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A click funnel is a great way to increase sales and improve conversion rates. In the past, methods such as email marketing were enough to gain a potential customer’s attention, and then personal mail began to become flooded by spam and constant offers from companies.

Since then, click funnel has seemed to emerge as the best way for businesses to market themselves to their potential customer base, particularly those who make it to a company’s website.

In this review guide, you will learn exactly what a click funnel is, what a click funnel should be used for, and how to make a click funnel. You will also learn what makes a click funnel great, how to analyze and track the success rate of a click funnel, and various businesses that make creating a click funnel easy, including ClickFunnels, Leadpages and other top names within the industry.

Using a click funnel to catch the attention of potential customers has proven to be a very successful method in converting website visitors, but it only works if the user knows how to set up a click funnel in a method that leads to quality results.

Otherwise, a click funnel may not work up to its potential, and the user sees little to no improvement in their conversion rate.

If you are curious about what exactly a click funnel is and how it can be used to help your business make that next step, then you have come to the right place. Before using a click funnel for the first time, many have questions such as is click funnel a scam, how to make a click funnel, and how can I determine whether or not I am getting the most out of my click funnel.

In this article we answer all the most pressing questions about a click funnel and hope to send you on your way towards a successful new year full of growth for your business.

What Is a Click Funnel?

Click FunnelA click funnel is a sales page or landing page that walks website visitors through the buyer’s journey in a consistent, successful manner. A click funnel is different than a normal landing page in that it is very strategic in its approach, informing the website visitor of all of the information they should know about a product and making the purchasing process very easy and convenient for them.

There are various services that offer a click funnel builder, most notably Clickfunnels is the one who has made the term popular and is responsible for innovating the way we market through sales and landing pages. However, there are various other sales page builders to consider as well.

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How a Click Funnel Works

As mentioned, a click funnel works by walking the website visitor through the process of purchasing a product or service, gaining funnel clicks throughout the process. The best way to understand how a click funnel works is to gain a full understanding as to what a buyer goes through when deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service from a company.

The Buyer’s Journey

A buyer’s journey is perhaps the most useful model to study when learning what a click funnel is and how to successfully construct a click funnel. The buyer’s journey can essentially be broken down into three main stages, which are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase

Click FunnelThe first stage – awareness – is all about discussing the problem your product or service solves. In the early stages of the buyer’s journey, it is important to describe the problem and get them to agree and then to introduce the solution, without going too much into detail about your product or service as doing so in the early stages can cause them to lose interest.

The second stage – consideration – is when the magic happens. The goal of the consideration stage is to teach the potential customer about your product in particular and tell them how your product or service can solve the problem they are facing. In this stage of the click funnel, it is important to give detailed information on the solution, which should be your product or service.

The last stage is the ultimate goal of the buyer’s journey, which is to walk the potential customer through the purchasing process. In some cases, the purchase may not be your main product or service, but rather a free trial or email address.

What Can You Use a Click Funnel For?

Click FunnelThe beauty of a click funnel is that you can use it for just about anything, from generating leads to try and gain interest in your product or service to gaining attention for a webinar you plan to run.

Essentially, there is not a limit to what a click funnel can be used for inside the world of digital marketing. If you can think of a way to structure your landing page or service page on your website, you can create it and ensure it is fully optimized by using a click funnel.

Here are a few of the main purposes for using a click funnel:

  • Generate leads
  • Sell products
  • Build email lists
  • Run a webinar

Generate leads

Within the world of digital marketing, a potential customer or website visitor that becomes interested in your product or service is considered to be a lead. With a click funnel, you can generate leads by increasing your conversion rate, turning more website visitors into potential customers. The goal of lead generation is not to sell products, but rather to get them interested in what you do and gain a method of communication with the visitor.

Sell products or services

For most, the ultimate goal of a click funnel is to generate more income, whether that is through selling a product or having individuals invest into your service. A click funnel can help you sell more products and services by revealing a problem to a customer and walking them through the process as to how you can help them solve the problem by purchasing your product or service in a strategic fashion.

Build email lists

Many choose to build a click funnel for a landing page in order to gather more emails for their email marketing campaign. Email marketing is still a powerful method and should be considered an essential part of any thriving online business. While it can be difficult to get individuals to give you access to their email, a click funnel establishes trust with the website visitor by providing a professional appearance and a strategic funnel strategy.

Run a webinar

If you have ever seen a webinar page that made you interested in attending the person’s webinar, the chances are you have seen the power of a successful click funnel page. Most good webinar pages utilize a click funnel to gain an audience. In large part, this is due to the ability of a click funnel to walk a potential webinar visitor through the process, generating funnel clicks and making it easy for them to sign up and attend the event.  

With more traditional web page builders, it can be incredibly difficult – if not impossible – to create an attractive, easy-to-design landing page or service page that website visitors find useful. A click funnel however, makes creating attractive, user-friendly landing pages with all of the necessary add-on features easy. Regardless of the reason you use a click funnel, you can create exactly what you are going for without having to pay insane prices for a developer.

What Makes a Click Funnel Great?

Click FunnelNot every click funnel is equal, and some click funnels – as well as click funnel designers – are better than others. It is important to have a full understanding as to what makes a click funnel great in order to have the necessary skills to make one that works best for you.

While the best way to learn about what makes a click funnel great and how to create a click funnel that works well to turn website visitors into paying customers is to take a click funnel course, there are certain characteristics every great click funnel designer has in common.

First and foremost, it is crucial for a click funnel designer to make it easy to design a template. The best click funnel designers – such as Clickfunnels and Leadpages – have a drag and drop method of customization that makes it easy to get your landing pages exactly the way you want them. Additionally, it is helpful to choose a designer that has ready-to-use themes that require little to no customization.

Another main component of every great click funnel is the use of add-ons. Add-ons are additional features added to a landing page to further engage customers and subsequently improve conversion rates. Examples of add-ons may include opt-in features such as popups and analytical features to track visitor activity.

One of the main add-ons every great click funnel has is email and messenger features, which make it easy for the website visitor to reach out to the online business about any questions or concerns they may have. Being able to add an instant messenger feature on the landing or service page – which is made easy when choosing the right click funnel service – can significantly improve your conversion rate and generate more profit by providing timely replies to those who have questions keeping them from purchasing your product or service.

Anyone who deals with many emails, clients, and coworkers who they must deal with for their business on a routine basis knows how hard it is to keep up with contact information for everyone. By filing information into a CRM – which is provided with a service to various click funnel providers – people can stay organized better. In other words, an included CRM system is another factor that every great click funnel designer should offer.

Above all else, it is important for a click funnel to be attractive to the website visitor. Think about it, how do you or would you feel giving your credit card information to a website that does not look professionally designed? Especially with the increase in credit card fraud, people are far more hesitant nowadays to provide personal information online. You can show your potential customers that you are legitimate, and there is no risk involved in the transaction by having a beautiful theme that walks them through the purchasing process, which the best click funnels are able to do.

Let’s face it, designing a website is more often than not a difficult process. While many entrepreneurs are going out and spending large sums of money on a developer to design a website that may or may not achieve the goal the owner is hoping for, the better approach is to use a click funnel service and easily design the beautiful theme for yourself, customizing it the way you know it needs to be in order to be successful.

How to Make a Click Funnel

Click FunnelAlthough making a click funnel is much easier than making a landing page or service page using other website designers, it is important to know exactly how to make a click funnel the right way in order to design a landing or service page that accomplishes the exact intended purpose.

The first step to making a click funnel you love is to choose a company that provides a click funnel service, such as Clickfunnels or Leadpages(see below for more). It is helpful to research each provider and determine which works best for you, as one may not always be better than another in every situation.

After determining which click funnel designer you want to use, it is then time to choose the exact funnel type and theme that you want to design. Each landing page designer listed below has their own unique themes based upon the exact purpose of the landing page. For example, a person trying to gain attention and get viewers for their upcoming webinar may not use the same click funnel type as someone trying to simply sell their product.

The theme is also very important. It is important to start with a theme that is as close as possible to what you are going for and captures the exact style and purpose that you desire. After choosing with the theme that works best for your particular situation, it is then time to customize the theme the way you want. The ease of customization is one of the major benefits of choosing a click funnel service over other website designer options, making it easy for users to quickly customize using a drag and drop system.

Once you have designed a beautiful theme that works well for your business – along with adding in all of the necessary information into the page – it is then time to ensure the page is fully optimized for customer conversion and SEO purposes. Be sure to go through the language used on the page and ensure it is optimized for the appropriate keywords, the images are an appropriate file size to allow for quick load times, and the format is organized in a way that helps walk website visitors through the buyer’s journey.

Once the page is fully optimized with all of the necessary information – and the design is customized in a way you feel is going to work well – it is then time to track your progress through analytics. Most click funnel designers include analytic information, showing you how many visitors your website attracts each day, the conversion rate of visitors into customers or clients, and the bounce rate, which reveals the percentage of visitors that stay on your site after arriving.

In the event you have two different landing pages that are similar but with small differences and you want to know which version works best, you can create what is known as an A/B split test, which is a way to show both pages to different visitors and track the analytics for both to find out which is more successful to go with long term.

Regardless of the analytical methods utilized, the important thing is to make the necessary adjustments once you learn more about your click funnel and determine what works well to convert website visitors into customers or clients.

Also, be sure to talk to your customers about what they prefer as well, which is a heavily underutilized method of learning more about a customer base. A great way to do so is to add in a quick two or three-question survey on your landing page, which can be easily done through the click funnel services discussed below.

When learning the right way to create and use a click funnel to your advantage, there may be some trial and error that needs to take place along the way to generate the most amount of funnel clicks. Be sure not to get discouraged and to continue working towards the results you desire for your online business.

How to Analyze Your Results

Click FunnelIt is important to analyze the success – or lack thereof – of your click funnel in order to optimize it and have it perform to the standards expected. The biggest mistake one can make when starting to use a click funnel for the first time is to abandon their click funnel landing or service pages due to not getting the results they hoped for right away.

While click funnel has proven to be a very successful way to get website visitors more engaged with a business and subsequently increase sales as a result, it still requires some trial and error until the perfect version of your click funnel is achieved.

There are various analytical methods that can be used to determine and reach the best version of a click funnel service or landing page.

A/B split test

The most popular form of testing to find the highest performing click funnel version possible is what is known as the A/B split test. An A/B split test, as mentioned earlier, is a test performed when there are two different versions of a click funnel being considered. With an A/B split test feature – which all of the best click funnel providers have – website owners can try two separate versions of the same landing page simultaneously. To fully understand how an A/B split test works, let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you create a landing page and are torn over the decision to either offer the website visitor a discount code at checkout or try and gather their email, so you can retarget them at a later date. The best way to accomplish either of these tasks would likely be to have a popup, offering the website visitor a discount code to enter in at checkout or asking for their email address. To find out which method works best to gain long term customers – or simply determine which method website visitors respond more kindly to – you can create an A/B split test. On one version, you can offer a discount code and on the other, a request for their email to provide them with future offers and free information.

Afterward, you can analyze the results of the A/B split test – which is easy to do with the right click funnel service – and choose the method that has the better results as the long-term option for your click funnel sales or landing page.

An A/B split test is just one of many different methods of analyzing the results of your click funnels. As mentioned previously, discussing what your customers prefer is another great way to learn more information as to how to structure your click funnels in a manner that helps website visitors trust your product or service and want to purchase from you.

Running an online business takes a lot of trial and error, and it is important not to get too emotionally attached to a certain website style. Rather, always be willing to grow and adapt, adding in elements to your click funnel that website visitors find useful.

Is Click Funnel a Scam?

Many times, when someone hears about something that is the next big thing – especially in digital marketing – they believe someone is trying to sell them something they do not need. Due to this, many who first hear about how well a click funnel works to convert website visitors into paying customers are highly suspicious.

When it comes to the success of a click funnel and the effect it has on a website, do not listen to what others say, but rather simply look and see all the online businesses that have gained great success since switching to a click funnel method of advertising to their customer base.

In today’s world of digital marketing, not using a click funnel to help your website visitors through the buyer’s journey is a huge disadvantage, and you may find it hard to generate sales in a world that has become highly skeptical when shopping online.

There are various services that provide a click funnel service. Most famously, Clickfunnels is the company that has made the term famous, and they are an amazing option for click funnel creation. However, there are other Clickfunnels alternatives (see below) that many find beneficial and have generated a lot of success for their users as well.

While it does take a certain set of knowledge to design a click funnel that works well for your specific business – along with patience and trial and error in many cases – there is no doubt that the answer to the question of a click funnel scam is a hard no. Instead, click funnel is a legitimate, honest way to generate more profit and ROI for your online business.

In fact, most click funnel companies – including Clickfunnels themselves – offer a free trial, so you can try their service completely risk free.

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Clickfunnels is the top click funnel designer out there, and they are the most innovative name within the industry. Before Clickfunnels, making a sales page or landing page that actually worked to convert customers on a regular basis was incredibly difficult, forcing many to give up on their dream of being an entrepreneur out of necessity.

If an online business was successful before Clickfunnels, it likely meant they paid a large sum of money to a website developer to have their website designed, and even then, there was no guarantee that the website would work well to convert website visitors.

However, everything about creating an amazing website with fantastic, optimized landing and sales page is now made easy thanks to Clickfunnels. While there are competitors of Clickfunnels now that are also very good at what they do, it does not change the fact that Clickfunnels is one of the main names responsible for the innovation of the way landing and sales pages are created and designed.

One of the main reasons Clickfunnels has been able to be so successful can largely be attributed to the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the Clickfunnels owner, Russell Brunson, who is active in the industry and gives customers constant knowledge and innovative ideas pertaining directly to the use and optimization of a click funnel.

Another main reason Clickfunnels is so popular and trusted among so many is its ease of use in creating an amazing landing or sales page that online business owners can truly be proud of. Clickfunnels utilizes a drag and drop system of customization, and unlike other drag and drop creators, Clickfunnels is actually easy to use and allows the website owner to create an aesthetically pleasing, customized theme without prior knowledge or experience about website development.

Also, Clickfunnels is very versatile and able to accommodate the needs of many different business owners, regardless of the specific purpose of their landing or sales pages. Whether you are looking to create a landing page that promotes a future live event you want people to attend or are trying to sell more products or a service, Clickfunnels has specific themes for you that can serve as the basis for the design of your website moving forward.

While Clickfunnels makes everything as easy as possible to use, the fact is it still requires some expertise to fully optimize your click funnel to the best of your ability. As a result, it is helpful to take a Clickfunnels training course to help understand all of the ins and outs, including how to utilize various add-ons that go along with using Clickfunnels.

Like everything of high quality, Clickfunnels is not free, and there is a monthly subscription price required to utilize their service. However, many who use Clickfunnels see a return on their investment very quickly, as they are likely to see an increase in profits. Also, Clickfunnels offers a free trial for two weeks, so you can try their service completely risk free.

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Clickfunnels Alternatives

While Clickfunnels is the leader in the industry, there are various Clickfunnels alternatives to consider before making a final decision. Many are less expensive options than Clickfunnels yet provide all that is needed for a truly great click funnel service.

Here are the most trusted Clickfunnels alternatives on the market:

  • Leadpages
  • InfusionSoft
  • Zipify
  • Podia
  • Unbounce


Leadpages offers customers just about all of the same features that Clickfunnels offers, including the ability to create landing pages that help convert website visitors into paying customers and A/B split testing. They also have amazing templates, integration features – such as email campaigns, payment processors, and Facebook Ad and Google Adwords utilization – and a 14-day free trial to find out whether it is right for you.


InfusionSoft is another top name in the industry that provides users with all they could ever ask for out of a click funnel service. Along with a fantastic template design builder and amazing, unique features, InfusionSoft offers perhaps the most extensive library of integrations to their users. When considering all that InfusionSoft has to offer, one may think it costs way too much, but it is actually more affordable than several other options on the market.


Zipify – or Zipify Pages – is a unique click funnel builder that allows users to easily and effortlessly integrate their sales pages or landing pages with their eCommerce platform, regardless of the platform that is being used. Zipify offers all the features necessary to make it one of the best click funnel services on the market, and Zipify users are absolutely thrilled at the affordable pricing, given all that Zipify is able to provide.


Podia offers everything you need in order to build amazing landing pages that convert website visitors into long term customers. Along with their amazing template library, easy design system, and exceptional customer support, Podia also makes it easy for its users to integrate email and other great features along with the landing page. One of the best parts about Podia is it is much more affordable than the average price for a sales funnel service, which makes it perfect for startup eCommerce stores and small businesses.


The thing that makes Unbounce stick out the most is its ability to add on unique features – such as popups and sticky bars – onto the landing or sales pages. This click funnel option allows for everything you need to build a truly great click funnel that turns casual website visitors into customers on a consistent basis, and it is reasonably priced, offering three different payment options that meet your budget and exact needs.

It is very helpful to conduct your own research on each click funnel provider and determine whether Clickfunnels or a Clickfunnels alternative works best for you. There is no wrong answer to choosing a click funnel service, and the right choice is simply the option that works best for you and your personal needs.

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Using a click funnel is a great opportunity to take your business to the next level and truly get the most out of your landing and sales page. The time has come to work smarter and not harder, so say no more to the days of spending hours and hours on end creating an adequate website, and say hello to the days of using a click funnel to gain more funnel clicks, saving you time and money in the process.

While optimizing your click funnel takes some skill and expertise – along with some trial and error – the fact remains that creating aesthetically pleasing landing pages and sales pages has never been easier thanks to the innovation of the click funnel.

With proper practice and utilization of a click funnel, you can begin to see the sales for your company increase dramatically.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels . The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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