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If you have a product or two that you want to sell, there are few platforms better for listing and advertising your products than what we find in the Amazon CPC program. If you are new to this platform, this page will break down the very basics of using this platform so that you can decide if it is the right platform for your needs. At the very least, you will leave here with an understanding of what this platform is, how it works, whether it’s right or wrong for you, and then finally receive some tips for running successful CPC (cost per click) campaigns.

What is the Amazon CPC Program?

The Amazon CPC program is for anybody who either has products to sell on Amazon, or simply wants to have a popular platform for selling their products. To put it simply, the Amazon CPC program allows you to advertise your Amazon products. The cost of the advertisement is dependent on the number of clicks that you receive. The more clicks you receive, the higher the bill will be. However, the more clicks you receive, the higher your chances are for converting clicks into sales. This is what makes this program a great deal.

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Is Amazon Too Big to Be Used as a Reliable Advertising Platform?

Since Amazon has been growing inexorably in recent years, many people may have become discouraged by its size. After all, when you have a popular platform, there is also a great deal of competition that you will have to deal with. Although there are countless vendors listing their products on Amazon, it’s important to note that you can compete with the giants on the platform as long as you run successful advertising campaigns, and eventually, boost your organic search placement location with a handful of sales and positive reviews. In other words, Amazon is still a great platform for beginners and professionals alike to list and advertise their products.

Why Use the Amazon CPC Program?amazon cpc program

Of course, not everybody who sells products online will want to use the Amazon CPC program. In reality, many people with their own websites and sales funnels for products may feel confident that they have enough visibility on the web. However, if you have a product and/or brand name that flies under the radar, the Amazon CPC program is a great platform for you to boost your visibility and start generating lots of new sales quickly. Just keep in mind that it will take some time commitment to

Access to One of the Internet’s Largest Sales Platforms

Probably the best overall perk of the Amazon CPC program is that it provides you with instant access to use one of the internet’s largest sales platforms. And in case you haven’t heard, Amazon is still growing each day. Although it may seem like there may be too much competition on the platform in order to use it successfully, it’s important to note that CPC campaigns level the playing field, so to speak. With a CPC campaign, you can instantly be placed at the top of the search results. Although this requires you to outbid your competition, it also grants you the special privilege that only widely purchased and reviewed products have.

Reasonably CPC Rates for Most Categories

When you think about the fact that Amazon is such a large platform, you can easily become concerned that the CPC rates will be outside of your budget range. This is especially true if you have a low budget for placing CPC advertisements in the first place. However, keep in mind that many successful bids will be less $5 for each click. In many cases, you will only need to pay a dollar or so for each click in order to ensure that you have a successful campaign with high visibility. Not bad for a platform as big as Amazon is.

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Can Be Combined with Tools to Automate Sales

Once you get familiar with using the Amazon CPC program, you might start to feel like you are going through an endless repetitive cycle. Thankfully, there are tools like AdBadger, which allow you to automate your advertisement routine. Although you may not consider doing this right away, anybody who gets accustomed to selling with the Amazon CPC program should know that there are means for lessening your workload and focusing more on the profits and keyword research that you will need to do.

What Kind of Products Can you List with the Amazon CPC Program?

If you can already find a product like yours on Amazon, you are probably ready to begin opening your Seller Central account and going through the necessary steps for listing and advertising your product. However, it is worth noting that there are various products you can’t sell on Amazon. As long as you don’t want to sell anything potentially dangerous or illegal, you are more than likely capable of listing it on Amazon. However, there are still various products (like alcohol) that you may be surprised to hear that you can’t sell on Amazon.

What Types of Amazon CPC Campaigns Can You Have?

amazon cpc programs

Once you have a Seller Central account and a product live on the Amazon marketplace, you are ready to begin setting up your own CPC advertisements. Before you get started though, it’s important that you know the types of campaigns that are available at your disposal. Accordingly, here are a couple of the different types of campaigns that you will need to know and master, so you can become successful at using CPC ads.

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Manual Targeting CPC Campaigns

As a general rule of thumb, anybody who is new to using the Amazon CPC program should stay away from manual targeting campaigns. To understand why, try imagining what each of your potential customers are searching on the Amazon search bar to find your product. If you don’t have the slightest clue what keywords your potential customers are using, you should definitely stay away from manual targeting campaigns. However, if you have a list of effective keywords ready at your disposal, a manual targeting CPC campaign will soon turn into your preferred option.

Automatic Targeting CPC Campaigns

Automatic targeting campaigns are both reasonably effective and best accommodate those who are new to creating successful CPC campaigns. Since automatic targeting will find your keywords for you, this has a couple of benefits. First, you don’t have to spend any time researching the best keywords. Second, it also helps you with your own keyword research. After all, you can always check which terms converted into a sale by checking your Advertising Reports later on. Many professional Amazon vendors will run automatic and manual campaigns simultaneously to boost their chances of success.

Using the Amazon CPC Program Successfully: 10 Tips

Now that we have described the basics of what the Amazon CPC program is, it’s important that you are also aware of how you can succeed. After all, all the information about how the CPC program works won’t give you the first-hand experience and knowledge that comes from trial-and-error. Accordingly, let’s go ahead and break down some of the most important tips and pieces of information that a beginner to the Amazon CPC program should be aware of.

1. Use Automatic Targeting at First

If you have already established yourself in the Amazon CPC arena, you probably have garnered some exact match keywords in your war chest. However, anybody who is a beginner will not have the ginormous list of keywords at your disposal that an advanced user does. For best results, start by setting up your campaigns solely with automatic targeting at first so that you can eventually work your way up to having a massive library of keywords from personal research and the search term reports that are provided to you by Amazon.

2. Use Tools to Automate Multiple Advertisements

Once you start setting up multiple advertisements in a short period of time, you will inevitably start to get bored with setting up campaigns over and over. In reality, you may even get lazy and mess up a few of the settings. If you are starting to launch multiple PPC campaigns at once, you should consider using tools to automate your advertisements. If you use a tool like AdBadger you can spend more time simply looking at the campaign reports and counting your revenue.

3. Do the Keyword Research

Without keyword research, you might as well give up before you even start trying to be successful. In all reality, keyword research isn’t something that you should take very seriously. Since there are many methods for gathering keywords, and many are free (like Keyword Tool) are completely free to use, there is really no excuse for you to not spend some time researching and find some keywords that convert into quick sales. Remember that Amazon CPC ads are dependent on the keywords you use, so treat your time for keyword research as a type of sacrament.

Types of Keywords

It is also heavily worth noting that keywords are the centerpiece of a successful CPC campaign. There are also three types of keywords that you will find. Broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Broad match keywords allow your keywords to be related to the ones that customers search. Phrase match keywords are when a customer includes all of the words in your keyword in a slightly different order. Exact match keywords are preferable because these are the exact terms that your potential customers are searching. If you know the terms your customers want to search with before they do, you are setting yourself up for success

4. Do Manual Targeting with Exact Match Keywords

Once you earn some stripes and start to get some exact match keywords, you are ready to begin your first manual targeting campaign. Since manual targeting campaigns allow you to add in your own keywords, they can be much more effective than the Amazon’s automatic targeting algorithm. Especially if you have a list of effective exact match keywords at your disposal. If you want the best results possible, you need to eventually collect a list of effective keywords and start doing manual targeting campaigns. Typically, those who use effective keywords garnered from personal research on an exact match campaign will notice higher profits.

5. Routinely Check Advertising Reports

Advertising (or search term) reports are something available on your Seller Central account and continuously update themselves with each advertising campaign that you run. The best thing about the search term reports that the Amazon CPC program gives you is that they provide you with all the relevant details behind each sale. This includes the type of keyword that your customers used before purchasing your product. Accordingly, this will be where you can check what made your campaign successful, what didn’t work, and so on. If you are serious about being successful on Amazon, you need to always be checking your advertising reports and learning from the data.

6. Stop Using All Keywords Which Don’t Convert

If a keyword doesn’t convert into sales, you shouldn’t use it as part of your manual targeting campaign, regardless of what type of keyword it is. It doesn’t even matter if you have an exact match keyword that you spent hours finding. Instead of holding onto keywords that don’t convert in hopes that things will change, delete any term that doesn’t turn into a sale. After all, there are plenty of other keywords that you can find which will turn into sales. The type of keyword isn’t as important as how effective it is. If you have a broad match keyword which always gets a sale or two, keep using it in your manual campaigns.

7. Repeat Successful CPC Campaigns

As the saying goes, you can’t fix what isn’t broken. The same idea holds true for the Amazon CPC program. If you have a campaign that you spent a considerable amount of time and it ended up becoming very profitable, you might as well continue running that campaign until things change. Although we mentioned that exact match keywords and manual targeting campaigns are preferable and typically capable of higher profit potential, anybody with an automatic targeting, which is working really well, should continue their automatic campaign as long as they can. Simultaneously you should find the right keywords for a manual targeting campaign.

8. Bid Aggressively with Exact Match Keywords

If you have an exact match keyword that you know that it is effective, one way to boost your chances for success is to bid aggressively on that keyword. A great method to consider is to set your budget at $10 – 20 a day and have a CPC bid of $2 – 5 per click. Although this may seem like an overly aggressive approach, consider the fact that you will also be placed at the top (or near the top) of the search results. Accordingly, anybody who clicks on your product will be genuinely interested in purchasing your product. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have clicked on it in the first place.

9. Bid Conservatively with New Terms

When using a new keyword, you have a higher risk than what is typical. Hopefully, you already did the necessary research to confirm that this term is searched and relatively popular for your potential customers. However, until you know how effective it is, you shouldn’t be too aggressive with your bidding. You might choose to be aggressive if it’s an exact match keyword, but keep in mind that new terms are riskier than tested ones. You can always make a new campaign, so you might as well start with a conservative bid before deciding to raise the stakes.

10. Use Between 5 – 20 Keywords for Each CPC Campaign

Once you start using manual targeting campaigns, it is important that you use a healthy number of keywords. Not too much, and not too few. A general rule of thumb that you can follow is to use anywhere between 5 – 20 keywords for each campaign. Ideally, this will include a combination of proven and highly-effective exact match keywords, broad match, and perhaps some new keywords. When you combine proven keywords with ones that are new, you can give yourself the ability to test new keywords while simultaneously ensuring that you run a successful campaign by including the proven ones.

Understanding the Amazon CPC Program: Major Points & Takeaways

The Amazon CPC program can be a little overwhelming if you are new to listing products and advertising them on Amazon. However, since it is one of the largest online sales platforms, you have the ability to boost your exposure overnight. Additionally, it is both affordable and easy to set up your own CPC ads. If you want, you can even use tools to automate the process of setting up your campaigns. As long as you do your homework, be on the lookout for effective keywords, and remain open to new ideas and strategies, you will be able to become successful on Amazon.

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