blank Reverse Squeeze Funnel” which is free and has a 5-star rating (almost all templates have a 5-star rating…). This “Blank Reverse Squeeze Funnel” is ranked third in the top-rated section of ClickFunnels. But what you are getting in this template is exactly in the name: blank.

This template literally has nothing, just the formatting in place for you to create your own template inside of it. Most ecommerce owners spent a lot of time already learning how to build their website on their current domain host. In addition, most ecommerce owners are not website building masters. With this blank template, you would literally be starting from scratch learning how to build a template in a brand new software.

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The reason a blank template is the third highest rated on the site most likely is because its widely used by web development companies that build websites for other people. Many articles and reviews about ClickFunnels are in fact from web developers who have used the service to build websites for others. A web developer would love a blank template to do anything with, hence its high ranking.

Free Funnel Templates

Not considering the blank or nearly blank templates, there are some quality free funnel templates available to select from. When looking at these free funnel templates, there are few quality factors you need to keep a look out for:

    • Use of color
    • Dynamic fonts and picture location
    • Catchy layout
  • And…does it catch your attention?

Use of Color

Let’s start off by saying every template has color. The color is customizable, it is literally endless the number of different combinations of color you can have on your site. Think of this more as the possibility to use color in the template.

Every template can use color in some form, but when you look at the sample of the template before you buy it, how many different opportunities are there to add different colors? Does the template just show one color for the entire page? Or are there different colors in different boxes of sections around the template?

Looking at one of the top ClickFunnels examples, “Summit Funnel :: GORDON”, we can see there is some possibility of using different colors on the template. There is a dark orange background, with a black box in the middle to put text and pictures in. This template is a nice simple template, that we can honestly find at most websites.

The reason this template is the highest rated is probably the same reason why it isn’t the best template to pick from ClickFunnels: too simple. This template looks the exact same as you can find in a Weebly, GoDaddy, Wix, or any other hosting website. It has a generic look with a simple design. If we are going to bother changing to ClickFunnels, why not use a funnel template that is unique and attracts the buyer’s attention?

Rippln| Summit Funnel Template

This template is a great example of using color to make the site more attractive to buyers. The template uses many different colors: black, green, orange, and white, to help focus the visitor to specific parts of the template. This is a part of “funneling”: directing customers down a funnel to purchase a product. By using contrasting colors that progressively lead a visitor to the call to action, this funnel template is a great example of a free option at ClickFunnels that can successfully convert visitors.

This template also shows another thing about the colors of ClickFunnels: the colors can be changed when you start playing with the HTML code. The actual colors of Ripplin | Summit Funnel are not the most appealing for the following reasons:

    • The light green text on the medium orange background
    • The green background as the back layer, with the orange and white right against it
  • The blackish/gray text background gives the template a reserved feeling

The reason this is worth mentioning is because when a template is selected off ClickFunnels, it doesn’t mean that the work is done. Even though it’s not like a blank template where you must do all the work, you will need to tweak the template colors to match the theme of your website. An orange, black, and green color template is unique, but only for probably a few businesses. Be sure you are matching the colors of your business or product with the theme of your template.

Dynamic Fonts and Picture Location

Similar to the problems that can be seen in the Summit Funnel :: GORDON funnel template, when selecting a funnel template from ClickFunnels, you need to select one that catches the visitor’s attention. The template needs to be unique, and makes sure to set your business apart from the competition. The way the pictures, headings, and fonts are set up on the template has a big impact on the overall reception your funnel template is going to have.

Looking at a ClickFunnels example that has good color usage, but still a basic layout, is the “CONQUER – Cancellation Funnel”. This template does a good job using bright colors and pictures to make it visually appealing, but the layout of the content could be improved. Some of the downsides of the layout are:

    • Text heavy – more reading than the average visitor is going to do on any landing page
    • The format is basic, not dynamic
  • The call to action is buried under paragraphs of text

These might be small complains, but these small complains are literally the difference between converting 3% of your visitors and 6% of them. Same as the complaint from before: if we are going to bother in learning how to work on a new hosting system, then we might as well pick the best funnel template to use.

FOODIE | Storefront Funnel Template

This free ClickFunnels Template is a great example of a landing page that implements the color and formatting in a successful way. The colors are easy on the eyes: the tan, pink, white, and black. The layout is dynamic: multiple pictures of products with a price and a purchase button. There aren’t walls of text, but quick simple tidbits about what the product and company is.

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Another reason this funnel template is a great choice is that it is simply free. With the heading the way it is, the multiple calls to action across the website, the dynamic colors, it is amazing that this is a free ClickFunnels template. This template offers many things that any ecommerce business would want, and it would be a great starting point for any business looking into using ClickFunnels.

clickfunnels examples

While this template is great, and arguably the best free template on the website, there are some downsides to consider. It is clearly not a website for every ecommerce business, and there are some things to consider before moving forward:

    • You need to provide your own pictures and content for your own template
    • This template is best for a business that offers many products, not just one or two
  • Business that are services (consulting, tutoring, taxes) wouldn’t benefit from this template

As true with all these templates, you will eventually have to provide your own content (including logos and pictures) into the template to make it work. The FOODIE | Storefront Funnel has many product pictures and videos of high quality, but you can’t use those pictures or videos on your website. You would have to provide you own high quality images to use on your template, and if you don’t have that in mass quantity this template might not be for you.

Also, this template looks great because there is a lot of content that is offered in an organized way. If your ecommerce business is only offering a few select products (or just one), then this template wouldn’t work for you. If there were just one or two products, this template would lose what made it unique: the fact it can present multiple products in a clear and organized way while still catching the eye. There are more and better templates that are designed to attract interest in just one product, but this template is designed for multiple, if not over a dozen.

Type of Product Sold in ClickFunnels Template

As with any template, you do have to make it match the theme of your business. With the FOODIE | Storefront Funnel, it is clearly designed to sell physical products that can be sold with just an image. In this case it is food, which is almost entirely sold based on how it looks. Most people can tell right away if they want to buy it based on the image. Similar to a computer mouse or a piece of clothing. Most people judge these by their appearance, and don’t need walls of text to explain it.

These types of templates are great for physical goods, but not as much for services like:

    • Consulting
    • Accounting
    • Tutoring
    • Motivational Speaking
  • Training

These types of services aren’t sold on pictures. Sure there is branding, logos, and maybe pictures of yourself or your employees, but the product isn’t sold by looking at a small stock photo in a catalog. There might be a key picture you use, like a picture of yourself or you in action, but there are plenty of templets out there for that type of service.

To really hit it home with a funnel template like FOODIE | Storefront Funnel, you should have multiple products in the same category you are selling. A perfect example is in the template itself: a food service business. The pictures quickly tell the reader what is different about each product, but the entire time the reader knows what they are looking at. Some very successful products in this type of template are:

    • Food products
    • Clothes
    • Electronical goods
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Sporting goods
    • Jewelry
  • Books

As described earlier, the FOODIE | Storefront Funnel template would be great for these types of physical goods. People who sell in these categories usually sell multiple products in that category, since they are already marketing to a demographic who wants it. The ClickFunnels Template FOODIE | Storefront Funnel is a great example of this type of service, since it advertises many products based on its dynamic layout.

LUMINOS | Product Launch Funnel

The funnel template FOODIE | Storefront Funnel is great for a mass number of products in a category, but what if you are offering just one product? What about the ecommerce businesses that are built around drop shipping one single product hundreds of times a month? That is where a funnel template like LUMINOS | Product Launch Funnel can help this type of business.

funnel template

LUMINOS | Product Launch Funnel has a great design with a catchy color and layout. The part that makes this one unique and more suitable for just a single product is that it focuses the entire design around that one item. The single product is centered in the middle of the page, the rest of the color scheme and info is based around getting attention to that product, and there is a clear call to action.  

While this is a great selection for a single product, just like with the rest of these templates, there are some drawbacks or shortcomings in this design:

    • It demands that the product picture or video is extremely high quality
    • The design is centered around one single product, with no room to promote others
  • With the dark colors and big headings, it does come across as a loud advertisement that might turn customers off

If you have one awesome product, especially one that costs a lot or requires the customer to make multiple payments, the LUMINOS | Product Launch Funnel would be a great free ClickFunnels template option.

ClickFunnels Template Example – JASON | Homepage Funnel

While a significant portion of ClickFunnels’s customers are those creating a landing page to sell a product, the majority of funnel templates available are geared towards the selling of services. Many times, these are single person entrepreneurs who are selling a skill that they have to those who need it. A common example of this could be a speaker, who sells their book on their site, as well as selling seminar tickets about him speaking somewhere.

Whatever the reason is, many entrepreneurs use templets like JASON | Homepage Funnel is that it highlights a service, a person, in stead of a single product. Looking at JASON | Homepage Funnel, it is a nice, clean background and not a lot of clutter. A picture of the entrepreneur is on the homepage, but it doesn’t dominate it. There is still room to quickly describe the service as well as having a call of action.

Any successful funnel template that promotes a service needs to convey in a matter of seconds what the product is, and a clear call to action. As discussed in describing stock photos, since you can’t take a picture of an actual service, you need to have a photo and a few catchy sentences that describe it.

Bad ClickFunnels Template Example – Rippln – Auto Webinar

Since ClickFunnels seems to be centered around making funnel templates that appeal to services, many of the templets are geared around that, leading to not many of them being that bad. But because many of them are offered for free, there are some that seem to be the bare basic that don’t really help the business.

If you are going to bother learning a new hosting system, and especially if you paid for it, you might as well get the template that is going to give you the most bank for your buck. This is why you should avoid the service funnel templates with the following:

    • Bland colors
    • No clear call to action
    • Lack of product placement
  • Confusing layout that is trying to cram in multiple products, not focusing on just one service

This is why the Rippln – Auto Webinar template should be avoided if you are looking to promote just a single service. The color scheme doesn’t match the tone of the template, there is no clear call to action, and the dark tone makes it hard to follow along from a customer standpoint.

Paid ClickFunnels Templates

While there are plenty of free options on ClickFunnels, they only go so far in terms of making your website dynamic and getting your money’s worth. While some might not want to touch a paid ClickFunnels template because of the free options, if you are paying a subscription to ClickFunnels it is very worthwhile to look at the paid templates. The paid templates really put the “dynamic” in dynamic templates, since many of them are very interactive.

Most paid templates though are not actually from ClickFunnels though, they are from private people who posted them on the ClickFunnels site to make money. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since some of the people who posted their templates are experts in the field. But there are some things to consider before paying for a template:

    • There is no pricing scale or standard, it’s whatever the person posting it wants to charge
    • Honestly, most paid templets do the same thing as the free ones with just a few tweaks
    • Don’t get confused with success with the person who created the template meaning you will be successful with it
  • Remember, most paid templates have features that would only take you a few hours in tweaking a free template

Because of this, you have to be careful in what you are really wanting in a template. If you get to the point you want to invest $200 in a paid template, you might be better off paying someone just to create your landing page anyway. But if you want to do a paid template from ClickFunnels, there are some very unique ones that do justify the higher price point.

ClickFunnels Share Funnels – Successful Paid Templates

When looking for a paid template, there are a few key things you need to look for to make sure you are getting value for your purchase. For the most part, paying for a template doesn’t equal guaranteed sales, just like getting a free ClickFunnels template doesn’t guarantee sales. It all matters how well you implement it with the quality of your product.

Since you can customize a paid template just like a free template, and a free template can be customized to the point it reaches a customizable template, a paid template really needs to add value to your ecommerce business. Looking at the features the top paid ClickFunnels templates and what they provide, what you should be only be paying for a template if it does the following:

    • Helps prompt an upsell of a product by popping up an advertisement
    • Creates an extensive checkout process, and creates opportunities to upsell during and after the checkout
  • Leads the customer after the checkout process; directs them to the membership log in page, to schedule their appointment, and so on

These things are hard to do for the average person, and you can spend up to thousands of dollars to figure out how to code it in your site. This is where the real value of ClickFunnels templates come into play, because many of the paid versions of these templates can do all of these features for a much more reasonable price.

One last thing before going into some of the most popular and successful paid ClickFunnels templates is that some of the templates have a very impressive sales presentation. This mean that the actual template you are getting might not be what you are seeing. Pay careful attention to see the difference between what features are being used in the sales pitch, and what features you actually see in the example web pages.

Paid Templates to Avoid

One clear example of this is the paid funnel template that is actually called: “130K IN SALES!!! High-Ticket Auto Webinar **BONUS** 3 Proven Email Sequences Included!!!”. That is the exact usage of all caps and exclamation points from the title. Right away, this should raise somewhat of a red flag in that this template might be more about selling you as a potential buyer than actually making a quality template.

Along with a title that many would call clickbait, the stock photo that you would see advertising the template is actually a video, of the web page moving up and down. Since most templates are advertised by just a picture and this being a video, it automatically attracts attention. It gives off the impression that the “scrolling in video” is actually part of the template, and is what you will receive on your website. In reality, the cool video is just that: a cool video. It’s a video that showcases what the template does, not actually a video that comes in the template.

This is why it is important to be careful when looking at these highly priced templates, because if you take away the catchy video that actually doesn’t offer anything, this highly priced template doesn’t do more than templates that are half the price.

ClickFunnels Examples – DoMy.Site Weight Loss

This is an example of a successful and popular paid funnel template, which is actually titled in the search engine: “Diet & Weight Loss Offers Two Step Tripwire Funnel Supplement – Free Trial Product Offer by DoMy.Site”. While this long title might lead one to think it is trying to deceive, the title is actually poorly made. It doesn’t nearly do enough to explain what it does for the user who buys it.

This funnel template gives the buyer a chance to upgrade or purchase another product when they reach the checkout. Then, right before the customer purchases, then they can be prompted to get an item for free or get a coupon (another chance to upsell the customer). Then, after the purchase has been made, it will take the customer to a receipt page that has offers on it.

These types of upsells are great if you are trying to sell a large quantity of something. If you have a product that costs $15 a piece, using this template might help you upsell your customers by having a flashy promotion like “Buy 3, get 1 free!” right when they checkout. It is also helpful if you are trying to upsell memberships to you right. Say the customer just bought one of your products, you can direct them to a log in page to their new membership (if it is free) or offer them a discount on a membership.

ClickFunnels Examples – Mobile App

This is another example of a successful paid funnel template from ClickFunnels. The actual searchable title of this mobile template is: “#1 Mobile App Live Demo Funnel **BONUS** 2 Proven Email Sequences Included!”. The reason this is unique is that it is specifically designed for mobile use. Sometimes the average funnel template supports a perfect mobile appearance, but that is only sometimes.

Many times though, there is no perfect transition from the desktop format and the mobile format. And many webhosting sites don’t let you customize the difference; you are just left hoping that it works. This can frustrating and results in a lot of trial and error. When an app is created though this template, it allows for a customizable experience that is directed towards mobile users.

When many ecommerce sites try to make a mobile app version of their site, it is usually the most basic of transitions. It gets outsourced, and if it is a cheap outsource, then it is just pasting the website design code into an app with minimal adjustments. This is why most business apps (other than the large players like WalMart) are usually NEVER used by the end consumer.

This paid template helps create a unique app that will allow customers to interact on your site, with hopefully the end goal of converting those users to customers. While some want to monetize their app with advertisements, this is usually a mistake and is not supported by this app. You want to advertise your own products, not have some company come in an advertise on it.

The last benefit of this app is that is can not only be used to convert visitors to customers, but it can be used to interact with your existing customers and provide a great experience. Customers can log into the app and see the update on their order or get personalized tips from their consultant. This paid funnel template is a great example of how you can use your money to get the most value out of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Example – Fitness/Gym VSL Funnel

The last example worth dissecting is one that falls in between the “good” and “bad” examples discussed earlier. The full searchable title of this funnel template is: “The #1 Fitness/Gym VSL Funnel **BONUS** 3 Proven Email Sequences Included!!”. When looking at what the template does, it adds value to an ecommerce business, especially one that is selling a service. It has a landing page with a video and an image as the main point of attention, with a clear call to action. It also allows the business to upsell the customer at checkout, as well as follow up with marketing emails.

While all of those things are features that should be sought after in a paid template on ClickFunnels, the biggest downside to this template right now is its price. While prices change over time, right now it is about $150 more expensive than some of the good paid funnel templates that was discussed earlier. Maybe this price will change over time and be more competitive, but it is worth pointing out.

It is worth pointing out because it just underlines the importance of shopping around on the site. Just because there is a flashy title or stock photo doesn’t mean it warrants a high price when a cheaper option can do the exact same thing. Always look around, and keep a few tabs open to compare the different features that you are looking for.

Summaryfree funnel template

Overall, ClickFunnels offers a wide variety of free and paid templates that have showed varying levels of success. In some cases, there are plenty of times when a free template does almost the exact same thing as a paid funnel template. Other times, the paid template might just be exactly what you are looking for.

When shopping around for templates on ClickFunnels, the key thing to keep in mind is to know exactly what you are actually shopping for, and what you are trying to sell. There are certain templates that are better suited for physical products, and there are those that are better suited for professional services. Knowing exactly what you are trying to sell and the goal of your ecommerce site will help you determine the funnel template you should select on ClickFunnels.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels . The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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