ClickFunnels Free Trial? How About Getting ClickFunnels FREE

Click Funnels Free Trial? How About Getting Click Funnels FREE

Smartly reaching your potential customers and promoting your services is the fundamental step towards the success of any business. If you lack in the approaching or convincing phase, your business won’t see success over the years. This is where the click funnels free trial is going to assist you.

In traditional marketing methods, sales were conducted through cold calling/emailing, meeting, and sending sales letters to potential buyers. This method is deemed too pushy and is not always successful as the buyers need freedom-to-choose.

However, with the advancement in technology, those old means are now replaced with new and more effective strategies that declutter your online selling process. Whether you sell products or services, having a convincing sales method is unavoidable.

And that’s what Clickfunnels is all about!

If you are hearing this term for the first time or need a more detailed explanation about its ins and outs, keep on reading.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online tool that helps businesses to build easy-to-navigate and compelling sales funnels. It covers all online business steps from developing a website to organizing products and from forwarding sales letters to delivering orders.

Let’s say you want to sell your paintings online but don’t know how to process it. Clickfunnels will provide you a full roadmap of this task and ensure that you market yourself smartly.

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Clickfunnels will give you website hosting, page building facility, sales platforms, and membership websites altogether. You won’t have to pay for these essential tools separately; instead, get access to Clickfunnels and manage everything related to your online business through one platform.

Clickfunnels was founded in 2014, and since then, it has helped thousands of businesses unlock unbelievable success.

How does it help businesses?

Running a business all by yourself or with a small team is undoubtedly a tough task. You have to work on multiple platforms simultaneously and ensure that it stays clutter-free. Clickfunnels helps you in this and takes the management burden off your shoulders.

Even if you start with zero prior experience in selling online, Clickfunnels will make the journey smooth and hassle-free. It helps businesses design customized strategies to target buyers smartly. 

Once this easy tool is in your access, you can scale your business and take it to higher levels by evaluating the underlying flaws.

Its pre-built sales funnels save time and unlock a plethora of options in front of you. This all-in-one solution makes small companies self-sufficient and removes multiple energy-draining steps from the process with its exclusive features.

How much would it cost you?

Right now, Clickfunnels is $97 per month with a massive range of helpful tools. Once you sign up for Clickfunnels, you’ll get a free 14-days trial with all features included. If you find Clickfunnels suitable for your business, you can proceed to buy the membership and keep Clickfunnels well integrated into your business. 

But, if for some reason, you don’t like Clickfunnels, cancel the membership after your trial ends. The cancellation won’t cost you anything, and you can set your business on any other funnel quickly after.

There are two paid plans on Clickfunnels, the basic one which costs $97 per month and the enterprise one, which costs $297 per month. When your company grows, and you need bigger sales funnels to accommodate all services, you can switch from the basic to a bigger plan and get the job done.

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Can you get Clickfunnels for Free?

Clickfunnels is not available for free use after your trial period ends, and you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue using it.


This doesn’t mean you cannot turn the tables in your favor. You can cover your Clickfunnels subscription fee if you play smartly and follow a few guidelines. If you have a business-oriented mind, you can make handsome profits by promoting services and getting people on-board who follow your advice.

How To Create a Click Funnels Webinar

In the next section, I will tell you how you can take the Clickfunnels fee off your monthly expenditure and still enjoy its unlimited features.

Get yourself signed up

First things first, if you are not a member of the Clickfunnels community already, become one. Join the free trial period, and pay for the first month’s subscription after it ends. The signing up phase is easy and doesn’t take much time either. You’ll have to add your personal and bank account credentials, and within minutes, your Clickfunnels account will be ready-to-use.

Join the affiliate program

Once your Clickfunnels account is ready, you will see the option of joining its affiliate program in the menu bar. Every registered Clickfunnels affiliate gets his personalized link, which is tracked by the company itself. Go to that option and copy the generated link as you’ll have to share your link.

Promote your affiliate link

Your exclusive affiliate link is the key to cover your monthly Clickfunnels expense. But, remember that initially, you’ll have to pay for the account each month.

After your affiliate link is ready to be shared, build a strong social network, and promote it to your contacts. If you already have a considerable emailing list, followers, or PR, this step won’t be problematic for you.

If any of your acquaintances needs a successful sales funnel, share your affiliate link with them and have them signed up to the 14 days free trial of Clickfunnels.

Some of the easiest ways to promote Clickfunnels are:

  • Blog
  • YouTube channel
  • Email contacts
  • Friends circle
  • Business acquaintances

Since everyone needs an easy-to-manage and reliable sales technology for their business, you’ll do a massive favor by connecting them to Clickfunnels.

Credible blogs and largely followed YouTube channels play an essential role in affiliate marketing. If you are associated with any of these, use your platform wisely, and build credible business contacts. Content marketing is an efficient way to expand your affiliate circle as it enlightens the people about underlying problems in their businesses. If you pinpoint the flaw and present a solution, your followers will surely trust your words.

How does the affiliate work?

When your referred person signs up for a free Clickfunnels trial and sticks to it after the 14 days free trial, you get a 40% commission from his paid amount.

In simpler words, when your friend pays $97 to Clickfunnels upon your referral, your bank account gets a recharge of $38.8, which is the exact 40% of the original subscription fee.

The trick of getting click funnels for free each month is to get three people signed up and make them pay after the free period ends.

Since 38.8 X 3 is 116.4, you get a little above the price you pay initially.

Similarly, when your referred person buys the enterprise plan of $297, you’ll earn $118.80. This will get you a collective MRR (monthly recurring revenue) of $354.4, which is sufficient to cover your monthly costs.

Since Clickfunnels works on a transparent business model, there is no ambiguity in the process, and you receive real bucks in your account. You can analyze your progress report on the Clickfunnels metrics page and see the number of successful referrals each time.

Reports have shown that people who land in Clickfunnels through referral links do not cancel their subscriptions and pay for the plan after their trial. Even if they cancel, securing three paying referrals out of the hundreds who get your advice is not challenging.

How can you convince people to buy Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels’ affiliate program is one of the most widely-trusted and easy solutions to become a successful marketer. If you are an influencer/entrepreneur, convincing three people to try this trustworthy program is always easy. To ensure that they stick to the plan, you’ll have to create a hook as all other salespersons do.

Although you are not a salesman for Clickfunnels, you still have to think wisely and deploy it so that people follow your lead. Being pushy about affiliate links is disastrous in the long run, and it doesn’t lead to successful purchases. When you naturally relay the message and enlighten your prospective referrals about the benefits of a program before telling them about the offer, it succeeds.

Let’s take a look at this small example:

A friend of yours makes impressive bookmarks and isn’t aware of how to launch his business online. He discusses his problem with you and asks for trustworthy recommendations. Instead of referring him to multiple platforms for different business-related tasks, you suggest that he opt for Clickfunnels.

You tell him about the steps included i.e., website development, page creation, account integration, and many other things that business needs. If he is a newbie, this complexity might overwhelm him.

But, that’s when Clickfunnels comes to the picture. This wholesome solution for start-ups and growing businesses removes many steps from the process and makes this task more manageable.

Once you entice the friend/acquaintance about Clickfunnels, share your affiliate link with him, and earn your profit.

This is a legitimate and successful way to promote Clickfunnels and earn your subscription fee back.

Clickfunnels has proven to be a revolutionary solution for businesses with its easy-to-understand and reliable interface. Once you get a grip on its features, you can easily become a marketer and cut its cost from your monthly expenditure. 

If you are starting as an affiliate, opt for the basic plan as it includes a lesser risk factor and has a higher success ratio. Once you earn a prominent spot, pitch the deal of Clickfunnels enterprise package, and earn a more significant profit margin. It all depends upon the people you target because a new and under-developed start-up won’t risk $297, unlike a well-established one. So, follow the above-explained steps and earn your $97 back without much hassle!

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